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Lots of "oopses", Terrible Crashes, Donate for Cancer Research!

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Good morning! It’s Trisha starting out.
We had a lot of weird little “oopses” early in the show… I guess we were all feeling a little uncoordinated, me especially. As Pat was reading a story, I managed to knock my makeup bag off the table hidden behind the desk, making a big clattering noise and scattering my stuff all over the floor. OOPS. I was at least glad to see my powder didn’t shatter all over the carpet! this happened seconds after one of our camera operators went tearing across the studio, dropping something loudly, to deal with some urgent technical issue. The things you all DON’T see while the news is going on would really amaze you some days.
It was like the Keystone Cops this morning or a bad 3 Stooges skit…no telling when stuff like this is going to happen…(Leaderboard watching and Tiger Woods is one over after one in the US Open.)

Not just one, but two devastating car crashes topped our newscast this morning. One involved a man in DM who was hit by a car while crossing the street on 63rd and Clark. Injuries appear serious.
Another fatal crash near Creston killed three young people. The shots of the car are very difficult to watch – it’s absolutely demolished. A teenage girl was driving and police say she was trying to pass a semi, and noticed a pickup truck too late. Two of her passengers were also killed, one survived and is in the hospital.
It’s always so disturbing to report these stories, and imagine the pain the families and friends are experiencing. Send your thoughts and prayers their way.

If you haven’t done so yet, here’s where to make a donation to the Leukemia/Lymphoma Society to help make Pat the Celebrity of the year! The big banquet is tomorrow night.
I REALLY want him to win so pitch in if you can.

We also ran a preview of a story I’m putting together for tonight’s 10pm news on a Leukemia survivor who’s written a book about her story. Willie was an amazingly strong and positive person to meet – I feel honored to get to share her story. The book is called “Plan for Tomorrow” and it’s on amazon.com. Hope you get to catch the story tonight at 10.
And another Thank You to all of the people who’ve supported this campaign! I’ve noticed that I do not recognize some of the names on the online donation list so I assume some of you donated after seeing our encouragement over the last few weeks in the blog. Thanks!
I mentioned some of our great contributors this week and I want to talk about a couple of others…
We made a “Do More in Des Moines” Package to auction off. This includes a Science Center family membership, passes to the Zoo, a flying lesson, and tickets to the Hooters Pro Cup Series race at the Iowa Speedway. The idea I had was coming up with an auction package that highlighted some of the great things going on in our community. It really is a great place to live…I believe that.
All of those organizations were great to work with and were happy to donate to a worthy cause. I’m even more flattered about the donation when I consider the number of people who ask these businesses every year. It’s hard to say no, but it can be even harder to say yes sometimes. I’m grateful and I hope we’ll be able to raise a lot of money with those items. I’ll have a little bit more to say tomorrow and then I’ll shut up about the LLS campaign. Please donate…just a little bit more and we’re going to reach that goal!

I have to say, I’ve never been a huge follower of triathlons, but I think I am now a fan of Javier Gomez, the front-runner for the HyVee triathlon. I think the main reason is his accent. Spaniards have such beautiful speech… reminds me of my #1 crush (besides Elvis) – Antonio Banderas. If I ever meet him, I’ll just keep asking questions so he’ll keep talking – in Spanish would be even better! I’m such a sucker for that accent! Poor Ian knows he’ll never be able to compete with that… que bonito!
and while Trish and Jeriann are ogling I was busy being impressed by the fact that this guy got on a plane 30 hours before we found him at the airport. He’s going to basically change over his body clock and run/swim/bike a triathlon. (Leaderboard update:Tiger made a birdie at two…he’s back to even par)

Ian and I managed a night out last night at the new Grand Piano Bistro – AFTER I finally found a prescription to knock out a killer headache that I’m told was probably a migraine! Hey – we had a sitter – I didn’t want to let my throbbing head ruin the fun! The music was GREAT – if you get a chance to check out the dueling piano act (one half of which is Tony Bohnencamp, the FORMER Nadas drummer) don’t miss it. They’re funny, talented, and totally entertaining.

Gotta run interview another Gen X dad for a special report next week.
Gen X dads – would you take a pay cut to get more time with your family? That’s my question for the day… more than a third of dads today say YES.

More soon…

Like now!
Open Holiday
I’m busy studying the US Open Leaderboard before the actual live coverage starts this morning on ESPN(10am). I know it’s Flag Day and I mean no disrespect… but the opening of the US Open this is as close as it gets to a holiday in my house. I will be firmly ensconced in my comfortable chair all day watching the best golfers in the world deal with the hardest golf course the USGA can come up with. If you are a golfer and want to read more about the Open I suggest John Feinstein’s excellent book “Open”. It’s about the USGA’s annual championship. The mix of history combined with the story of how the championship came to a state owned golf course at Bethpage Black is really well told.

Popcorn Ban
The Municipal workers in the City of Seattle are apparently so inept at microwaving popcorn (or they have one of those beat up old microwaves that are hard to cook anything in), that the city feels the need to ban the microwaving of popcorn in municipal buildings. The Justice Center has had to be evacuated like eight times in the last three years. Well this is just ridiculous.
What’s more ridiculous is that we got a call from a woman, apparently angry that we didn’t know the Hoover Building had done the same thing a couple months ago. Nope, I didn’t have my ESP turned on that morning. I guess this lady told one of our producers how “stupid” we looked for not knowing that. OK. We’ll beef up the popcorn beat later in the month.


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    They need to put together a behind the seen bloopers show for you gise :) I think it’d be funny. Good luck with your interview Trish!!! Good luck w/ the celebrity of the year award Pat!!! Have a good day everyone.

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