More War Protests, Pat’s NCAA Confidence, Honda Recall

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Good morning!

After a little bout with a cold that won’t seem to go away, I am back this morning still trying to fight off whatever is on my throat. Man, I can’t wait for full out Spring!

Wouldn’t you know, I woke up with a scratchy throat and a bit of a cough! Glad to have you back, Pat, but I hope your cooties don’t get me too! TS

War Anniversary
Even though it dominated the news yesterday, today you’ll see a lot of the same. War Protests are planned across the country. The biggest is expected in Ames. Seeing the video from yesterday I’m compelled to ask: If there is such an opposition to the war, as polls suggest, why aren’t more people out protesting? If we see a lot more people in Ames today I think we’ll get the answer. They were waiting for today. If however, there aren’t a lot of people who choose to actually act on their feelings about the war, I’d want to ask some more questions about those polls, and the feelings of Iowans about the war.

It was hard to watch Iowa State get beat last night. Georgia is obviously a talented team, but you got the feeling the Cyclones just ran into a buzz saw. I’m not sure if there was anything that would have changed the outcome of the game. Sad to see because I thought Iowa State clearly had more heart. They played hard the entire game.

Save Knut!
There’s a baby Polar bear at the Berlin Zoo that was rejected by mom. The Zookeepers are taking care of him, but now animal activists want the Zoo to kill the bear! I’m not kidding here. An animal activist actually told the AP that the bear would be better off dead that being raised by the Zoo. The video of the bear is on U Tube(of course).

March Madness
I’m down but not out. All I have to say is that Jeriann and I have Trisha exactly where we want her. I think I played the upset picks a little to heavy.
Maybe I can make up some ground if the favorites get to the final four. It ain’t over till the fat lady sings!


Are you calling me fat, Pat?

Mr. Dix warned me about getting cocky – look who’s talking! I’m not expecting to win considering I picked WISCONSIN, but I think he’s looking a little too confident right now!


Our idea for the day – take the kids to the library. DM is offering some extra activities like afternoon story hours, and movies. Check out the schedule here.

Yesterday I took the kids to the Science Center to see Hurricane on the Bayou. I thought it was a really interesting way to tell a story – the kids liked the alligators, and Clara loved all the wide watery shots of the bayou (“Wawer!” she kept yelling in the theatre) But Cal got a little freaked out by hurricane Katrina. “I don’t want to watch this any more!” he told me as he headed for the door. Guess I’ll have to find out from Pat how the movie ends.

As my wife said to me when we cut the movie Titanic short, “The boat sinks…lets go.” Seriously, it was a good movie. I think it was one of the, if not the best movie I’ve seen there.

We went with Sally’s Dad Saturday. In fact we did a triple feature at SCI, Everest, Hurricane, and Deep Sea.

In the interest of full disclosure, Sally does work at the Science Center. The answer to all of your question is no…we don’t get freebies from SCI. We’re members and get a discount like any other member when we buy tickets.


Honda found problems in many of its newer vehicles – the engines can stall, or fail to start at all! (Since I cart the kids around in an Odyssey, this caught my attention. Yep – I’ve succumbed to the mini-van life… believe it or not, my rock-drummer husband was actually the one who pushed for it out of practicality! I have to admit the convenience has grown on me now that we cart around 2 kids and a dog on road trips.)

Luckily the recall affects the wrong year for us. See if your vehicle is one being recalled.

Curiously, I cannot find any recall information on Honda’s website. I usually prefer to go straight to the source for info, but I’m relying on media reports. Honda’s site tells you to sign up with your personal information to get email alerts about recalls, or call or write to the company. Convenient in today’s on-line age, huh?

Liz will be sitting in for me tomorrow morning as I chase my next Gen-X moms assignment.
This time I’m focusing on work arrangements – including the elusive part-time jobs that are actually worth your time – and ways to help working moms feel a little more balanced with their hectic schedules. I’m finding all kinds of great research, and great local moms to let us peek into their most personal struggles.
See you all on the air Thursday morning!

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    Hay Trish, did you get the emails I sent you over the weekend with the dogs and the website to have fun w/ pictures? I was so excited when I found that. I spent a cuple hours dressing up some photos. Anyways, Glad your feeling better Pat. I can imagine that you gise pass germs around so much around that tight confined area. Hope WHOTV offers good sick leave time :) We’ll I just wanted to say Hi and add my 2 cents :) Thanks again for allowing your viewers to have something to read and think about every day. P.S. I think everyone is shocked with the way the NCAA tourney is rolling out…. Heather

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