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Des Moines Homicide, Past Lives & Phobias, Angel report

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Good morning! Got a photo update from the kids..
The “angels” are doing well at their grandparents’ house this week…can you tell they’re siblings?

Now to the news…

A shooting killed a man near 7th and Frankllin in DM at around 12:30 this morning. Right before the end of the newscast we learned the victim’s identity – 35-year-old Michael Collins of Des Moines. No arrests yet. Lots of questions about what happened.

Call 255-5570 for more info on the lecture tonight at the School of Metaphysics on University near 37th. Starts at 7:30.
Any phobia or past life stories to share? Or do you think this stuff is all nonsense? Please share!

I’m deathly afraid of crossing train tracks. Don’t really know why. I shake, my heart pounds, it’s not a good feeling at all. Even when I can clearly see that no train is coming, I feel that panicky feeling. I can’t stand seeing people stopping their car on tracks, or watching someone walk on train tracks. Our guest this morning, the lecturer who’ll speak, says that could mean I had a bad encounter with a train in a past life. Who knows….
I’m off on assignment.. Dan will fill in a little more –

It’s D.W. here, and I can honestly say I had no idea during the drive to work that my worst fear would be exposed on the show, this morning. I admit it. I’m deathly afraid of SNAKES! I get the heebie jeebies just typing that word! I’m not sure where it stems from, exactly, but I think it has something to do with snake horror stories from my Grandma Winters. I’m not so afraid of the giant, slow moving python or say, a boa constrictor (although I still won’t get near one). It’s more the little fast snakes that creep me out, and I know a lot of people who feel the same way.

As far as the whole “past life” thing goes… I don’t buy it. What would be the incentive for a good and decent life lived to the fullest, if God were just going to give you another shot at it a few decades or a few hundred years after you die? I studied quite a bit of psychology in college… enough to know that our experiences and our brains hold a lot of explanations about our behavior, most of which we are unaware.

It’s been a fun to fill in for Patrick for the past few days, and I hope Pat was smarter than Ehrlich and actually wore sunscreen on his golfing trip. I hope you tune in on Saturday (Liz’s last day of her honeymoon) to find out how to have the best Des Moines Arts Festival experience possible!


  • Heather R.

    Hah Dan I have to agree with you. I hate snakes. I can stand spiders and train tracks, even though I’m leary of them, but I cannot stand snakes. Ugh. I seen one in the yard the other day when I was out playing with my dogs and I about pee’d myself. I hate them!!! I dont know what about our area that attracts them, but our neighbors have seen a lot of them this year. I dont even live near a field… Imagine that one? I dont know where there coming from. Anyways!! Glad to hear the Shepherd kids are enjoying themselves at Grandmas. You wont know what to do with yourself when you get them back. Have a good Wednesday everyone! Dan it was great having ya!!

  • IAgal

    LOVE the pictures Trisha! Your kids are SO CUTE! Dan–It’s been nice having you on the weekday morning news and getting to hear a little from you behind the scenes on the blog! Thanks for sharing!

  • Sara

    Thanks for sharing the photo of the kids Trisha. They do look like “angels” :) Great job filling in this week Dan! I have to agree on the snake thing. We used to find little snakes in our house. Being out in the country that stuff would happen. YIKES!! I could go on and on about some heebie jeebie stories about snakes but I won’t bore all the bloggers out there. Anyhoo…have a great day!!

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