On the Verge of a Freeze, Officer Down and Obama

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Good Monday morning…I hope none of you slipped and, as one of our viewers emailed us this morning: “almost busted my rump on a very thin layer of ice on my sidewalk”. Depending on where you are and what the temperature was…you probably saw some slick spots…something to scrape off the car windshield etc.

It’s going to be worse tomorrow morning. Snow should come late tonight and into tomorrow’s commute. Make arrangements for everything to take longer in your morning routine tomorrow.
To the news:
Obama Back and Forth
Literally and figuratively the Junior Senator from Illinois is in the race. He crossed into Iowa this weekend for a visit and the crowds show there’s a lot of initial interest on the Democratic side. A side note to the Senator’s visit came when he talked about getting US troops out of Iraq by 2008. Australian Prime Minister John Howard shot back that Obama is simply giving the terrorists in Iraq a timetable so they can lay low. Here’s the difference. Most politicos would respond to the Australian PM by backing off a bit or saying they support the troops or in some way softening the position. Not Obama. This guy went right back after Howard saying if the PM had problems with the timetable he could send over a few thousand more Aussie troops to take the Americans’ place.
Now I’m not endorsing Obama’s position, but I do think it’s at least refreshing to hear someone stick to their position and not try to make everyone think he’s got a little piece of everyone’s opinion, and therefore can make everyone happy. If you believe in something, I can respect that. I may disagree but it will be a respectful disagreement. The ones I can’t stand are the ones who say…I was for the war on terror, now I’m not for the war on terror, but I really support the people who are in the war on terror. What’s your position and if you truly believe that, why didn’t you take that standpoint from the start?
Gas Prices up again:
I’m not surprised. but if you didn’t fill up this weekend, it’s going to cost you about four cents more a gallon. Can you believe it was down in the $1.89/gallong range just a few weeks ago?
Friday afternoon the AM crew got together and had a little bowl-a-thon. We had a really good time, downed a few pops and found out how bad we really are at bowling.
Thought we’d share a few pics.
Here’s our fearless director JoeD with the bowling form and follow through we all should emulate.
Here’s a picture of our newest producer Kelly(left) and one of our jack-of-all-trades floor crew Tracey.

Here’s are the boys who run the show…Nate Bill and JoeD (right to left)

And Trisha was nice enough to let Clara come out and play. We were all thoroughly entertained.
Clara really likes Uncle Pat! He’s goofy and knows how to make her smile!

Thanks, Pat, for not pointing out that I was the Biggest Loser! Most people were excited to break 100. I cheered when I broke my bra size. Pretty sad – but still a fun get together!

Here’s Clara trying to figure out why she couldn’t pick up all the pretty “balls.” They look so much like her bouncy balls at home! TS

Sally put her Mom on a plane to go back to Chicago this morning. She was nice enough to come out here and spend a relatively boring weekend with us here in DSM but we appreciated the help.
Interesting observations: Sal’s Mom loves going to the grocery store with us. No joke. Her co-workers kid her about it because she comes back to Chicago and raves about the grocery shopping trip. No exception here. She was fascinated by all the products she sees here and can’t get anywhere in Chi town. We must be a test market for some of these products. Not so bad living in Iowa is it?
She also helped us out with our Bridge lessons. Liz (my mother-in-law) is a very good bridge player so she walked Sally and I through some of the finer points of the game. It really helped.
Last but not least we planned a great vacation with her for later in the year. Liz is having a birthday that ends in a zero and wants to spend it with her family. We are happy to celebrate with her and now we’ve all got something to look forward to.
Fire up those snow blowers! You’re going to need them.
There’s no getting around that. But they’re pretty darned important, so here’s the info on where to get a free car-seat check up. Police all over the place are out talking up car seat safety because this is National Child Passenger Safety Week. We had an Urbandale officer in this morning to do a live interview, and we used my car seat to demonstrate!
I wish someone would design them so that the little buckles aren’t so hard to do and un-do – but then again, they have to be kid-proof, which means they’re at least partially parent-proof.
Our friends Jamie and Jenny came over last night for Mexican food, margaritas, and the Grammy’s! (the beginning, anyway) Clara toddled right up to Jenny with a book, crawled up in her lap, and got her bedtime story. I love that she’s so lovey with people other than just Mom and Dad!
As many news outlets are saying, it was the Dixie Chicks’ night, with Song of the Year and Album of the Year. Even though their song “I’m Not Ready to Make Nice” was boycotted by most country radio stations, the grammy voters took notice. I say, whatever you think of their political opinions, they are incredible musicians and have a great sound. I tend to have respect for anyone who’s willing to stick their neck out and be true to their beliefs, even when that belief will earn them criticism and hurt their financial profits.
Seeing the Police together was awesome! They’ve always been one of my favorite bands, and Ian’s VERY favorite from that time, so he was glued to the screen, telling Calvin he should pay attention because this is a GREAT band!
While we’re on the topic – Cal’s girlfriend Lily came over this weekend, and he gave her a drum lesson. No kidding – he was standing right over her shoulder coaching her on how to play! He also showed her how to strum the guitar with a pick – I think they’re well on their way to forming a band.

Cal’s down and out with what appears to be the flu right now (the chills, fever, the whole works) and Clara’s still not all the way better from last week! Looks like Ian and I will have our hands full today talking to the doc and trying to figure out how to get these kids better.
Wish me luck – I know tomorrow will be a big day with all the snow, and I hope to get at least a couple hours of sleep in between taking care of sleepless sickies!

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  • Heather R.

    Wow sounds like everyone had an eventful weekend. Cute pictures everyone! Looks like ya had fun! Boo Go away snow. I bet the kids will be excited to see it, but not me!! have a good one everyone!!

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