Caucus to Roll Out the Red Cape?

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Don’t get your panties in a wad, but the Gov’s not a big fan of bringing Britney Spears’ to town. Local organizers (including Blank Park Zoo head honcho Terry Rich) are trying to put together a Kennedy Center Honors-type show filmed in the metro to kick off next year’s caucuses.

Rich floated Britney’s name a few months ago as a possibility to headline the event that would be taped about a month before the Caucuses and then aired nationwide the night before the Caucuses begin. National press wasn’t all that kind to the idea of bringing in the pantiless pop star.

Gov Culver told me he does like the idea of a national show. He thinks it adds to the excitement of the event, could hopefully get more people involved and could show off Iowa to a national audience at a time when other states are really working to steal the state’s first-in-the-nation honor of starting the prez picking process.

But the Gov says he’d like organizers to focus their efforts on Iowa talent. He mentioned Superman (Brandon Routh, the man who’s now playing him in the movies, is a Norwalk native) as a possibility. What about Tom Arnold? He’s a friend of the Gov. Terry Rich says he hopes to know more about who’s in, if there’s an event at all, by June or July.

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  • Anonymous

    Brandon is decent candidate. Nope, not Tom Arnold, since he is really not a good role model. Locally here in Iowa, we have some seriously good music. On the Rock side, Mindrite from right here in Des Moines. If you haven’t heard them, your jaw will drop when you do. Mix some rock songs, some country songs, and the dreaded hip hop and you have a really good billing. Add some comedy and some good paradies. With all mentioned, it would be a good actual showcase of Iowa. Don’t let the merketing reps dictate it, because they aren’t even close as to what we have around here. You want commercials, go to reps. You want good content, go to other people.

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