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Winter Weather out West, Holiday party reminders

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Good morning…The Christmas vacation clock is ticking for a lot of us. Focus focus focus…..

In the news:

Denver’s in Deep:
I’m sure glad I’m not headed west. It’s just ugly for anyone who has to get home for the holidays in Denver. Lets give the ol’ weather department it’s props here though. If you missed the fact that a major winter storm was headed out west…You live in a closet.
I know we get on their back a little when our meterologists miss the forecast…We should give em a pat on the back for getting storms like this right.

The Des Moines Airport has all the latest delays.

For those of you traveling for Christmas – check road conditions first!

Kansas DOT site:

Nebraska info:

Colorado Road conditions:

Holiday Cheer:
I’ll be one of the thousands of people who are headed to holiday parties tonight. Our friend has a great party every year. We look forward to seeing some of the same people every year, including the people involved in one of the funniest holiday party stories ever!
Our friend…let’s call him “Jim”, was at the party early, and I was working an evening shift. I showed up at the party around eleven to find out that “Jim” had been going around telling people he was me.
Well, it was funny until some lady came up and slapped me in the face…really. I’d just arrived so I was sure I hadn’t offended anyone yet. All became clear when “Jim” fessed up to impersonating a news personality.
That leads to the second holiday party tip. Watch how much “fun” you have.
The great part about this group is that all are mindful of who gets behind the wheel after having an adult beverage or two. We want to see everyone back for the holiday party next year.

No Hugging in the Hallway:
This is a a news story that caught my eye this morning and frankly it’s got me a little riled. A Jr High School in eastern Iowa banned hugging in the hallways.
This made the news after some of the kids wrote a letter to the editor complaining. The gist of the letter is: doesn’t the school have more important things to worry about?
I should hope so..but the story only gets good when you read the school’s response.
apparently hugging can be seen as a sign of aggression. Um…I think they call that “tackling”.
If you don’t buy that argument for the hug-free zone, you might like the other reason the administration gave: Hugging can crowd the hallways and cause other students to be late to class. Really? The logjam of teen sweethearts in this school is causing little Sparky to be late to math class?
I’ve got an idea; walk around them and get to class. This excuse is worse than “the dog ate my homework”.
Seriously, this exposes what, to my mind, is a knee jerk reaction by the school to somebody’s uncomfortability with teenagers starting to date. If there was a real reason behind the rule..I should think it would be better than, “it’s making kids late to class”. Instead of a rule banning hugging, how about a teacher standing out in the hallway and just calling out inappropriate behavior.
I distinctly remember getting razzed by a teacher in the seventh or eighth grade for a long, and I’m sure, dramatic embrace with then girlfriend (now wife) Sally Rosenthal. If things get inappropriate…call it what it is.
Remember, you’re the adult, they’re the kid. That should be enough for a 12 year-old to listen and comply with a simple request like…”stop hugging your girlfriend and get to class”.
Actually writing things like this down makes a school, and the adults who run it, look prudish and out of touch(no pun intended). I’ll be willing to bet this “rule” will actually entice more kids to test boundaries, having the exact opposite of the intended effect.
I don’t disagree with he general concept, but next time how about just asking the teachers to police the hallways a little better.

Nobody’s Perfect
We needed monkeys to tell us this?
apparently someone decided it would be a good idea to try to get monkey’s to repeat simple actions, then monitor movement and the areas of the brain governing that movement. Got it? Good.
Here’s what the Stanford research team found out: We’re wired to deal with variations in situations so even when we repeat actions thousands of times, we don’t do it the same way all the time.
The researchers applied it to golf, reasoning that even with a lot of practice, this is why we slice or hook a golf ball off a tee.
Of course, I’m the fly in the proverbial ointment here…I can hit the same terrible golf shot hundreds of times in a row without variation. I always knew I was “special”.

Pat and Trisha


  • Heather R.

    I do the billing for a salesman located out in Denver. He said he was driving home yesterday and there was a deer stuck in the snow. You know when a deer is stuck, theres a problem? Glad its them and not us. They will have a white christmas, but thankfully we wont. I hate to be Scruge, but snow is nasty!Have a good day!1 working day left gise!

  • Patrick Dix

    For the record: Brad and I are not dating…:)We had a story about how, wives holding their husband’s hands reduced stress. I expect follow up study results from the men involved. It will be titled: Long term bone disfiguration due to wife squeezing all the blood out of your hand.PWD

  • Becky

    Did ANYONE really think that Pat and Brad were dating??? What would I give for one day without this kind of comment. It’s insulting to two very nice heterosexual males!!!! Give it a rest for a day!!!!

  • Trisha Shepherd

    OF COURSE, Pat was just making a funny. (The little :) is a sideways smiley face after his comment, see?) Sorry I ran out of time to contribute to the blog today – I’m handling the noon newscast and then getting ready to bust out of town for some Christmas family gatherings!Have a wonderful Christmas, everyone – see you again soon!Trisha

  • Anonymous

    Right on Becky!!!! I think she was referring to Donna’s comment Lisa.Just mention the “B” word and people FREAK!!!!! It’s pretty Ridiculous!!I don’t think anyone can make it through the day,week you get the main idea, without being Juvenile! That’s my take on it.What a waste of time and breath and finger effort to type this, I should be letting this all go by the wasteside so I’ll never talk about this subject again. Stupid Stupid Stupid. Happy Holidays anyway Everybody!!!!!!!-Brenda E.

  • Anonymous

    I also think that Pat and everybody recognize how stupid it really is so they play along, Gotta have a sense of Humor and trust me they certainly do. Now I’m done. hahhaahaBrenda E.

  • Becky

    Thank you Brenda…That is what I was referring to. I get so sick of the Brad comments on here but I think I jumped the gun a little bit this morning. I apologize. Have a great Christmas.

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