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Plane Crash, Medicare Call-in, and Pat can’t schpell

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Good Morning!

We’re working on getting more information this morning from our affiliate in South Bend Indiana. A plane crashed just after take-off there last night. That plane was supposed to be headed to the Ankeny Regional Airport. The airplane was registered to a company out of Atlantic, Iowa. No word if the victims were from Indiana or Iowa, or both. UPDATE: since the show we’ve learned a fifth body was found at the scene of the crash. Officials tell WNDU that their initial search found only four bodies. We expect an update on this story this morning and will bring you the latest on the Noon news.

In Iraq this morning security forces are looking for about 150 people abducted from a research facility. I’d say this is the latest in a string of sectarian violence in Iraq, but the men taken were both SHI’ITE and sunni.

It’s round two for the Medicare prescription drug sign-up. The sign up period starts tomorrow so we decided to get some people in to answer phone in questions this morning during the show. You might have questions if you need to sign up for the first time, if you missed the sign up period last year or if you just don’t feel like the prescription plan you have is working…You can pick up a new plan.
Our phone volunteers left at 7:30 but they will be back to take your calls from Noon to 1pm and from 5-5:30 or 6pm. Hopefully they will be helpful in answering your questions. This program can be confusing.

It’s one month until the Ward 4 primary run-off in the City of Des Moines. eight people want the seat vacated by Archie Brooks. The two top vote getters will run off in January.

If you thought election commercials were gone for a while think again. The committee to recruit/elect/Shanghai former New York city Mayor Rudy Guilini has radio ads running. “America’s Mayor” filed paperwork to raise money for a presidential run. He says he’s not sure yet. Tell you what…I’m sure as of right now he has every intention of running…

Liz Klinge has a story you have to see tonight at 10pm. I hope you will make the time. A company in Cedar Rapids was wondering why it’s employees weren’t using sick days, and why an employee with a degenerative eye disease didn’t lose her sight. What they found is described by scientists as a breakthrough…An Ahh Haa moment that comes once in a lifetime. See it tonight at ten.

And how funny is that lady on Deal or No Deal -Myra from Chariton. (She won more than $80,000 on the episode seen last night) She’s great. My favorite part of her interview with Jannay was the part where she talked about, “her producer”. She is of course talking about the show’s producer who is keeping in touch with her. But I bet she’s the only lady in Iowa who has her own producer…

Before Trish gets on me for my spelling mishaps this morning…In my own defense, I have fat fingers.
Trisha’s turn now:
But this morning he claimed to have used the “Swedish spelling” of the word “headed” in one of our scripts. It came out “hjeaded.” Cute excuse. Security forces became “froces.” I’ve been to Sweden and I am sure that’s not the Svensk spelling of anything! It always makes me smile inside to have a really ridiculous typo on a very serious story. Thanks to my friend Patttt, threere araere ltsoots ooff tthttoset moemnets evvrery mrornigng.
Did you hear about that crazy study involving pregnant mice? The ones that took a supplement while pregnant passed along changes in their appearance not just to their babies, but to their grandbabies too! I thought expectant moms faced enough guilt worrying that the ice cream sundae or Cheetos they might crave will somehow taint their precious growing baby. Now you have to worry about ruining your grandkids’ health with every bite!

That reminds me, have any of you read the “What to Expect…” book’s chapter on eating? Where it says that you should ask yourself with each bite you take, “Is this really the best thing for my baby?” It made me want to stick my junk-food encrusted fork in the author’s eye. I am ALL FOR excellent nutrition during pregnancy, but I rage when I hear some self-righteous (and probably not pregnant at the moment) author pouring guilt onto a mom-to-be over an occasional self-indulgent treat. PLEASE! Save it – moms have enough guilt already!
Sorry. Got a little fired up. I think I need some chocolate now to improve my mood.
Before I go here’s a link to another study about parents being unaware that their kids aren’t getting enough sleep. I can’t imagine that. If my kids aren’t sleeping, they let us know it. Loud and clear.

Yes, I watched the ridiculous show again last night, it’s down to two bachelorettes now, and Pat’s pick, Jen, is still in! I’m glad to see the prince (who’s really not my type anyway) got rid of the crazy girl who’s obsessed with being married. I’m siding with Pat, I think Jen will be the last woman standing. I’m ashamed to admit I care – really, I watch and read more intelligent things, I just have a strange fixation with watching these people look pathetic on national television. The crying in the limo scenes when they get rejected are my favorite. Kind of sick, huh?

Have a good day!
PWD and Trish


  • Heather R.

    I think Sadie will be the last one standing in the Bachelor. I dont know what it is about her, but I’m glad psycho Lisa is gone. She was crying so hard in the limo, I was laughing. I am the same way, when I get upset, I cry and can’t talk. I hyperventilate. Hah Ha. Getting rejected on national television might do that to ya though. I am rooting 100 % for Sadie. Good job today peoples!

  • Trisha Shepherd

    Heather – Glad I’m not the only one who delighted in Lisa’s limo meltdown! I forgot to answer the questions from yesterday about Brad. He’s been in the WHO radio studio instead of the TV station this week, so we’ve had him doing reports by phone. (He’s been filling in I believe for radio traffic reporter Len Michaels) We miss his smiling face too and will be glad to get him back soon!Trisha

  • Anonymous

    trisha,why are you reading “What to Expect..,” is there something you’re not sharing??? and as a 3rd time expectant mom, it never hurts t indulge a bit when you are pregnant! Balance is the key, right????

  • Trisha Shepherd

    Oh dear, no, I’m not expecting again! Please don’t let that rumor get started! I was talking about when I read the book back when I was pregnant the first time around! 2 is all I can manage right now… trust me!I agree – for me, balance works every time. Although my husband’s mantra is “wretched excess, in moderation.” I’m sure he’ll be thrilled I shared that with everyone! Thanks for taking the time for writing!Trisha

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