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Standoff, Blast-off, and Grillin Out

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Good Morning!

I’ll get right to the news which was all happening as I walked in the door around 2:15 this morning.


About 1:30 this morning someone at a convenience store in Ankeny reported a woman being beaten by a man inside a car. The police found the car and tried to get it to stop. Instead, the guy took off and the chase was on up highway 69 to Huxley. That’s where the driver of the car finally wrecked…and the real story got started. The driver pulled a knife on the woman in the car and held it to her neck. Deputies tried to diffuse the situation for a couple of hours before they finally were in position to pull the woman from the car safely. They pulled the man out too, but not before he got one good swipe of his knife at a sheriff’s deputy. The deputy was cut on the hand but the sheriff told us it wasn’t serious. Jon Cahill, Dave Olsen and especially our on-call photojournalist Jeff Felton get all the credit for great coverage. Glad this one ended with relatively little injury.


At 6:36 tonight the space shuttle Atlantis goes up into space with an Iowa State Alumni on board. Clayton Anderson is part of the Atlantis crew headed to the International Space Station. He’s stay up aboard ISS for four months after that.

You can go see the shuttle launch live at The Science Center’s big dome screen in it’s Star Theatre. They’re grilling brats out on their garden deck on the second floor and then they’ll show the launch. Launch time is 6:36.

Storm Damage
Give credit where credit is due…the meteorologists hit this nail on the head yesterday. The storms showed up when they said they would and where they said they would…

I’m glad we didn’t have significant tornado damage, though there was some straight line wind damage at Lake Red Rock Marina.

Busy weekend
First, Winefest continues this weekend. Now I thought Sips in the City was an event you could go to this Saturday, but the website now says it’s September 22nd?? Not sure what that’s all about. For sure the Grand Tasting is Saturday Night at Nollen Plaza.
Some of you have asked about our relationships with other members of the media around town. This weekend we’re going out with one of my favorites. I’m a big Lisa Carponelli fan. She’s a really bright lady we were lucky enough to get to know through Sally’s Junior League affiliation (some really great women in that organization). We found out later that Lisa and her husband Mike were married the same day we were (10/9/99) in Chicago. She also went to Northwestern University (Sal’s Alma mater) for her Masters Degree in Journalism. Before the boss gets too mad at me for going on and on…the point is, we are friends among media outlets and there’s a pretty cordial relationship among all the stations in town.

If Winefest isn’t your thing, the golf continues out at the Principal Charity Classic. Featured tee times are going off between 10:30-11:30. It looks like there’s going to be some great weather to get out and see the tournament.

A third option is the Iowa Cubs, who are back in town. I was out at the ballpark last night(more on that in a minute), and I-Cubs GM Sam Bernaby said he’s got people “hanging from the rafters” for tonight’s game. Get on out there. It’s a totally different experience being in that ballpark when it’s packed. Electric!

On the subject of the Cubs, we were out grilling for a good cause last night. Thanks to everyone who stopped by and made a contribution, ate some hot dogs and said hello. We saw one of Sally’s old colleagues from the Science Center…one of Sally’s friends from Junior League, and some of you who saw the announcement we made on the show. We both appreciate your support and were able to raise a few hundred dollars for The Leukemia Lymphoma Society in just two hours!
Special Thanks to Sam Bernaby and the I-Cubs. Nate, Bob and Brent were all a great help!
We were stationed on a new feature at Principal Park. They’ve got a sort of party trailer to rent out that sites just outside the gates. For a fee, you get 16 tickets to the game, all the hot dogs chips pop and beer you can eat/drink for two hours before the game and they even provide someone to grill for you. It’s a great deal. They’re even thinking about renting it out for football games this fall.

Hope you all have a great weekend!


  • Heather R.

    Good show this morning. Definatley an eventful day in the newsroom. Good job to the weather dept. for prediciting the storm on the dot. Thank god it didnt get bad here. Have a good weekend everyone.

  • rosorio

    ForecastBig ups! To Ed, Jeriann, Justin and Megan. In the past I follow the forecast based on the rain path only when it comes to decide if I am riding to work on my motorcycle. I saw that I was clear on the rain path but foolishly ignored the wind gusts. My ride was scary since my bike was leaning sideways while going on a straight line at 65 MPH. Next time I’ll check the wind gust too. Police officersIt’s very nice to hear that everyone is ok on the Huxley stand off. The police officers were there putting their lives on the line to protect the people involved and no one got killed. I have a very close friend that is an officer and it is a different perspective when you hear is a friend, a brother or a spouse who has to go out there and put his or her life on the line. Pat & Liz.Great job this morning Pat and Liz. I watch the Saturday and Sunday shows with Dan and Liz and I like the format of that show very much. I enjoy particularly that they have someone in an activity reporting and that every now and then there is some cooking going on. It gives me a glimpse of things for me to do on my weekends. I like the Q&A on Jerry Kluver and his knowledge of gardening as well. Have a great weekend!

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