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Mac’s Class, Southeast Polk’s Run, and Will Ferrell’s Drama.

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Some random thoughts:

Iowa State fans may have been divided about the direction of the Cyclone football program, but they are united in their appreciation for what Dan McCarney meant to Iowa State, and the way he handled his forced exit with class.

Jamie Pollard did a good job with a delicate and difficult situation. He’s right, it’s time for a change. Fans need someone new to re-energize Cyclone Nation. Even though it’s hard to say after McCarney’s moving farewell, there’s no reason this year’s football team should be that bad.

I urge all people who consider themselves Cyclone fans, to go to Saturday’s final home game, even if it’s cold, and show Mac the appreciation he deserves. Bring signs, leave the paper bags at home, and give McCarney a long standing ovation; Make it two. He won’t want the attention, he’ll want the spotlight on the Seniors, but this day should belong to the man who did more for Iowa State football than anyone in school history.

Nothing against the Valley Tigers—it’s an amazing football program—but it’s really cool to see Southeast Polk advance to the championship game. I wondered if the Rams would be intimidated by their first appearance in the Dome, against a team that’s there every year, but Polk left no doubt, 27-14. It’s not quite a “Hoosiers” story, but it’s easy to see why the phone rang all night Friday with people calling, who have no ties to Southeast Polk. They just wanted to see David beat Goliath. Doesn’t hurt that Southeast Polk won two games over Ankeny on the final play of the game with a kicker who’s a dead-ringer for Anthony Michael Hall in Sixteen Candles. I hope the Rams win it all. (Note to college recruiters: Nate Snead can play. Someone find room for this guy. I don’t care what his combine stats are, he can flat out play football.)

Saw “Stranger Than Fiction” with my mother today. I loved it. If you like books, especially works of fiction, you will LOVE this movie. Don’t be deceived because Will Ferrell’s in it. It’s not Old School or Anchorman. It has humor, but it’s subtle and sophisticated. Like Tom Hanks before him, Ferrell shows he can act in a drama. Dustin Hoffman and Emma Thompson are great, Maggie Gyllenhaal amazing. A-

My older boys love “Heroes”, and I’m starting to get into it too. About time NBC had a hit.
Save the cheerleader, save the world.

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  • chris b.

    As a SE Polk grad and only making it to the playoffs once when i was there, this is awesome to see this team be as successfull as they are. The down side is their only loss of the season was the game I went to. Bummer. But believe me, I am headed to the Dome for my first time and I will not be intimidated.

  • Anonymous

    2001 SE Polk Grad here, like Chris b. said above-we only made it to the playoffs while I was attending school, I was able to go to the game against Valley at the Dome last Friday it was great to see them win. This Friday is going to be very memorable for the SE Polk community and we’re all looking forward to it. GO RAMS!(To the Valley Fan who asked-Who is Southeast Polk? – Now do you know who Southeast Polk is???)

  • Anonymous

    I think the awards announcer did a great job last night, when he told the SEP team they should be proud of what they accomplished not only on the feild but as a team & w/their community. I am a SEP Grad so it was great to see them go to state and they’ll be back next year! GO RAMS!!!

  • Anonymous

    GO RAMS!!! GO RAMS!!! GO RAMS!!!They have NOTHING to be ashamed of, just setting the bar for years to come!GO RAMS!!! GO RAMS!!! GO RAMS!!!

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