Memorial Day, Andy’s Farewell, and A GREAT Weekend

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I’ll get to the Memorial Day weekend in a minute, but first the news and the reason a lot of you have the day off today.

Memorial Day:
If you don’t have something to do today, a good use of your time would be a trip up to Camp Dodge to the Gold Star Museum. If you’ve never been there, you’re missing a rich piece of Iowa history. Van and Bonnie from WHO Radio were down there this morning.
We had a couple of soldiers on this morning live from Iraq. They were in the same unit as an Iowa soldier who was killed this January. I asked the two a couple of questions about Memorial Day over there, and they responded…it’s always Memorial Day over here.
The other thing I thought was interesting was their answer to the question about positives in Iraq that we don’t hear about. They seemed upbeat about their mission and serious about their work. It’s hard to remember that these guys are likely college age or younger. We’re putting a heavy burden on people who are very young. In moist cases they are equal to the challenges and representing us in the bet traditions of the US military.

The US and Iran sat down for the first time in almost three decades to talk about the security of Iraq. The step could lead to a solution to the foreign fighters coming into Iraq and targeting Americans. That’s the hopeful view of this meeting. The people who are more sceptical about the prospects of results say that Iran’s position coming into this meeting (The US needs to get out of Iraq…period) won’t help lead to an meaningful results. Also out of Iraq this morning a car bombing killed at least 19 people and injured dozens of others wounded.

Andy’s Goodbye
I was one of the thousands waiting for the finale. Andy delivered. I thought it was funny that he used the Shatner skit as inspiration…maybe Andy reads the Morning Buzz too. We wish him well, we know it will be a big loss for the newsroom, but we also know Andy is moving on to a great opportunity.
You can watch the finale online…after we get it online. you can also buy the DVD. Go to the sports page of WHOTV.COM for details.

A GREAT Weekend
I say I had a great weekend for many reasons. My folks were in town. We got to play golf Friday afternoon which was a lot of fun. It was an interesting round of golf because my parents cell phone kept ringing. They’re trying to sell their house and they got an offer Friday. By the time we got to the 18th hole they had a deal they could live with and a whole lot less stress for the weekend.
They were also here, of course, to see their grandchildren. My brother Matt, his wife Amy and their kids are now permanent Iowans. I say that because after moving them here, Matt had to go back and finish up his old job in Illinois last week. That’s all in the rear view mirror now.
We had a great time going out to Dinner to Celebrate their new beginning Saturday night.

Speaking of Saturday, I can’t tell you how humbled I am by your generous donations to the Leukemia/Lymphoma Society.
We set up at KIA of Des Moines Saturday Morning not knowing quite what we’d raise for the day, but hoping for $500 to get KIA to match.
First I have to say the sales team at KIA and everyone who works there is just great. They were over asking if I needed anything every few minutes. What was even more fun was watching them work deals with customers. I’ve never seen a system like it at any other dealership I’ve ever been to. It was fast paced, high energy and it produced results. It was cool to watch more than a few people walk away with a new car.
As for you all…what can I say. I am humbled and really gratified that you are getting behind the effort to raise money for LLS. By 3pm we’d raised more than $600 and with the match from KIA we’d gone over $1100! Thank You! I won’t mention our two biggest donors by name here mostly because I don’t know if they want to go public, but the reasons for people donating and their willingness to share their story with me is motivation to really finish this campaign strong.
Remember, if you couldn’t help this weekend we’ve got more events coming up…not this week, but next week.

Trish is back tomorrow.
Hope you have a good day.

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