Hit and Run Arrest, Brad’s big idea and The Disney Way

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Good morning,

We were back to a more news focused show this morning after a fun day with our new friend Brad Hook. This guy is just full of ideas, he’s full of energy, and he’s one of the most genuinely nice people I’ve met during my time in Iowa. He called as Sally and I were sitting down to dinner last night and wanted to talk about some ideas we’d thrown around yesterday morning. Needless to say you’ve not seen the last of Mr Hook. I think a trip to southern Iowa is in the cards. Looks like the city kids are going to get an education down on the farm. I was putting up a bit of a fake front about our field trip to the farm. I think I’d do well and that I’d enjoy it…

As I said on the air Pat’s used to digging holes and dealing with a lot of bull.
I can’t wait to put the boots on and learn how cattle ranching is done. I know we’re in for an education! We’ll let you all know when we get this field trip arranged!

In the news:
The Des Moines Police made an arrest in what, we now know, is a bit of an odd hit and run case. The man arrested is 21 year-old Anthony Brown. He apparently attacked a car with a baseball bat outside the Hull avenue tavern last November. The car swerved and hit Jesse Johnston. The driver of that car is, according to police, still at large…so they’re looking for him.

It’s Trisha taking over while Pat runs out on assignment.
Yep – a judge ruled they’re not legal because the red-light runner fine from the cams ($75) is higher than from a real cop ($35). Still no decision from Clive on what to do.
Pat’s story for tonight’s news has to do with the “Disney Philosophy”, and how it applies to businesses and schools. The author of the Disney Way was a guest with us this morning. He’s in town speaking today, partly because he uses Des Moines‘ Downtown School as an example of an organization that uses the Disney principles successfully – “Dream, Believe, Dare, Do.”
I know I’ve always done better in environments where creativity and fresh ideas are encouraged, and critical thinking is rewarded. There are few things more frustrating to me than suggesting an improvement of some kind, and getting a “no” answer “because that’s just the way we’ve always done it.”

I’m back from the downtown school now. The story should be interesting. I’m struck by the kind of learning these elementary age kids are doing. They’re choosing their own subjects and their own learning styles to some pretty interesting results. The story tonight will be about how the Disney philosophy fits with The Downtown School’s philosophy.


As the resident Elvis freak I made sure this item made the news today – these four executives from the Iowa Clinic made a bet with their employees – raise enough cash for the heart association and they’d put on an Elvis concert! So they’re doing it today at lunch time. They used photoshop to illustrate how they’ll probably look in their jumpsuits. Spectacular!
I emailed the PR person to thank her for the photo – I signed off the email “Thank you. Thank you very much.” I really hope she’s enough of an Elvis fan to get it and not just think I’m nuts.

I was only gone about that long retrieving a toy from the front yard, when I returned to the back yard and found both my kids laughing hysterically and rolling around in a pile of dirty leaves! They were filthy head to toe.

I’m embarrassed to say I hadn’t even noticed how many leaves had built up along our fence – bad yard-keeping! So I bagged them up, then took the kids right into the bath for a big hose-down.

See you all tomorrow!