Shopping madness, T-giving recovery

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Happy Friday!
It’s Trisha getting things started.
Hey, who are we kidding – very few of you are online reading up on news today, so I’ll keep it short and sweet.

Black Friday is Huge
We had Chopper 13 up and Elizabeth at a Best Buy store in WDM this morning. Before dawn people were lined up all the way across parking lots at Best Buys and Toys R Us and Menards, just to name a few.
If you weren’t watching you missed a really funny scene inside the Best Buy – the lights went out in the store for a while, because they’re on a timer system that got confused because they opened so early!
This is an All-American tradition. Ian’s Canadian family is in town, and I had to explain the Black Friday phenomenon to them. (their Thanksgiving was in October, so this weekend isn’t a holiday for them) I’m not sure if they’ll actually want to go out shopping today to experience the madness for themselves, but Ian’s stepmom was pretty impressed by the deals being offered in the ads. We’ll see how energetic we feel later today.
My brother in-law was fiddling with our new TV yesterday and he made the picture 100 times better(thanks Chip).
I think we’re going to have to go out and buy an HD antenna but I’m scared to step into a Best Buy today. I’m also scared to see what my wife is going to say when I tell her we need ONE MORE THING for that TV.

Online deals too

Online shoppers – here’s a link to a coupon site we mentioned this morning. It’s a good tool to find some good deals. I’ve been checking several big retail sites – many are offering the same deals you’ll get in the store, and free or very cheap shipping. I think that’s the route I’d rather take rather than fighting the crowds and packed parking lots!

Iraq Violence prompts curfew
Did you hear about the rash of bombings yesterday? 200 dead, 250 injured – bad stuff. There was another bombing this morning in Sadr City, a slum neighborhood in Baghdad. There’s a curfew in place now and Baghdad Int’l Airport is shut down. Keep our military folks in your prayers, things are pretty intense over there lately.

Fire Victim Upgraded
We checked on that 18-month-old boy hurt in the fire this week – he’s been upgraded to fair condition this morning.
Unfortunately the 16-year old girl injured in the crash with the WDM fire truck this week is still critical.

Thankful for the weather
I hope you’re enjoying the extreme warmth – a huge arctic air mass is coming next week to make it feel like Christmas season!
A lot of the Shepherd Thanksgiving day was spent outdoors. We all went for a long walk, and Cal and I hung out at the playground.

Here are some shots of a new game he had me playing… head first down the slide, he’d scream “Down the To-let!! AAAAHHHH!” as he twisted downward. Of course I had to do the same. Good thing there was no one else there.

Ian and his folks put together a nice dinner last night – but poor Clara got left out! It wasn’t ready until after she went to bed at 7. Good thing she’ll get plenty of leftover turkey, potatoes, and pumpkin pie over the next couple of days! I have to say I’m very thankful for a healthy, happy family – sweet, hilarious kids, a cool husband, and awesome parents, in-laws and siblings.

I know Pat has some Thanksgiving pics to share too…

I’d say it is a drawback to have to work Thanksgiving Day and the day after but I really like the traditions Sally and I have been forced to carve out because of my schedule. We had a good day yesterday with my in-laws. I imagine it’s a lot like the scene at other homes around the metro. We cooked most of the day…re-ajusting the thermometer to get the right reading three times. We watched too much football…Took a break to watch the movie Elf (I admit I hadn’t seen it and it was cute) and we ended the night with a fantastic meal. Mom the stuffing was great! Best batch in years.

Here are a few more pictures of us Strategizing over the bird

carving the bird…

The table and the gang….

The Pies….

And the Aftermath!

Now it’s on to Christmas. We go to get the tree this afternoon. After that, it’s me on a ladder for about five hours putting lights on. I think I’m going to go for a record this year and try to put on 5000 lights. I’m a little Grizwaldian about our Christmas tree. Never can have too many lights. Hopefully the rest of the weekend will be relaxing.

My in-laws are going to cook for us tonight. Not dinner tonight, but some stuff to put in the freezer. Home cooking that will last us weeks.
Liz’s(my mother in-law) Swiss steak, and Rick’s(my father in-law) Brunswick stew.
I’ll put up the recipie for The Brunswick stew when I get home today. It’s a great way to get rid of the rest of that turkey if you can’t eat all the leftovers.

Have a good weekend and remember before you blow up at your family because they’re really starting to bug you….IT”S NOT THAT BIG OF A DEAL. Be patient. A lot of people don’t have anyone to spend the holidays with.

Check back later today. I’m going to put a few pictures up from last night’s dinner.

See you all Monday!
Trish and Pat


  • Anonymous

    Yes, there are some sad saps (such as ourselves) who are working today. . . (not that we want to, mind you!) Your kids are too cute!

  • Anonymous

    We had a very “Racy dish” in our house this Thanksgiving….I’ll call it FLAMIN’ JAMS!!!! I wasn’t feeling good yesterday at all, we stayed home, so my husband Randy and I had a mini Thanksgiving together. although i had been under the weather he thought we should at least have some turkey dinner. We were talking about what christmas songs to get off the the i pod so i could listen to them in the car. long story short when we realized we better check on it and he opened the oven door flames were rolling off the casserole dish. I became alert real quick, we never did finish our conversation. Huh Hem….Santa if your listening BE needs a new pot holder for Christmas… You see I have this Hole in it…………..-BRENDA E.

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