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MISSING from ISU, Pregnancy Weight, and Pat’s losing the pool

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Good morning!

It’s Trisha starting out today.

I have to start by saying you guys rule!

Thanks for all the awesome comments Friday.
It not only helps us to know we’re not blogging into a black hole, it really helps us get a sense of who our audience is! (on the air and online) Thank you for sharing bits of your personal lives, and letting us know why you like to watch and read. We really appreciate your input and your loyalty! The more the merrier – spread the word. I’ll second Trisha’s comments here. I was really encouraged. I guess all we have to do is ask. Integrating the web into how you get your news is a new an evolving science for us so we need your feedback all the time.
A few news headlines before I head out the door on assignment:

Missing ISU Student
Police put out the notice overnight that 19-year-old Abel Bolanos is missing. He was last seen leaving a house/apartment Saturday at about 4am. Police think he headed back to his dorm (Wallace Hall) but couldn’t get in. He’s a sophomore from Rolling Meadows, Illinois. There has to be an awful lot of concern for his safety – watch our newscasts tonight to see if any clues turn up.

Another Pet Food recall
This stuff is getting scary. Check out the latest list here.

NCAA Championship Game

Tonight at 8pm Florida faces Ohio State.
I’ll be cheering for Ohio State because if Florida loses, both Jeriann and I will beat Pat in our office pool! If they win, he’ll pull ahead of me, but he can’t beat Jeriann. She’s #1 amongst the three of us no matter what. Way to go, woman!
Go Gators! If they win, at least I can salvage second place.

The Cubs season opener is today at 1:10! Hooray for baseball season. Pat and I (both Cubs fans) did not even try to disguise our happiness over the Cardinals’ loss to the Mets last night.
I can’t tell you how excited I am to watch baseball season in HD this year. It’s funny how a major upgrade in technology can change an everyday activity.
I’ll open the season as I always do, with the budding optimism only a Cub fan can rekindle year after year after year after year….
But I know it…this is our year!
If you’ve never heard it…you should find a copy of the song, A Dying Cub Fan’s Last Request. It pretty much sums up any Cubs fan’s life. I blame my Uncle Bob on my mom’s side for ingraining Cub loyalty into my brain at a young age.
Read it on the link I put up there…it’s even funnier when you hear Steve Goodman sing it.

An interesting study is appearing in this month’s Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology, suggesting the weight gain guidelines for pregnant women may be set too high.
Right now doctors recommend 25-35 pounds for a woman with a normal body mass index. The researchers found women who fell into that range had a 4 times higher likelihood of having a toddler who became obese, compared to women who gained less weight.
My thoughts – I don’t think it’s how much weight you gain, it’s WHAT KIND of weight. The midwife who helped me with my latest pregnancy was all about nutrition, and she had me eating tons of protein and veggies, way less sugar and carbs. I think it’s a lot easier to pack on unnecessary pounds when you’re eating too many carbs and too much sugar. Clara did weigh a full pound less than Calvin did at birth, and I gained less with her pregnancy since I was following a healthier and higher-protein eating plan.
BUT – I know many women obsess too much about keeping their figure. Your body needs to gain weight to support the baby!! As long as what you eat is mostly good, nutritious stuff (with the occasional ice cream and cookie indulgence) you shouldn’t have to freak out about the number on the scale.

Geekasaurus Indeed

On Friday Pat called me a “geekasaurus” because I was excited the world-renowned paleontologist Jack Horner was coming to speak at the Historical Society. I proved Pat right when I showed up at the museum and scored an autograph as he was heading into his lecture! (In this photo he’s surrounded by other fans signing autographs – I wasn’t the only geek!)

I had one of his books from a college class I took on dinosaurs. I got a little bit verklempt when I met him (probably because I don’t remember very much from that class and I’m not a scientist!) But I did manage to ask him about his role as a consultant for Jurassic Park. Yes – he got to hang out on the set and meet all the actors. But no – he says the movie was not scientifically accurate! He told me, “That’s not why they make movies, that’s what documentaries are for.” Glad to see he wasn’t in a huff over the inaccuracies… it’s still a great movie.
Trish called on my cell Saturday after leaving the event at the Historical Building…I still got a good chuckle out of it. I’ll say this though, I’m guessing Calvin saw how jazzed his mom was about something like this. I’d bet subconsciously or consciously, he walked away from this one thinking: learning is cool, it’s fun, it’s something to be excited about. That may not translate into a love of Dinosaurs, but I’d bet it pays dividends for Calvin in other ways.

While we were at the Historical Museum I snapped a photo of Calvin acting as governor. His only question for me – Where’s the paper? I want to color!

One other photo to share before I run – this is Ian giving a drum demonstration in Calvin’s preschool class Friday. He’s done this before for a good friend who’s a teacher, but this is the first time he’s been to Calvin’s school. As you can imagine, all the kids were WAY into getting to hit the stuff themselves.

My favorite moment was when Ian got completely upstaged when the neighborhood cat Reggie jumped through the window and into the class! Every little eye and hand turned away from the drums and onto the cat – until the teacher shooed him back out the window.

As Ian said later, ” I love how with kids you can go from being the coolest thing in the world to absolutely NOBODY…”

One more personal note –

I’m going to be an auntie – again!!!

My brother Kevin and his wife Kim told us yesterday they’re expecting their first baby in November! Now they’ll have more critters to take care of besides the ant farm I’ve blogged about. This kid will be adorable… I can’t wait to meet him/her!

Funny Trisha has news on the Auntie front. I’ve got some on the Uncle front. I get to meet my second nephew Henry this week. My brother Matt called on his way in from Illinois Sunday. They’ll be here all week. The good news is I get to see Matt, his wife Amy, and their kids Elliot and Henry. Henry was just born last November and we’ve never met him.
Sally and I are excited…if they’re coming to our house, I need to do a little child-proofing. Elliot is mobile now.

Other Weekend Tidbits:
We took a lot of time this weekend to re-charge. The people at Starbucks in West DSM thought we’d moved in by the end of the weekend.
I got a lot of reading done and I’m in the middle of a page turner. If Trish is a geek about Dinosaurs, I am a super freak-geek about World War Two. I’m reading a book called The Few right now. It’s about American pilots who went over to England before the US was officially in the war. The group flew for The Royal Airforce in the Battle of Britain. It’s one of those stories about a tipping point in history. There are so many examples of how small decisions made a huge difference in the outcome of the war. It’s a good read, I recommend it.

Did anyone else see Planet Earth last night on the Discovery Channel? (I know…again with the geekiness) It was amazing! We watched two of the installments last night in HD. The pictures were some of the best I’ve ever seen. I found myself asking “where’s the camera” a lot of the time. If you get the chance…try to watch some of it.

Have a good Monday!

Trish and Pat


  • Heather R.

    So I totally used to love the blog until the cardinals comments… we’ll see who comes out ahead when the cards and the cubs play in a few weeks, then we’ll talk about my cards:) Lifelong cards fan. My dad lives about 20 mins from the stadium so its a tradition to go all the time. Have a good week.

  • Sara

    Congrats Trisha on finding out you are going to be an aunt again. Isn’t it exciting to be an aunt? I just wish my nieces lived closer so I could spoil them more and spend more time with them than week visits through out the year. I’m torn between the Cards and the Cubs. With a brother and future SIL living in STL they have made me into a Cards fan but I love the Cubbies too! Oh can I say I’m excited about the new coach for Iowa bball!! Have a great day!

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