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Fire Truck Vs. Car, 10 worst toys, Racist Rant

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Good morning,

Lots to talk about today so we’ll get to it.

Coal in your stocking?
Over on Des Moines’ East side neighbors are getting in on the debate over two proposed ethanol plants. They gave the City Council a petition saying they didn’t want Lincolnway Energy’s plant to be built. Lincolnway apparently would use coal to fuel its ethanol production. Neighbors are worried about the dust.

Fire Truck Vs Car Crash
It’s Trisha now. Just wanted to add an update to info we had this morning on last night’s 10pm lead story. A fire truck on a call hit a car at Valley West Dr. and Westown Pkwy last night. The driver, a 16-year-old-girl, is in critical condition. It’s a terrible reminder of how important it is to be aware of your surroundings when you’re driving, and make sure to yield to the flashing lights and sirens.

Richards Rant
Did anyone see Michael Richards tirade on stage at an LA comedy club? It was quite a rant at a pair of hecklers. He says it was “insane”, and that he is not a racist.
So do you believe he was just rattled and flew off the handle? I googled Michael Richards Video and it’s the first thing that pops up. Use your discretion here…It is adult content…
Trisha now – I was totally blown away by this rant. It’s hard to believe those words could come out of anyone’s mouth – in public! Really shocking and sad stuff. I’d say his career as a comic is over.

If you’re going out to the airport to pick someone up…Bring the cell phone. The Des Moines Airport followed the lead of other larger facilities and set up a cell phone parking lot. It allows you to go to the airport a few minutes early…When your visitor comes in, they call you and you pull around and pick em up. Convenient…and you avoid a ticket police might give you if you wait too long at the curbside pick-up.

Crash Test Dummies
The Insurance Institute for highway safety released its annual list of crash tests for 07 model year cars. Here’s the list of the 13 that made the grade. Interesting info for anyone in the market for a car, and a relief for those of us who just bought a new one. My car is on the list of the ones with the highest crash test rating.

What’s easting Gilbert Grape?
apparently an Iowa School District is pulling, What’s Eating Gilbert Grape from a literature to film class. I’m going to start by saying I haven’t read the book and it could be really racy for all I know. I just feel like a complaint from a parent shouldn’t be enough to change curriculum. And do we really think High School students are unaware of sex?
If What’s eating Gilbert Grape is the raunchiest thing your kid is reading at sixteen years old…You’re lucky.
What’s more disturbing here is the slippery slope this presents in school districts. What’s next? Are the themes in a book not Christian enough for a family? Are the themes in the book not reflective of the “values” in our community? Sometimes that’s the point! Sometimes learning what’s right isn’t enough…
Sometimes it’s reading about and learning about things that might make us uncomfortable that challenge our values…in the end it may solidify them even more!
We should be aware of age appropriate reading for kids, but more importantly, as kids get into high school, it’s time to start talking to them about these subjects. They’re not adults, but they are forming the opinions they will use as young adults.
My parents weren’t afraid of watching an R rated movie with me as long as they were there. If there was a subject they thought was borderline or too adult…They talked to me about it and made their values and opinions on the matter clear.
I don’t have kids, I don’t have any room to talk here, but I just hate to see a book, by an Iowa author cut from class because we’re worried it might bruise the sensitive ears of the kids that are cursing every third word out of their mouth when the adults aren’t around.
Nice rant, Pat. I think you’re on the right track. TS

10 worst toys
Check out this list of this season’s 10 Worst Toys! Trish is going to take issue with this one. I only take issue with why anyone is selling a bow and arrow as a toy!

Pat’s right! Here’s my beef – some of these toys are obviously stupidly dangerous. A bow and arrow set – rocket launcher, a light-up Superman that’s an electrical hazard so kids are not supposed to touch it! (good luck keeping their hands off something that looks cool and glows!)

But can you believe this wooden stacking rings toy made the list? Clara has something similar. She loves the thing! Apparently they’re worried that the wooden pole is dangerous if the child falls on it. I must be a negligent mother but I never would’ve come up with that one.

Parents back me up – just about ANY TOY can be a lethal weapon. Trust kids to find a way to injure themselves or their siblings with something that looks innocuous. At our last big family gathering my brother Kevin had to confiscate the CABBAGE PATCH DOLLS because the kids were launching them at each other, and those big plastic heads hurt!

