What a trip!

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Hi gang!
I had every intention of blogging yesterday, but . . .
I love the phrase, “The road to hell is paved with good intentions.” It is just so . . . me!

I left town last Thursday for a rather roundabout trip to see my folks in northwest Nebraska. I flew into Denver at the crack of dawn, where my best friend from college picked me up at DIA. You’ve met Beth on previous posts – she is the best. She didn’t even complain about picking me up so early, or about me totally screwing up her workday. In fact, she booked us at a FANTASTIC spa in Evergreen that afternoon. It was a great start to a great trip.

Friday, we drove to Chadron. It took us about five hours. I always remember it being more like four hours. That tells you something about how I drive. Beth is a lawyer and obeys the speed limit much better than I do! Friday night we rode the old train, which was very fun. During the ride we kept commenting, “Gosh, it is really dark over there! Well, we need the rain. Oh look, a rainbow!” When our ride was complete, we stepped of the train to find branches ripped of trees, huge puddles of water everywhere, and big dents in all of our cars. A huge, and very fast hail storm had ripped through town while we were on our scenic, and very serene train ride!

On to Saturday – we had a going away party for my parents, and it was a lot of fun. Friends and relatives sitting around telling stories and reminiscing is always entertaining to me. At this point, you might be wondering why I’m not posting any pictures. I forgot my camera as I was running out the door with my hair on fire to get to the airport at 5am. Use your imaginations.

Sunday was spent bumming around with my parents, and Beth went back home to Denver. I looked through lots of boxes of old toys, letters, pictures, artwork, etc . . . I think my mother saved anything I ever owned or created. It’s hard to think of my mom and dad not living in their house in Chadron anymore, and I got a bit weepy at times. I know that makes me silly and sentimental, but I just am.

Monday was travel day for me. I was flying out of Rapid City late that afternoon. We got to the airport in plenty of time, but as I was checking in the agent says – “Oh, your flight from Chicago to Des Moines has been cancelled.” I really didn’t freak out at first, thinking it wouldn’t be that much of an issue since there were several evening flights. But then, the agent says “The other evening flight has been cancelled too. There’s only one flight from O’Hare to Des Moines tonight, and it’s full. I can get you out at six o’clock tomorrow morning . . . would that work?” I had a total meltdown. I mean, I was crying and swearing (not at the agent, but to my parents) and having a general fit. No – it was NOT ok for me to spend the night in Chicago and fly out the next morning. That’s why I bought a ticket for TODAY! So, I got on the plane red-eyed and snot-nosed and in a very bad mood. Little did I know a guardian angel was waiting for me at O’Hare. It was Lisa . . . one of our loyal blog readers! She said “hello” to me when I was stomping through the terminal trying to find a real person to help me get home, and she went out of her way to help me. I got on the plane, and actually got home about a half hour earlier than scheduled. I was thinking of what my dad said when I was freaking out in the Rapid City Airport, “Pray about it.” I had, and I know my parents did, and Monday night I was saying, “Thank God for Lisa!” If I hadn’t forgotten my camera, I would’ve taken her picture and posted it here. :)

Here’s to good friends and family, and good Samaritans.



  • Lisa

    First of all, we’re glad you had a good weekend – and yes, it is sad to leave your childhood home, so go ahead and cry, you’re allowed!! This new chapter for your parents is going to be fun, and you’ll make some fun memories in the “new” home – where ever your parents are, that will be home!! :-) Second, a message to all you bloggers-if you’re out somewhere and you think you see Erin, say hi, it very well could be her, even at O’Hare aiport! After our “meeting” Monday night, I can tell you first-hand that Erin is just as nice and personable in person as she is here in the blog and at 5, 6, &10! She is very down to earth, and it was fun having someone to talk to during the wait time at O’Hare. So thanks to you Erin for being a great person, on-camera, and off!! And I know that if roles were reversed, you would of helped me or someone else get on that flight as well…hope the rest of the week is uneventful!!! And thanks for the kind words, I’ll send my husband to this link so he can see I wasn’t making the story up… :-)

  • Heather R.

    Oh that is so IRONIC!! I am glad you are having better luck now!! That is so ironic!! Way to funny!!! Glad you had a good time back home, it wasn’t much better here Friday night either Erin!!!

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