It Ain’t Rudy McRomney, But the Crowd

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“Hillarycare, Obamacare” Mitt Romney’s coined his own phrase (at least I haven’t heard anyone else use it yet) during his luncheon with the Greater Des Moines Partnership. Romney pushed through his “universal health care plan” while he was Gov in Massachusetts. But he says he won’t try to push it nationwide. While he says he’s not opposed to other states doing what he did, he wants states to have the flexibility to change what they think is best to cover the uninsured.

Obama’s campaign released this statement:

“What Mitt Romney doesn’t get is that the skyrocketing cost of health care is a national crisis in need of a bold solution, which is why Senator Obama has introduced a plan that would cut costs for every family by up to $2,500 and cover every single American. But, make no mistake, his plan would allow state-based efforts to continue.”

Romney can apparently draw a crowd. The Partnership originally booked the luncheon at the Embassy Club downtown. But too many RSVP’s forced a change to a bigger room inside the downtown Des Moines Marriott. I’d say 125 or so showed up.
In other news…
It’s time to give up on my Cardinals. Yadier Molina’s now out with a fractured left wrist. What else can go wrong?


  • Mitch Henry

    I have a name for Romney’s new national health care plan. I will call it “Romneynocare”.I agree with Senator Barack Obama that we need to ” break the stranglehold” that big drug and insurance companies have on the health care market.

  • Mitch Henry

    DaveI believe Senator Barack Obama can draw a good crowd –Iowa City 10,000Ames 5,000Davenport 4,000Sioux City 3,000Mason City 2,500Romney crowd 125

  • Mitch Henry

    Why is it that Mitt Romney (or Romneynocare) won’t push through his own universal health care plan??? The same health care plan he pushed through while he was governor in Massachusetts.

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