Catching up…Selling out?…and Taking off

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Good morning…Three hours thirty minutes and counting….
Trish is gone for a little holiday fun so Liz stepped in. She’ll take you through the Christmas Holiday, then Trish is back next week and the two will team up to bring it home for the end of the year. It’s nice for our team that we have someone who can step in for the holiday. We appreciate it.

To the news:

Untangling the Delays
At airports around the country travelers will be trying to catch a flight after two days of delays. Here in Des Moines we saw how dependent we are on the hub airports to feed planes to us. Experts are saying it could take two days to untangle all the mess. If you missed Jon Cahill’s story last night on stranded travelers…It’s worth a look.

And Speaking of travel delays…Fog is going to be a problem for the thousands of us who will be on the road traveling home for the holidays. Maybe delay until about 10am. Justin says the fog is likely to start lifting.

(two hours twenty minutes)

Last Day in Newton
Many of the workers at the former Maytag plant in Newton will have their last day of work today. It has to be incredibly sad for people who’d lived there for a long time. I hope people in Newton decide it’s time to move on, attract new business and make sure the town they live in doesn’t shrink or die off. The new track is a good start, and no matter what you think about a deal to bring Iowa Telecom to Newton, it’s 140 good jobs. That can’t be bad. A few more deals like this and the town would be on it’s way back to better economic health. I know it’s not that simple, but something is better than nothing. There are a lot of Iowa towns that would take the Iowa Telecom deal without hesitation.

(1 hour 30 minutes)

The chairman of the Polk county Republicans is asking the governor and US Senator Tom Harkin to apologize for their criticisms of Federal agents actions in Marshalltown last week during the Swift raids. He’s accused the two of making political hay out of the incident.
Now I have interviewed Ted Sporer several times and think he’s a really nice guy, but the only thing I can say is…He just made the whole thing MORE political. The Governor and our US Senator get to complain about the actions of federal agents if they like. They’re elected.
Of course the actions they take have some political calculation…but calling for an apology for federal agents? The ONLY reason to do that is politics.
I doubt highly that the Republican party is wringing it’s hands thinking about how Federal agents had their feelings hurt over the governor’s comments.
The guy who gets to respond to the governor is the guy that was criticized in the first place. Matt Whitaker addressed this in his news conference. He said at the time he thought the criticisim was largely politically based. That’s all we needed to hear about it. Voters then get to make up their own mind about which person ACTUALLY INVOLVED IN THE SITUATION is right or wrong. We don’t need to hear from the peanut gallery on this one.

Shuttle Detour
I know I know…We’ve talked about this. Discovery comes home today and will probably have to use an alternate landing site. I only mention it because I turned to Liz this morning and just as a guess, asked, “were you born the last time this thing landed in New Mexico(1982)?” Just barely. It’s hard to make me feel old. I’m pretty young, but for whatever reason, people who were born in the 80’s seem really young to me.

Powerball Donation
Kudos to the couple from Fort Dodge who won the powerball this year. The $68 million dollars is being put to good use through the FD community foundation. They’ll help spread two million around the community.

Neighborhood Watch
If you’re going out of town we found out the police will actually swing by your place in most of the metro…As long as you ask. I’d give em a little notice if I were you and don’t expect the officers to feed the cats or anything. It’s just nice to know someone can stop by and make sure the place hasn’t burned down.

(1hour to go)

Happy New Year
I’ll say that now. We’re (Sal and I) off for a much needed holiday break.
We’re lucky to be able to spend time with family and friends over the next week or so. You might spot Sally and I at the grocery store or the mall, ballcap and sweatpants on…and trying to do the end of the year decompress. Stop and say hi if you do.

I hope you all have a great holiday. I hope you have time to reflect on the good things that 2006 brought you; and to dream of the things you can do with 2007. Your support of our morning conversation here is much appreciated.

(30 minutes to departure)



  • Deb

    Have a great holiday Pat and Trish! We will miss Pat next week, have a wonderful holiday and we’ll see you back here next year! You guys rock!Deb

  • Heather R.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Pat. We’ll miss you. Ya Liz rocks! She is a funny lady. Of course its still not you and Trish, but shes a great addition and someday she’ll be full time anchroing something. Anyways I’m heading to the mall after I get off work, wish me luck! Happy Holiday my fellow bloggers!

  • Anonymous

    I really like your Holiday Greeting Patrick so much more meaningful than a Typical Happy Holidays. Thank you for the hard work that You, Trisha and the rest of the news team do to bring us the most accruate news, We appreciate you too. Have a Wonderful Holiday Season to You and to the Bloggers!!!!!-Brenda E

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