Iraq Questions Continue, Scrubbed Shuttle, and captain Traffic Sleeps In

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Good Morning.

At five forty this morning we realized we hadn’t seen Brad Ehrlich…It sent us into a little bit of a panic, but it also is(literally) a nightmare scenario for all of us that work the overnight/early morning shift.
More on that in a minute.

First the news:

Iraq Confidence Hits New Low
A new AP poll out this morning shows the American People are more dissatisfied than ever about American Policy in Iraq.
The news comes as President Bush says the Iraq Study Group Report will be just one of the factors in finding a way forward in Iraq. Get ready top hear that phrase…The way forward…A lot. The President used the phrase quite a bit and promised he’ll make a major policy speech when the Pentagon, State Department and His own staff make a recommendation.

The shuttle Launch was scrubbed last night because of low clouds. It was nice to see fifty kids out at the Science Center last night ready to see the Launch. They all got a good set of demonstrations and a taped launch. Quick thinking by the staff at SCI.

Aaaaand Action!
That’s what some lawmakers are hoping a new proposal gets Iowa. The idea is to give movie makers some incentive to film here in Iowa. Why, because the filming of a movie involves hundreds of people and millions of dollars. They need places to stay, things to do and restaurants to eat in. That’s business for Iowa.
The proposal as I heard it would give about 20% of what the film spends back to the company in the form of a tax break. It sounds like a lot, but the incidental spending wouldn’t be included in that, so I think the state would be coming out ahead. Plus, this is money that wouldn’t otherwise come in. Who cares if we give back 20 percent of what we didn’t have in the first place. We still come out ahead.

Life after Maytag:
It was nice to see a couple of the former Maytag workers getting their degrees last night from continuing education. The two women we featured had a great attitude…If Maytag hadn’t gone under, they wouldn’t have taken advantage of the chance to go back to school.
This is going to be a hard transition for Newton, but after reading The World is Flat earlier this year, I am convinced the future doesn’t lie in companies like Maytag. There are too many people around the world that are too hungry for these jobs at a significantly reduced pay rate. Americans have to evolve. A 21 dollar an hour union job isn’t a realistic option long term. Unions were the right thing at one time in our history, and they have a place moving forward, but it’s the ones who evolve with time that will both survive and serve their workers well. Most of them are just trying to survive the way they are, and that’s just not possible. Take a look at this story I heard on NPR the other day. American’s management and Mechanics Union got it right.

Do Over
That’s what the Iowa Board of Regents is giving itself in the University of Iowa President’s search. Of those of you keeping score at home…They had four finalists, they rejected the finalists, then reconsidered the finalists, the finalists rejected the regents…Now we’re starting over. For you baseball enthusiats…I think they call that E5.

The Senate Faculty President is saying the search has made Iowa a national embarrassment, One Regent is blaming radical faculty members for derailing the process. That’ll probably get the really qualified candidates lining up…
I’ve never understood why people do this. It’s not like the Regents are sitting there and saying…How can we make this University sooo bad no one will want to go there…Ever.(Picture Michael Gartner with his shoulders hunched over wringing his hands as he lets out a devious laugh…)
Come on…The reality is that each has his or her opinions, but at the heart of the effort is the search for the best candidate. I would say the same thing about the faculty advisory board.

Why is it that both sides can’t come at the process accepting that as a fact. Nobody’s helping here.

Iowa v Iowa State
We’re not ignoring the big game tonight. We didn’t have anything on it on the show this morning but, really what do you say besides the two teams are playing tonight. The unique thing about this game, this year is that it’s NOT going to be the best men’s basketball game of the college season. UNI Drake will be.

Brad Sleeps In:
So we gave Brad a hard time this morning for sleeping in a little. He still made it to work …Close to on time. And he felt really badly. I only mention it again to tell you that if we all have a recurring nightmare…This is it. Trish and I have both talked about the dream where you wake up(still dreaming) and the show is already on… Oversleeping becomes a little bit of an obsession.
I’ve also overslept. The brain works in funny ways. When the phone wakes me up in the middle of the night, I usually don’t even say hello. I usually just answer by saying…I’m sorry …I’ll be right there.
Think of a situation that gets your blood pumping and gives you a shot of adrenaline…now multiply it by ten. Going from REM sleep to a 140 heart rate in ten seconds can’t be good. I think most people call that a heart attack. Oversleeping is as close as I hope any of us ever come. I bet Brad doesn’t get a sound night of sleep for weeks.

