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Hillarymania vs. Obamamania. Crowdwise, give the edge to Obama in Round 1. I’m told the 5-6,000 people in Ames surpassed nearly everyone’s expectations (the crowd doubled Hillary’s turnout for her big announcement rally in Des Moines).

Obama didn’t, however, cover much new ground. I seem to remember many of his lines from his appearance at the Harkin Steak Fry last fall. Ironically, Obama chastised the media before his speech at Hilton Coliseum for reporting only about his skills as a public speaker (and he mentioned doing stories about how he looks in a swimsuit), instead of focusing on the substance of his speeches.

For you music lovers, Obama entered Hilton to the sounds of “Give the People What They Want ” (The O’Jays). And following his speech’s last word, the crowd enjoyed “Your Love Keeps Lifting Me” (Jackie Wilson).

Here’s Tommy…Tom Vilsack makes his debut on The Tonight Show this Thursday. Jim Carrey’s also a guest. Wonder if they’ll sit on the couch next to each other?

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  • Anonymous

    Barak Obama could talk about the scientific functions of cattle creating methane gas and I would still vote for him over Hillary. At least this guy is real. Hillary is nothing but a corrupt corporate lawyer whos entire history has revolved around conspiracy and an insane desire to to acheive supreme power at all costs. Barak likes people, Hillary doesn’t like people. Granted, it sounds like an opinion, but if she doesn’t see soem way of getting that vote, she coudl care less. My two cents, but I don’t forget history and I don’t forget who Hillary really is.

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