Regents Search take 2, Mailing Monday, And…Was it Something I Said?

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Good Morning.

Well, After a day off Friday, I got back to find our producer out sick (hope you’re feeling better Heather), Our Meterologist has gone to the Night shift to fill in for ED(see you next year Jeriann), our reporter off to a day shift(hope you slept in Elizabeth), and My Co-anchor out sick (hope you feel better Trish). I hope they’ll all be back soon, but around the holidays you never know where you’re going to see any of us show up.

Search take 2:
The state board of Regents meets tonight to talk about how to form another search committee for the Next President of the University of Iowa. See past postings for my thoughts on this mess. I also thought David Yepsen’s column from the weekend had some good thoughts.

Ankeny Decides…One or Two:
The Ankeny School Board may get a recommendation from it’s facilities committee tonight on whether it should build another High School. Ankeny is growing as fast, if not faster, than any other Des Moines suburb so this question is going to come up, but it’s funny, when you start talking about a new facility people get a little territorial. First about their own kid. Behind someone’s argument for or against the new building will be some parent’s wish that little Bobby play more on the football team …or some parent’s worry that little Johnny won’t be on as good a team if you dilute the talent pool with two schools.
Then there will be the people who will be angry if they’re left in the “old” building while their neighbors get a shiny new facility.
Any way you slice it there will be people on both sides of the “new building” debate with motives and reasoning that has nothing to do with the real question…do we have so many kids that we need a new building?

The governor goes on Comedy Central’s The Daily Show to talk with John Stewart. This is a big risk for Vilsack, who, is funnier than you might expect. Stewart has been relentless making fun of our Gov. Every time he uses Vilsack’s name…The AFLAC duck waddles out on to the screen and says Vilsaaack! Showing he’s able to laugh at himself could be a big boost in front of a national audience for the longshot presidential candidate. It could also backfire. Trying to look like a normal guy has been the death of more than one presidential candidate…Ask Gary Bauer (pancake flipping incident) and Alan Keys (body surfing in a crowd).

Mt Hood Search
Search crews found one of three climbers missing since last week dead in a snow cave Sunday. It looks bleak for the other two climbers, but the search continues today.

Mailing Monday:
Boy, am I glad we got our Christmas cards finished over the weekend…you couldn’t pay me to go near the Post office today. It’s the busiest mailing day of the year.

Long Weekend:
We got a lot done on our long weekend. I told you last week that we went out to dinner Thursday night. We met some great people and had a good time with some old friends as well. I was wrong about the place for dinner. JT’s was this little farmhouse where the owner just comes in and cooks you dinner. No joke. It like you were invited over for a casual dinner. I recommend you get your plans made. We looked at the guest book. This lady is booked out through 2007. It’s worth the wait.

For the group assembled at JT’s that night we learned: conversation is not a lost art…Food 4 Less….Mailbox Mailbox…Mailbox…Sunday only…

I guess you had to be there.



  • Heather R.

    Oh my Pat, that is a way to start a week. Let me tell ya! Hope you feel better Trish! I saw the add this morning for the holidays! I saw Elvis!! Its awesome! I always love when they do personal stuff like that and include everyone. Love it Love it Love it! 1 week left ladies and gent’s!! What happend to Ed? Jeriann, I’ll miss you!!! I cant stay up that late, I just get up really early hah hah! Have a good day!

  • Anonymous

    Suggestion here. For that whotv holiday ad that Heather was talking about, it would be cool to have that posted on so anybody can view that at anytime instead of waiting on watching the tv to guess when it would be on. I haven’t seen it yet, but would love to check it out. I like the personal side of that as well. Humanizes the whole tv news people celebrity type thing, if that makes sense.

  • Anonymous

    I agree with the others…I was wrapping Christmas presents last night and heard the music and instantly looked up to see all of you in the holiday “commercial”. It’s good to see you away from the news desk!

  • Anonymous

    Pat,Glad you liked your experience at JT’s. I went to HS with the owners daughter. Always had a good time at her place with the food her mom made. Hope you didn’t get lost finding the place.

  • Anonymous

    PWD- Sounds like the morning crew at WHO is scattered all over. I enjoyed my first read of your blog. I’ll be sure to check in periodically for more than just an update on the local Des Moines news. The Rooster Booster has to be kicking in judging by how much you’re able to write at 3AM in the morning. Keep up the good work, though I’m not so sure about that stew recipe judging by some of the comments. Tell the good people of IA hello from Cincinnati.SLAMMY

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