Ambassadors of Harmony:
I’m off to St Louis for the weekend. I’m going to see the guy who was Best Man at our wedding. Shaun’s dad is in a Barber Shop Chorus called the Ambassador’s of Harmony(Here’s a sample of their Christmas Album).
It is exactly as corny as it sounds and it is exactly the right thing to get ANYONE in the Christmas spirit. We go every year. I’ll also be meeting Sally’s dad Rick down there. We’ve been talking about this concert for years, and he’s always wanted to go.

After Much anticipation…Drumroll Please….

Speaking of Rick…Here it is… His recipe for Brunswick Stew:

2 lbs chopped turkey
4 cups turkey gravy(Williams Sonoma Sells a great gravy)
2 15oz cans of diced tomatoes
2 15 oz cans cut green beans
4 15 oz cans of whole kernel corn
Combine all of the ingredients in a large pot including most if not all of the liquid in all of the canned goods.
Add Lawry’s season salt to taste
Bring it to a slow boil over medium heat
Reduce heat and simmer for a long while.
Let it simmer until it gets to the consistency you like to eat stew at…Some like it thinner than others.
Enjoy! The stew and the weekend.


  • Heather R.

    qBrad!!! I overslept today to. However when I woke up it was 6:45am and I was supposed to be at work at 6:30 today to help decorate for a birthday. I got up and went to start the dryer to get a load of laundry done and MY BRAND NEW dryer will not start. Then I go to get in the shower, and the pipes are ALL froze over. Its a new house for flippin’ sakes. This shouldnt be happening with technology these days. So I had to travel into Des Moines to my grandmas to get ready. This is crazyness! Fridays are not good for me!

  • Anonymous

    Thanks MR PAT for generously sharing the stew!!! can’t wait to make some. And Heather Sorry it wasn’t your day today, aren’t GRANDMA’S WONDERFUL?!? she also probaly made sure you ate and made sure you had something for the road, :) A common thing my Grandma always says is “Honey! you look thin,are you Hungry?” I think no matter how thin I was she’d still ask… Are you Hungry!?! Bless EmHAVE A GREAT WEEKEND EVERYBODY!!!! …you too Mr Bradeveryone has done that from time to time. Glad you’re safe!BRENDA E.

  • Trisha Shepherd

    Hi, everyone! I’ve been on the run today and have trouble getting into the blog from home, so I thought I’d add a couple quick thoughts here in the comment page!First – tee hee hee, Brad! I’m actually so jealous that anyone can sleep that soundly! My baby girl still tends to wake me up several times a night – I doubt I could oversleep if I tried! Still, I did have a news nightmare just last night about being late for the show and totally unprepared.Just wanted to make sure you moms and dads saw our item about car seats – new concerns about newborns not being able to breathe correctly if you leave them in a carseat on the floor, in the most upright position. (most parents I know often carry the carseat into the house with a sleeping baby inside!) I can’t put a link right here but just google “Car Seats” and you should come up with the article. It would definitely make me think twice if my baby were still little – just let the seat recline a bit and it sounds like the position is a little safer!That reminds me, I played Pat a copy of a really sweet song my husband wrote and recorded for Clara. I wish I had his creativity! He did the same thing after Calvin turned one. There’s nothing sweeter than hearing a dad) Priceless!Did anyone catch Van and Bonnie’s show on WHO radio today? I got to be a guest on the air to talk about the choir concert I’m singing in tonight. Their studios are so nice! (and so are they) Gotta go catch a little catnap while Clara’s down – my parents are coming in tonight and we have a big weekend planned of home improvement projects, along with the concert! Falalalalalala….See you Monday!Trisha

  • Anonymous

    Well look at you Little Miss Now You See Me Now You Don’t Trisha! so glad you made an entrance in today’s blog, was going to say that I missed You, -You, Pat, Jeriann and Brad are such a good team, it’s just not the same when one of you are missing. You know a very good idea you may consider is taking your very nice pictures and making a Christmas Ornament. I did a couple of my dog and one of my Husband, Late Grandfather and I together. I’m so anxious to get them back. hope my husbands not checking the blogs. I thought of this idea for you when you mentioned that you try to get something extra special. Have a Great Weekend Sleepy Heads!BRENDA E.

  • Anonymous

    I agree…it’s just not the same when even one of you are missing. I think it ALWAYS needs to be the 4 of you (can you tell that I hate change?). Whoever does the hiring for Channel 13 really knew what they were doing when they put the 4 of you together. You all have such great chemestry!Thanks!Meredith

  • Anonymous

    Pat…Tried the stew Friday night. Spending Saturday on the throne. Stick to car fires and old ladies who can’t afford their pills!-Spencer Bonnie

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