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Assasination Attempt, Winter Wx Round 2, and Are you are Narcisist?

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Good morning…

It’s not every day you get up and hear the headline…”Vice President Dick Chaney was the target of a suicide bomber…”
That apparently was the case this morning though. The VP made a visit to Afghanistan and one of the US Airbases there. He was getting ready to leave for Kabul where we was to meet with Afghan President Hamid Karzai when a man approached the gates of the base and blew himself up. One US soldier and at least one American Contractor were killed. The Taliban is taking responsibility for the bombing but we had a discussion around the newsroom this morning; Was this just a poorly planned and even more poorly executed attack, or is this the Taliban trying to claim it was targeting the VP so it can build it’s reputation as a legitimate threat?

Lights Out Day 3:
We’re still following the more than 90-thousand customers without power around the state. I thought it was interesting that Alliant Energy said Monday that it’s crews are finding more customers in more isolated pockets of the state. By the way we should point out that all of the major power companies are not trying to sugar coat this. Their PR people are being honest about the assessment of the situation and they are very forthright about how tedious the process of getting the lights back on is. The Gov is telling people to swallow their pride and get to a warming center. Good advice. This may last a while, especially with a second round of winter weather coming.

There’s a new study showing College students are more self-centered than ever. Really? I didn’t notice.
But, as my body morphs into the shape of the proverbial Pot calling the kettle Black, I wouldn’t get too worried about this one.
Isn’t that the time you’re supposed to be worried about yourself? Your getting kicked out of the nest…you’re going to have to pay your own bills, get a job etc…
I would think that would lead to a little selfish behavior.
Trisha and I were talking about it a little and I chimed in with a theory. I think a lot of people our age weren’t coddled by their parents…in fact they might have been ignored.
We of the latch-key generation might feel a little neglected.
I think this might have produced a bunch of parents who say…”I’m going to do it differently than my parents did”. Maybe this produced to a generation of kids who actually believe they are the axis around which the universe rotates.
IN any case, I’m not sure this isn’t a truism…I know I was pretty self-absorbed when I was getting out of school. Maybe I shouldn’t say..was.
I took an online test this morning…try it for yourself. Apparently I am a narcissist.
but enough about me…Let’s talk about how you feel about me being a narcissist.

Gotta go…Trish will add.

If a narcissist is someone who likes to talk, I guess Pat qualifies. But the important thing – he can also LISTEN. Empathy is pretty important.
And apparently – yep – I guess I qualify as a “narcissist” too according to the quiz. I don’t think of myself as “self-absorbed” – but it asked a lot of things about being confident speaking in front of people, or in social situations. With this kind of job, you’d better be! But I never want to be the kind of person who talks endlessly about herself instead of listening to everyone else. GROSS!

I hope my kids don’t grow up thinking they’re the center of the universe! I love the way Calvin’s preschool (Montessori philosophy) puts so much emphasis on respect. You get the sense that every kid is important as an individual, but no more important than the kid next to them.
Yep – you’re special. So is he, and so is she, and so am I , and so on.
Learning how to co-exist peacefully and RESPECT each other is really everything in his classroom. I wish it were that way everywhere!

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