Hail to the Chiefly Coiffeured

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His hair could be “too perfect”, voters worry about the Mormon thing and he needs to differentiate himself from the Prez with “intelligence”. Those all come from an internal PowerPoint presentation connected to the Mitt Romney campaign, according to today’s story in The Boston Globe. The Globe already published a story on the Romney polygamist family tree.

Check out his hair, what he thinks of “non-believers” and find out just how smart he is…Tuesday night at 10 on tv. We air a 1-on-1 interview with Romney. Good planning, eh?


  • Anonymous

    The “polygamist family tree”, that is rich.Wow, the next thing we’ll learn is that his more remote ancestors were the Anglo Saxon pillagers of Celtic England, or worse……….The Boston Globe and the Weekly World Globe have much in common these days.

  • Christine

    I guess the point is….he does have a polygamist family tree. I could care less how many wives his great grandfather had, but it is true none the less. My grandparents I am sure did things I would not be proud of just as I am sure my grandchildren will be apalled at some of my actions. We cannot be judged by our ancestors….but again, the previous writer looks past the fact that, he does have a polygamist family tree!

  • Anonymous

    “Quote”I like Ross Perot’s quote, “We all have a crazy aunt in the basement somewhere.”Oh gosh I am so laughing now. Other than most Mormon’s are as nutty as a fruit cake. Honestly, so then the polygamist family tree is fact and I don’t really care. There are unmpteen million opinions and cultures in our country and as long as you’re not trying to cram them down my throat… Well, I could care less really. Heck, Hillary used to be a Mob/Drug lawayer but no one wines abotu that either. Barak Obama liked to smoke some weed when he was in college, well who cares. Vice President Cheney killed a guy while hunting. Oops liek that was an accident. Heck, I think the lesser of all evils here is Culver’s wife smokes. Wippy, at least it isn’t illegal. ha ha

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