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Murder Suspect Arrested, Rob Lowe and The State Birdie, Hip Mamas Unite

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Good Morning!

I got on the phone with my Dad last night and he asked me if I had the morning off…Nope, just a long day, which is why I didn’t get to contribute yesterday. I’ll get to more on that later…there’s some overnight news to get to first.

Smith Murder Solved?

The story of Kelsey Smith’s disappearance lead off our newscast yesterday and by 6pm we knew her body had been found. After we went off the air last night, Police made the announcement that they’d arrested a suspect in the case. He’s a 23 year old from Olathe KS but there’s not a clear connection with Smith yet.

Bush at G-8
I’d pay to be a fly on the wall when President Bush and Russian President Vladimir Putin talk today at the G-8 summit. I wonder…are they really ever in a room alone together? And if they are, what is that like? are they frank with one another or do they stick to the political line?

Straw Poll
It’s a bad sign that two of the top candidates have pulled out of the Ames Straw Poll. I’m no expert and I have no idea of the political goings on inside the Republican Party, but I just feel like this might be some of these candidates revolting a little against what is, essentially a fundraiser for the party. You can call it a test of organizational readiness for the Caucus, but really, after our story last night on who wins the straw Poll and who wins the caucus and the nomination…it’s pretty clear the two are not linked in history. Maybe the Parties…both of them, would be well served here in Iowa trying to adapt with the times. A lot of states are moving up their primaries to try and hold more influence in the process. Rather than fighting that kind of change, I wonder why these two parties don’t come up with a way to innovate the Iowa experience so it is again, unique, and again a bellwether to success.

The Lowe Down
No, is the answer to your question. I did not see Actor Rob Lowe hit a Goldfinch with his sand wedge shot yesterday the The Principal Charity Classic Pro-Am.

I was working…caddying for Principal CEO Barry Griswell. This will not surprise those of you who’ve spent any time with him, he’s a funny guy, easy to like and very down to earth.
I’ve met Barry before briefly, but haven’t spent a lot of time with him. I still haven’t spent a lot of time with him and we’re not best friends or anything but I did get a sense of him that matches all I’ve heard.
As for his golf, I’m no Tiger Woods, but Barry’s game is reflective of the fact that he started six years ago. I applaud him for getting up in front of a lot of people and playing even though he wasn’t the best golfer in the group. A lot of big wigs would be embarrassed by that…Barry takes it for what it is…a fun game and a great opportunity. He really does take instruction well. I taught golf for the summer while I was in HS, and found out I can identify what’s wrong with people’s swings a lot better than I can fix my own. He took a couple of the suggestions I gave yesterday and hit some good shots. SO I did my job from that end of the deal. I had a little more trouble with the caddying. I’m not used to making sure I’m ready to meet the needs of another golfer. I had some learning to do, and found out…I should keep my day job.

Fuzzy-funny guy and a great Pro-Am partner.

The Course-I’m not sure I’ve ever seen it in better shape! You’ve got to get out there this weekend.

One more note, I have to thank the people who run the PR for the tournament. Beth and Rhonda…you guys make this job easy!

Finally from me, a reminder to come out to Principal Park tonight. I’ll cook you and your family some dinner and you can go enjoy an I-Cubs game. For a $20 donation you get a ticket into the game, a hot dog some chips and a coke. what more could you want. Plus you don’t have to come up with a plan for dinner tonight! All of the money we raise is going to The Leukemia Lymphoma Society for research and treatment of blood related cancers. We’re in the final week of fundraising now, so if you’ve been thinking about donating anyway, please come out. This is a great excuse to come out for a ballgame and a great cause to contribute to. We’d love to see you there! 5pm-7 tonight at principal Park. We’ll be on the North side of the Stadium…you won’t be able to miss us.
If you can’t come please make a donation online! Here’s the link to get to the site. Thank you for all your support so far.


It’s Trisha and I have just a few things to add this morning..


Here’s an action shot of my mother-in-law, Susan, SWORDFIGHTING with Calvin! This was after a few hours of very successful kite-flying, and countless hours of listening to his concerts with his new Blue Man Group keyboard.

Where she gets the energy, I do not know, but she seems to turn into a kid around her grandchildren. Grandma magic…


I found out about the “Hip Mamas” social group while doing some online research for my series of Gen X Moms reports. If you’ve never been to, check it out! There are all kinds of groups with all kinds of interests, and the meetup site makes it ridiculously easy to plan events and organize big groups of people without an endless game of phone tag.

The West Side Hip Mamas group bills itself as an outlet for moms whose “minivan does not define them.” It’s for married or single moms who adore their kids AND feel the need to remember who they were before kids once in a while too. They offer up all kinds of activities you can pick and choose from – rock climbing, a book club, margarita night, the Valley Junction Farmers’ Market, Winefest, etc. Some are a girls night out, others are family and kid-friendly events.

I originally got in touch with the Hip Mamas just to research this story, but I discovered, they considered me “hip” enough to join (their standards must not be too picky!) so I decided to give it a try! I met quite a few really intriguing women at the farmer’s market event – and I’m looking forward to margarita night soon!

As I’ve shared with many of you, juggling the kids, career, marriage, and housework are a huge enough challenge for me – the social life has been left in the dust, especially since moving to the early morning shift, and having baby #2! But I think this Hip Mamas thing could work! First – the calendar is online WAY IN ADVANCE so I have time to track down a sitter, or pick events on the rare nights when my busy hubby is home to watch the kiddos. Second – everyone else involved has kids too, so they’re likely to schedule things earlier in the evening. AND – there are lots of things where I can bring the kids along too – I LOVE the chance to multi-task as a mom and a social butterfly! I’ll fill you in next time I go out with these gals!

I got a chance to hang out with CBS Sunday Morning Correspondent Bill Geist after his talk and book signing at Drake last night. (we had met in Champaign a few years ago and stayed in touch) I stayed up far too late, but it was worth it for the chance to soak in his creative energy, listen to more of his wild stories from his beat covering the bizarre, AND, to hear his encouraging words about my own career as a writer/journalist. He’s made it to the top of his field, and (he’d love that I point this out) is old enough to be my dad – still, he treats me as a colleague, and an equal.

Once in a while, someone drops into your path just at the right time and says just the right thing to get your gears spinning in a new direction. Geist certainly has my head full of new ideas today…

Gotta run – see you all back Monday – please help Liz feel welcome tomorrow morning by writing in on the blog if you see something you like in the show!


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  • Heather R.

    That story about Kelsey Smith is heart breaking. I feel for her family and friends in there time of need. Trish, have a safe trip. Cute pictures. You’d be so proud, I saw over half the show today!!! This getting up early to walk thing is getting easier and if I work it and move it fast I can be home to watch the 6am segment. YAY! Oh and good luck tonight grilling Pat!! Hope the weather holds for ya!! Hurry back Jeriann!!!

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