Taped Threats, Dangerous Intersections, and A Wet Burrito?

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Good Morning,

We posted early to get your opinions on what kind of food the forecast is most like today. Jeriann has been comparing the weather the food and, to my mind, missing the mark. This morning she compared the weather to a wet burrito. So we went looking for suggestions from you. Thanks for the responses. That’s what the blog is for!

Taped Threat

An American Citizen wanted for treason is featured on a new taped threat. He says the attacks will be worse than 9-11, worse than Afghanistan or Iraq…even worse then Virginia Tech. As watched a little of this tape I wondered if any of you would this it’s too disturbing to air. There’s a part of me that feels like we can describe it to you…then again, you don’t get the feeling of the message if we just read it to you or tell you about it. What do you think?

Cindy Going Home

I don’t pretend to know what it like to lose a child. I won’t, but I would guess that even some people who feel deeply that the Iraq war is wrong, are glad to see Cindy Shehan go home. Disagreement with the war is one thing…protesting is fine…there are a lot of people putting up a thoughtful reasoned argument against the war. It’s just hard to watch the anger Sheehan felt at losing her son spill over. Many times it appeared she wanted to be on TV more than she wanted a change of direction in the middle east. Add that to the sorted family history she carried with her and the headline on her story is just sad. In the end Sheehan wasn’t so much a catalyst for change and she was a huge target for War Hawks to point to and say…see? they’re ranting and raving like crazy people! It’s a disservice to the people who are making a reasoned argument against the war. I hope she finds some peace out of the spotlight.

Dangerous Intersections

The story we did last night came out of the list of top ten most dangerous intersections in the state of Iowa. Three of them are here. Then we took it a step further and went to the City of Des Moines asking for the top ten most dangerous intersections in the city based on number of accidents. It was interesting to me that some of the “most dangerous” by our definition were the off ramps off the interstate. E 14th continues to be a focus of a lot of accidents…

Sprucing up the City

The Hy-Vee Triathlon is just two weeks away and I will admit, I had no idea how big a deal this is! Thousands of Athletes, tens of thousands of fans watching the race. Add that to the fact that we’ve got a PGA event in town next weekend, Winefest is next weekend…Dan to dam this weekend…Des Moines is one happenin place right now. That also means the City continues to spruce itself up. That new park is being completed by the state capitol. It looks like it will be done in time to serve as the finish line for the Triathlon.

Blue Moon

We’re going to have one by the end of the week. The full moon is a blue moon this week but do you know why? I heard this one on the radio this morning. Anytime you have two full moons in one month…you’ve got a Blue Moon…It’s rare…thus the phrase, once in a blue moon.

I leave the show in the capable hands of Trish and Dan Winters through the end of the week…speaking of once in a blue moon…I’m taking a few days off. Hope you all stay dry.


  • Heather R.

    Have a good mini vacation Pat. Hope you gise do something fun!!! Thanks for telling us about the blue moon thing! Thats awesome!!! If I had to classify a food item for todays weather it would be….A soggy tomato. I dont know what brought that to mind, just thought of it.

  • rosorio

    Taped threat:It was not disturbing at all. It was bothersome because here is this traitor planting threats form far and far away. I hope he gets caught and prosecuted for treason soon. Dangerous intersection: Here in Ames I would like to nominate the exits that lead you from Highway 30 to I-35 (exit 151B and exit 111B). These two exits (separated by the bridge’s length) have caused a lot of accidents and even deaths over the years. I saw a semi truck cargo hanging from the bridge once. In focus exit 151B the speed is posted at 25 MPH with the merge sign posted and cars heading north on I-35 (that are not speeding) are going at least 70. Some switch their turn signal 10 yards before the exit and some not at all. Semi trucks don’t even merge left to allow room for people to exit. To make things even worse, I have seen drivers completely stop their vehicles mid-way through the bridge (A blind spot for 151B exit drivers who are speeding up to 70 MPH) waiting for I-35 drivers to clear the way. I wonder what it would take for the DOT to designate 100 feet of the right lane prior to exit 111B as a turning lane only. Wet burrito:The only food item that comes to my mind to compare with the weather is. A hot beef sandwich because it has the mashed potatoes that resemble clouds and the gravy that floods the whole thing that resemble the possible flash flood. Man I’m hungry!Happy golfingEnjoy your time off Patrick “HAPPY GOLFING”

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