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Good morning. For the first time in a long time we’re all back on the AM shift. Good to see everyone after a long break. Unfortunately, Jeriann is leaving us again…Not permanently just while Ed is on vacation. I think we would all agree, working without one another, even for a few days makes you realize how dependent, and how familiar you are with your co-workers. It’s a good reminder that we’re lucky to be working with people you can count on.
I was really looking forward to working with the whole team again today – for whatever reason, the 4 of us work really well together, and it was nice to see the whole gang back together after the holidays! TS

To the news:

Iraq Today and Tomorrow:
In Iraq this morning the US military says it’s rounded up about 24 bad guys linked to Al-Qaida. It also announced the death of another US soldier liked in a roadside bombing. That news comes as The President posts an Op-ed piece about the new Congress in the Wall Street Journal. Congress reconvenes tomorrow and Bush is calling for a whole new era of bi-partisanship. Easy to do when you lose the majority.
What do you think of the letter?

Beyond that, our friends at NBC news learned part of the President’s new strategy in Iraq qill be to add about 20-thousand troops to the war effort. Surge and Accelerate is the title for the new plan. It basically says…Let’s get things under control in Baghdad…Hand over responsibility quickly to Iraqi forces and get the heck out of Dodge.

Ford Funeral
I had the good fortune of watching all four of the eulogies for President Ford yesterday. All four were well written remembrances of the man and his legacy.
From President George H.W. Bush:

And just as President Lincoln’s stubborn devotion to our Constitution kept the union together during the Civil War, and just as FDR’s optimism was the perfect antidote to the despair of a great depression, so, too, can we say that Jerry Ford’s decency was the ideal remedy for the deception of Watergate.
From former Sec of State Henry Kissinger:
According to an ancient tradition, God preserves humanity despite its many transgressions, because at any one period there exist 10 just individuals who, without being aware of their role, redeem mankind.
Gerald Ford was such a man.
NBC’s Tom Brokaw had a great metaphor for Ford’s political career when he talked about Ford’s time playing college football at University of Michigan:
In many ways, I believe football is a metaphor for his life in politics and after. He played in the middle of the line. He was a center, a position that seldom receives much praise, but he had his hands on the ball for every play, and no play could start without him.
And the President told a little known story about Ford in his eulogy:
When Georgia Tech came to Ann Arbor for a football game, one of Michigan’s best players was an African-American student named Willis Ward. Georgia Tech said they would not take the field if a black man were allowed to play.
Gerald Ford was furious at Georgia Tech for making the demand and for the University of Michigan for caving in. He agreed to play only after Willis Ward personally asked him to.
The stand Gerald Ford took that day was never forgotten by his friend.
I love history and I love to hear the inside story of people who make up the list of history’s intregal characters.
A President’s funeral is a chance to take a peek behind the curtain and see more of the man who was commander-in-chief.
We were full of em today. First Elizabeth brought us a great story of an 18-year-old Ankeny woman who pulled a man from a burning car. The story made me ask a question I often come to in my own head after seeing something amazing like this. What would I have done? Would I have had the courage to act, instead of just watching?
A New York City mad acted and is being called a hero for it. He jumped off a subway platform and covered up the body of an 18-year-old who fell on the tracks while having a seizure. The train missed both men by inches.
I kept thinking about all those passers-by who were hugging the hero to thank him, and what a life-changing moment that must have been for everyone who witnessed it. A stop-in-your-tracks and think about what really matters type of experience.TS
Can You Hear Me Now?

Federal officials release a report today saying many of the nations biggest city’s still don’t have what they call interoperability among their first responders. It basically means they can’t talk to each other in an emergency.
It’s an issue that first came up in the wake of 9/11 when firefighters couldn’t talk to Port Authority Agents, and radios weren’t equipped to operate in high rise buildings. There’s been some progress, but billions of dollars trying to fix the problem apparently haven’t been spent actually fixing anything. Frustrating.

I’m going to let Trisha take over and give you some of her thoughts…I’m sure there are a few from her NYE break. Have a good day. I’m going home to sleep.


Trisha here – I’m just now getting my feet underneath me and catching up on news I missed!
I did come back armed with some photos from Christmas and New Year’s – really great memories. Here’s Clara with my nephew, Jackson, not too happy about posing as a tiny Santa!

Here’s My Aunt Corky (Corinne) with Jackson. We named our daughter Clara Corinne because of her, and Corky will never ever call her just plain “Clara” – she ALWAYS uses the middle name too! A very proud auntie to say the least!
Here’s Cal pulling his signature “face in the cake” stunt. The cake was for Uncle Kevin’s birthday, Christmas Day! I liked how similar the two look in this photo (right)!

Proud papa Brian (my youngest bro) hanging out with his mini-me.

Now on to New Year’s Eve – Ian and I visited our friends Scott and Martha at their house downtown Chicago to eat, drink and be merry! (Our kids and their 1-yr-old twins were staying with family members, so we were truly free! Incredible!)

As a musician, Ian almost ALWAYS has a gig to play on New Year’s Eve, so this year was our
very first together without him having to work! Scott cooked up a storm, and we all had probably just a wee bit too much champagne, but a really memorable and wonderful start to ’07!

My resolutions – to get more organized, and have more fun!

What are yours, bloggers?
See you tomorrow!


  • Anonymous

    Good Morning and Welcome Back!!!!! All of the coverage on Heroes has made me think of my own experience and how lucky I am after a horrific car accident a few years ago. I think of the people, the off duty EMT specialist Mike, the young couple from Waukee holding my neck, And the late Dan Nichols the paramedic who helped save my life. Trisha mentioned How do you Thank Somebody for Saving your Life and Patrick what would You do in a situation like that. I remember Thanking and Thanking these people at the accident scene but I thought it was never proper….I still can’t Thank them enough. I just completed my CPR test a couple weeks ago and feel better knowing that if anything happened at least I wouldn’t be in the way and can give back, maybe help someone the way they helped me. More people need to know CPR. One last thing… When you see an Emergency vehicle responding please pull over. Happy New Year Everyone I hope everything good goes your way!!!!!-Brenda E.

  • Heather R.

    Welcome Back Everyone! I was surprised to see Jeriann on the AM show. I had to wipe my eyes twice :) Glad to have you all back! Its great when the gangs back together. Happy Wednesday everyone.

  • Susan

    So glad to get the updated info on the man the girl saved in the crash. I wondered what happened to him. I actually called the station and they said they were continuing to research that. Thanks for following up.

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