Where’s the President? Where’s My Refund? and why are they throwing things at Jeriann this morning?

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Good Morning,

Kum and Go Fire:
News developed while we were on the set this morning at the Krause Gentle corporation out on Westown Parkway in West Des Moines. They had a little electrical fire out there. The sprinklers took care of it, but the building was without power for a while today.

In Iraq they’re still looking for four American contractors kidnapped yesterday. We know one of them is a former police officer from Minneapolis. Witnesses say one of the Americans was wounded as the group’s convoy was hijacked.

The President learned of the kidnappings when he got up this morning in Vietnam. The President is attending the Asia-Pacific Economic cooperation summit there. He’s scheduled to meet with the head of Vietnamese Communist Party tonight in Party Headquarters.
There are all kinds of jokes floating around…My favorite was relayed by Mike Zavacki, our studio tech, this morning. Letterman apparently told it this way: I hear President Bush is on his way to Vietnam…I guess his Dad couldn’t get him out of it this time. He’s supposed to meet with the Head of the Communist Party while he’s there…Wait a minute…I thought Nancy Pelosi was in Washington DC these days.
Funny stuff for both sides of the aisle.

Hydrogen Stupidity, and Playstation 3:
The Playstation 3 madness continues this morning. I bet you were all waiting for this one. It’s proof of my Father -in-law’s favorite saying, “The two most common elements in the Universe are Hydrogen and stupidity”
A fight broke out in California as people waited in line for the new Playstation 3. I’ve made my feelings known about how stupid I think this is…It starts to get sad when somebody gets hurt over it. Here in Iowa we’ve shown actual use of the brain in this situation. They gave people in line at a Best Buy tickets. Anyone who’s got a ticket…Can have a Playstation. No one is running, pushing trampling or fighting over the order…You get a ticket…You get a Playstation.

Where’s my Money?
If your IRS tax refund check never came, go to this site to correct your address and check the status of your refund.

State Titles and Conflict of Interest
SE Polk goes after it’s first state title in Football tonight in the UNIdome. Good luck.
Dan McCarney’s last game is tomorrow in Ames and I’m torn. The Clones are playing Missouri. I can’t cheer against the school I went to, I’m finding it hard not to want McCarney to go out a winner at Iowa State.

Weekend Plans:
The Brenton Skating Rink opens up tonight. This is the outdoor skating rink on the Riverwalk. We were told the thing can stay frozen up to 50 degrees or so. It’s gonna be close over the next few days.

Polar Express begins it’s Christmas run at the Science Center today. Call or go to their web address for tix.

Grapes of Wrath:
I’d try to explain to you why the floor crew was throwing grapes at Jeriann this morning but I’m not quite sure how things deteriorated.
It started with a story about a guy who broke the world record for catching grapes in his mouth. Now I’m not demeaning his unique talent but do we really need a world record for that? And I’ve always wondered: How does someone acquire a talent for things like this?

The Lend Lease Program:
For those of you keeping score at home, I got a new car last night. I won’t give a blatant plug to the dealership, but I will say I remained brand loyal in this case. They had a really good lease deal going. I’m excited to have a new ride.

Come Fly with Me:
We’re taking our editor Mat Teller out to breakfast so I’m going to cut this short. He’s leaving today for a new career. Matt’s going to become a professional pilot. We wish him good luck and know that if he puts half the effort and passion toward his new career that he put in here at WHO, he will be a success. Matt is always the first to volunteer and the last to complain. We will miss his commitment to the show, especially because it’s hard to find people to get up so early in the morning. Thanks Matt!

Hope you have a good weekend.


  • Anonymous

    Good Morning! Thank You for the early blogs. I got to sleep in this morning and missed everything….why anything would be thrown at Jeriann. I have a hunch it Musta been something she said. (NOT JERIANN) Meanies, going around throwing things at people! LOL Have a Great Weekend!!!!-Brenda E

  • Anonymous

    Hello to all of the WHO-TV morning crew. Another great show this morning guys. The grapes thing was interesting to say the least this morning with JERIANN. lol.. My fiance and I watch you guys every morning during the week. I have a question for Trisha and I hope it isn’t too forward of a question. My fiance commented this morning on how she loved your white top you had on this morning. I am always listening for her dropping little hints like that, which I try to turn into cool gifts for her. So I was wondering where did you find that top at so I could purchase a similar one for my fiance as one of her Christmas gifts? Thanks ahead of time for any info on that. And for everybody on the morning crew, keep up the great work! -Mike

  • Anonymous

    No offense to the guy wanting to be a professional pilot, but why? Tell him to go the corporate route and stay FAR away from the airline industry. I speak from experience, I left it and can’t be happier. 16-18 days away from home a month, isn’t worth it. hope he’s single. Don’t want to rain on his parade, but I hope he did his homework.

  • Patrick Dix

    Sorry this took so long to update today. It’s been a lazy friday. For the guy who’s worried about Matt, I learned more about his plans in the coming months and it sounds like a pretty good deal. I think he’s going to go to work for a commuter airline to begin with. He’d eventually like to go work for a major airline. We’ll see.Also as a teaser. We’ve got a new member of the Today in Iowa Team. We’ll introduce you Monday.pwd

  • Trisha Shepherd

    Mike, I don’t mind your asking at all about my clothes!I’m sorry to say I’ve had that top for a few years so I doubt you can still find it for sale – but I think I got it at New York and Company. If you haven’t checked it out, the store has really cute, professional and fun women’s clothes for great prices. Good luck finding something she likes! I think it’s really sweet that you picked up on her comment and took the time to follow up – she’s lucky! FYI – no one on our show is leaving, and Brad will be back Monday! Have a great weekend!Trish

  • Anonymous

    So no one is leaving the show…Are we lucky enough to get another reporter on the show… that’d be great! I always love Elizibeth’s reports. I’m also relieved Brad’s not leaving as well.Thanks friends….

  • Anonymous

    My friends think Brad and Jeriann would make a great couple! Imagine if they combined forces… would their children know the weather conditions and the most efficient routes to take?

  • Anonymous

    Ok… let me preface this with a disclaimer. I am not one of those ridiculous Brad stalkers. I will tell you this:My hubby and I were out for a LONG needed date and decided to go to Coaches Corner. Your traffic guy rolled in around 9:30. By 10:15 he was singing a set at the piano, and boy can he sing. I assume he’s part of the entertainment there because he knew everyone. I was floored by his voice. You should make him sing the traffic reports; because lets face it, there is never anything really happening in the morning. I enjoy waking up to his report, but singing would be so much better!Brad, would you mind telling us where you’re singing next?Have a nice Sunday.Linda

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