Baby Brimanda, Baby O, A bad night that turned out great

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How about the wacky weather?!? It’s APRIL for Pete’s sake! Enough with the snow already! More ranting about that later in the blog, but now onto baby news!

Last Saurday we had a baby shower here at the station for Amanda Krenz. You might recognize her from Channel 5, where she anchored the weekend shows and reported during the week. Lucky for us Amanda works at Channel 13 now, along with her husband Brian. Brian and Amanda have a “celebrity name” . . . you know, like “Bennifer” and Branjolina” . . . it’s “Brimanda”, so that’s what I’m calling their wee one until it’s born. “Baby Brimanda”

Opening presents!

How many news gals does is take to open a container of cupcakes?

More stuff for Baby Brimanda!

We don’t have babies, is it Happy Hour yet?

More gifts! I think these are some really cool utensils that change color when the food temperature is ok for baby to eat. Wild! Sometimes I wonder how we all survived our childhoods without all of these high-tech safety measures.

Speaking of baby stuff, without further delay I’m thrilled to introduce my new neice,

Baby Olivia!!!

I’ve taken to calling her “Baby O” or “Miss O” . . . isn’t she beautiful?!? Olivia wasn’t scheduled to make her appearance until Monday, but she arrived early on Saturday night at 9:58.

Here’s Mama Bethany, you met her a few months ago. She’s the one who looked disgustingly great when she was really pregnant. Now you can hate her for looking just as good, right after giving birth!

And here’s proud Papa Matt, obviously gaga about his little girl. I wonder if he knows how much grief this will cause him sixteen years from now?

I’m awake now! Look at all my hair!

My mother-in-law, Joan. She’s done this before!

There is nothing like a brand new baby. Whenever I see them, I start crying. Everyone looks at me like I am a lunatic. I can’t help it, it’s just amazing and they are so precious.
It’s a good thing the weekend was filled with so much joy, because the past few days have been rotten and some of it’s due to this horrid weather. I’ll skip some of the trivial stuff and tell you about a bad night that turned out great. I’d agreed to act as the Mistress of Ceremonies for the annual Goodwill awards banquet Tuesday night. The only tricky part – getting there on time. I think I’ve mentioned my love of old vehicles in prior posts. Right now, I’m driving an ’84 Jeep. It’s great, except that when it’s cold out it needs to warm up for awhile. I didn’t let it warm up Tuesday night. Consequently, it died on me in the middle of MLK Parkway heading to the interstate. After blocking traffic for about five minutes, I finally got the Jeep started and decided to go home and get my husband’s vehicle. No problem, except for when I went running out our front door. The porch was slick and I was wearing three inch heels and I totally wiped out and did a header down our steps. At first I was so stunned, I just stayed there on my hands and knees in the rain. Then I realize I’ve really hurt my knee, I think I ripped my pants and I’m running really late for this event, and I start crying! I finally get in the truck and drive like a maniac to West Des Moines thinking “Why do I overcommit like this? When will I learn to say no? I wonder if you can see where I’ve ripped my pants? Is my mascara running?”

Then I got to the awards banquet. I sat with the nicest people. I heard the most inspirational stories about the employers who work with Goodwill, the staff and volunteers who make the organization what it is, and the people who’ve benefited from the training and services it offers. I met the sweetest kid – Austin, who lights up the room with his smile and personality. I got to talk with Evelyne Villines, an amazing woman who’s improved the lives of so many people.
So, even though I walked into the event crying and feeling crabby I left feeling blessed for getting the opportunity to spend an evening with such wonderful folks.
Thanks to everyone there for the attitude adjustment, and for not caring that my pants were ripped and my makeup was smudged.


  • hrichards

    Erin,Congrats to being an aunt. She’s adorable. And mama Bethany, makes me sick she looks great even though she just gave birth. Yay for getting Amanda to join WHO…. much much better. Have a good week and sorry about your accident. I have alot of those too :)

  • ErinEKiernan

    It is great being an aunt . . . I know have five nieces and nephews, ranging in age from one week old, to nine years old. The only bad thing is, now all of my husbands older brothers have children so the pressure is on! More on that in an upcoming blog.Speaking of accidents, I am VERY accident prone. Yesterday I was making the bed and walked straight into the edge of our footboard. I have a huge bruise on my leg. Way to go, Grace! :)

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