The biggest hazard at our house lately is Calvin’s guitar. Seriously. He likes to “rock out” to his loud music in the living room (he’s a true rocker’s child so it’s usually “Rage Against the Machine” or one of the rock bands my husband Ian used to play in). But Cal leaves the guitar propped up against the coffee table. Clara then inevitably leans up on it or trips over it, and falls on the floor. It’s happened enough times that you think she’d learn, but no luck. So now, we’re teaching Calvin to put it away somewhere safer. I’m sure she’ll find another deadly hazard soon.TS

Which Wine Fits?
I’ll add my compliments to the woman who wrote in and guessed the favorite kind of wine for each of us(see yesterday’s blog responses). I’ll admit my dinner is usually accompanied by a nice shiraz/Cabernet blend. I love those Aussies!

As to the idea of a bloggers night out: you are a loyal and interesting bunch, but I am not sure how big this group really is. We hear from a lot of the same people, and I, for one, love it. I know there are more of you out there but how many? I’d be afraid we’d plan a big night for the five of us who read this thing. Maybe we’ll revisit that idea as we go along here.

Hey Pat, don’t forget, I have several family members who read every day just to keep tabs on us! I bet that increases our numbers to at least 8 blog-readers! A blogger party might be fun… think the company would spring for it? TS

Have a good day!
PWD and TS


  • Heather R.

    Great blog today! I woke up a little late today, so I missed the morning show. Thank you SO Much for filling me in Pat and Trish! I am looking forward to the holiday! I wish you and your families Happy Holiday and a safe weekend.

  • Anonymous

    I’m not as disturbed at what Michael Richards said as much as how long he kept going and going and going. The longer he went the more he was digging himself into a hole. I loved Sienfeld (SP?) and and was kind of upset with the way Richards acted. Hope it doesn’t ruin his career. My wife and I got into a argument about this last night. I firmly believe if Eddy Murphy or Richard Pryer (I know I am dating myself here) or Chris Rock would get on stage and rant and rave and put down “Crackers” like Richards was throwing his N-bombs people wouldn’t say a word. They would just accept it and move on. I can’t beieve Jesse Jackson hasn’t said anything about it yet! I personally think he is one of the worlds biggest racist today. I can’t believe he isn’t spouting off about it.As far as the worst toys. I can’t belive toy companies can’t see ahead of time that they’re toys aredangerous. When the reports come out before Christmas they always say some of the toys have parts that break off and get stuck in kids throats. Why didn’t the designer see that when they were designing it?

  • Anonymous

    I think a Bloggers night out would be a whole lot of fun…. I agree with you Pat. I question just how big the group really is.But then we do know there’s more Bloggers out there then just ME. there’s times I back off a bit because I don’t want to be the only one on here. But there is more bloggers out there I mean look at the day there were around 30 yes 30 comments posted about Brad. and mind you skirting behind the name anonymous. You can be rest assured that there are at least 5 geniune people who just might appreciate this event no matter how many people are there. I think it would be worth it. -Brenda E.HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Trisha and PatrickIn Puerto Rico (That’s where I was born and raised) everyone has multiracial relatives. My mom is Caucasian and my father is Negro like me. We call each other negrito, negrita, mono and flaco. Those are words in Spanish and we use them in Puerto Rico regardless of skin color. Those words are used even in songs back there to describe someone who you have a love interest. My parents call each other that and my mom is Caucasian. We use these words as terms for endearment; however they are considered racial slurs here. Recently, I read a book that described the Rwandan genocide where Hutus would call Tutsis “Cockroach” as a slur. In the U.S. and in Puerto Rico a Cockroach is just an insect. In Puerto Rico I don’t recall hearing much of any local incident of racism involving white versus black (since pretty much every one has multiracial family). I believe Michael Richards used the N word to hurt and diminish people of color. I watched “that footage” and I also heard audience members fire back slurs and insults at Michael Richards also. There were no excuses for using the slurs by either party. I learned here in the States that the N word was the slur word of choice used to insult African Americans while they were being lynched and assassinated years back. Because of the N word origin and history, nobody should ever use it in any context. Comedians and rappers of today use the N word a lot, in songs and in comedy acts. It is used a lot and unfortunately pop culture must have made the assumption that is OK to use it here. When I hear the N word in songs or comedy I don’t think much of it but Michael Richards slurs did make me feel very uncomfortable. I would have walk out of there in a second.

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