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Super Bowl, The Sky is Falling and It’s still cold

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Good Morning…well, if you’re a Colts fan it is. I watched and I have to be honest…turned off the Superbowl after that interception was run back for a touchdown. I couldn’t really feel all that bad. Peyton Manning won, and got the MVP trophy to boot, and as we are fond of saying in Chicago…they’ll be back next year.
I should say we went to a friend’s house for a Super Bowl party and had a blast. The couple hosting are new friends. The benefit of new friends is that they introduce you to other interesting people.
We were sorry to leave at halftime.
Thanks to Jennifer and Brad, Sally and I had a great time.

I thought it was hard to top the first Super Bowl Ad. The “Rock Paper Scissors ad from Bud light was hilarious…the first Doritos ad was a close second. From there…I have to say I wasn’t all that impressed. Bud Light did a nice job all night, I thought Coke’s ads were recycled, and those Careerbuilder.com ads that had been so funny in the past were funny, but not as funny as the monkeys last year.
I thought the ad for Doritos with the lady behind the checkout counter wins the “most inappropriate” award. Still it was really funny.

My faves were Letterman with Oprah, and the Rock, Paper, Scissors Bud Lite commercial!TS

The Federal Budget goes to Congress this morning. Can anyone wrap their brain around more than three trillion dollars?

The Senate will also see how much support their really is for criticizing the President this morning. Sen John Warner’s non-binding resolution on the new war plan goes up for a couple procedural votes today.

If you didn’t believe us this morning when we talked about the meteor shower that hit Iowa…you should have. NORAD (The North American Aerospace Defense Command) says it tracked something, and NASA will be investigating as well.
Anyway, something big enough to be called a ball of fire, and big enough to be seen by people in at least three states came out of the sky late last night. The reports we got were from Dallas County. We’ll update you later today.

I hope you’re staying warm. Have a good Monday.

It’s Trisha now!

Wanted to mention our flu story from this morning. Health officials are seeing a spike in flu cases, especially among grade school-aged germ-machines. Polk County is one of the counties where flu is showing up. It is NOT too late to get yourself or your kids vaccinated. You can get the shots through your doctor’s office, or if you’re uninsured, on Medicaid, or if your insurance doesn’t cover vaccines, try your county health department.

I really start to get bummed out when weeks go by and it’s too cold to even let the kids play outside in the snow. Last night Cal and I were playing baseball in the living room! (minus the bat – just tossing the ball into a mitt and running bases) He told me he wants to play on a baseball team “when the snow melts” so today, I did a very grown-up-mom kind of thing – I signed him up for Little League! I have always said I can’t WAIT to be a baseball mom! I just didn’t want to push it on him…but since HE brought it up, I’m all for it! Last night we practiced running the bases with me cheering for him.

Superbowl Party

The four of us had a pretty wild Superbowl party last night. Clara put on Cal’s huge Bears sweatshirt and a bunch of Mardi Gras beads- in this photo she was moving so fast she’s blurry! She kept looking at the Bears logo and saying “Go Cubs!” Close enough.
I tried to explain to Calvin how football is played – how they have to try to get the ball across the line before someone knocks them down. As he watched a big tackle, he got a very serious look on his face and told me, “That is not bery nice. I should not to do that at home.” Guess he’s gotten the message about playing gently!


Ian was gone for most of the weekend and when he got back he got the rock star treatment from the kids. Here’s Clara laughing so hard she was practically crying!


Our friends Jamie and Jenny came by yesterday for brunch and to play with the little ones. They had found this awesome fleece fabric with the King and made me a blanket! (It’s huge! In this photo it’s draped over the couch) I snuggled up with the King all afternoon. I think Ian is getting jealous.

Have a good Monday and STAY WARM!


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  • Heather R.

    Wow great pictures Trish. Pat, I’m sorry to say, but the Bears started out strong and then disapated. I am a colts fan and have been for a long time, was glad to see them finally win a title. No bragging here though, cause I went to school w/ Kyle Orton so I felt a little bad for them. Can’t wait to see pics from Cal playing Little League Trish! Have a great day!

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