I-City Anniversary, ICubs Opener, and I’m Outa’ Here…

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Friday the 13th! we had so much going on this morning I didn’t realize it was Friday the 13th until we read it in the open at 5am.

It’s the anniversary of the Iowa City tornadoes. The storms did a lot of damage and prematurely ended the school year for a lot of students. Elizabeth Klinge went over to Iowa City earlier this week and did some great reporting you’ll see on our evening newscasts. It’s a good reason to tune in tonight.
A side note, I count the Iowa City Tornadoes as just one of the big stories I missed because I was out of town. I was in St Louis for a bachelor party last year. Add that to these two other big stories.
I was out of town for the VEISHA riots in Ames. That didn’t stop my boss at the time from calling my cell phone. I was on vacation (golf trip with some guys from college) and I was a little tired when the phone rang at 2 in the morning. I seem to remember him asking me how quickly I could get back to Des Moines…I seem to remember answering that I would be back Monday…and hanging up.
I was also out of town on September 11th. I remember getting up the next morning and driving back to Iowa. No planes in a clear blue sky. Surreal.

I’m like Pat – hate to miss the big story! I happened to be on the evening anchor desk the night the Iowa City tornadoes hit, as well as the next night. The video from Chopper was incredible. Our 10pm newscast the day after the storm just won the 2007 RTNDA (Radio and Television News Directors’ Assoc.) Regional Murrow award for Best Newscast in our division. Our producers and reporters did an excellent job that day telling an important story using sound and pictures. I remember feeling very proud of our news team.

It’s Iowa Cubs opening night. I love this season and just when you think this franchise has perfected the minor league baseball experience…they one up themselves. A new fountain out in right field will add a lot to the experience.

I’m going to let Trish blog about some of the other things we reported this morning. I have to catch a flight to Chicago.

Allow me to brag for a moment. My mom is defending her Doctoral dissertation on Saturday. I’ll explain a little more about it Monday (mostly because I don’t understand all of it.) Women and religion is the general topic. I am very proud(and lucky) that my Mom is a life long learner. It is one of the best lesson’s she’s passed on to her kids. We all have a natural sense of curiosity that allows us to continue to learn about our profession and our world.

Just a reminder. We’re still raising money for Leukemia/Lymphoma. I’ve been nominated for the Celebrity of the year Campaign so I’d ask all of our loyal bloggers, please contribute what you can. That’s the link to contribute online. I’ll try as best I can to mention some of your generosity here over the next few weeks.
All of your donations to my campaign are appreciated, I’m looking forward to some great events to raise money and help educate people about blood related cancers.

Anyway, I’m outa‘ here…Have a great weekend and go ICubs!

I’ll add a few things…

Imus is fired from CBS radio – his wife took over just for today to wrap up a charity fund drive they’ve been doing on the air. I’ve seen an interesting online survey on MSNBC about how people feel about his comments and his firing. You have to cast a vote to read the results.

How do you guys feel? Should he have been fired, just suspended, or not punished at all?
It’s Pat again (3:00pm in Winnetka IL)…I’m sitting in a Panera chatting with a friend from College and he just showed me an article online by a guy we went to school with. It’s a little bit of a different perspective on IMUS. The funny thing is, he was on the Today show as a guest this morning.
He’s a columnist for the KC Star. Read it and tell me what you think.


I also found it interesting to read up this article on why historically, the word “nappy” became such an insulting and demeaning term.
I’m guessing many white Americans have no idea that words like that are so loaded with cultural ugliness.

Jeriann had one last great day with her dad yesterday before she and her family said goodbye to him. He’s heading back to active duty in Iraq after a 2 week leave. she says it’s really hard for them to see him go back – but he got at least one small break – on his commercial flight to Dallas he got upgraded to first class! (Seems like the least an airline can do for someone serving the country in war.) He flew straight from there to Kuwait, then head to Iraq.
Based on what he’s told Jeriann, to say they’re facing “challenges” in his unit is putting it mildly. I know your thoughts and prayers are much appreciated.

We had a guest from the Polk Co. Health dept on this morning to talk about free screenings they’re offering this morning.
Have you ever been tested for diabetes? Do you even know the symptoms? So many Americans are affected by this now, and the implications can be very serious if you don’t catch it and treat it.


I have the opposite problem with blood sugar – hypoglycemia. It took years and years of fainting and near-fainting spells in embarassing public places (in a grocery store, a hospital lobby, out on a news shoot, at a campground, at a festival, an airport, etc!) before I figured out that what was happening was a terrible blood sugar crash. I wish I had known sooner!
So my advice – if you ever have things like shakiness, disorientation, terrible mood swings, dizziness, etc. – especially when you haven’t eaten for a while – click that link and check it out. You may have a problem that’s easy to fix through eating smarter.

I know now to eat something with protein about every three hours, and never over-do it with sugar ESPECIALLY on an empty stomach. Ian is often my “food police” because he knows I’m a nightmare to deal with if I crash! It’s a very scary feeling.

Girls, give me some credit for working some male nudity into the newscast this morning! Of course we didn’t show anything – but just talking about the strip-themed show got us all a little on the silly side this morning.

The Full Monty opens at the DM Playhouse tonight. We had an interview with one of the actors and some fully-clothed footage from dress rehearsal.

Here’s the scoop – YES – these guys do the “full” Monty on stage – but NO – the audience doesn’t get to see quite everything. Some kind of clever lighting cue is going to keep the show suitable for families… almost.
I’m going to see it (with a girlfriend since Ian’s on the road working- that’s what he gets for leaving me alone!) so I’ll let you know how they do it in our next blog! I already give the guys in the show a huge round of applause for being brave enough to strip down for the sake of humor and entertainment. It’s a reminder that we should all be a little less self-conscious – I ‘ll bet it’s pretty liberating in a way to be that “exposed!”

I am NOT and have never been a model – but tomorrow I have to fake it on the catwalk. A good friend talked me into modeling in a Junior League charity Style Show. Embassy Suites on the river Saturday 12-2:30- $25 tickets if you’re interested. There’s an auction, silent auction, style show, food, etc.
I’m going to become best friends with a bottle of fake-tanning lotion tonight, and practice walking gracefully in heels! If we get any good photos I’ll post them Monday.

If I fall on my face, I will not be so anxious to share the pictures though!

I’m looking forward to a nice weekend playing some baseball with Cal and Clara (even she has a little mitt and ball now!) See you all Monday!


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  • Deb

    Hey Patrick, I did see Jason on the Today show this morning, I really felt like he had a really valid point, and I found myself agreeing with him totally. After reading the article you attached I think the whole thing IS blown up beyond what it should have. I think his column is funny, I’ll have to read him more often, I’m sure those girls went back and became part of the “problem” in black america just like he said, too cool. Do you still have contact with him? He seems like a very knowledgeable guy. News is news, right? I just ignore what I don’t think I feel like listening to that day anyway. Have fun this weekend.

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