Clinton’s Campaign, Libby Let Go, and Fireworks

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Good morning….

I’m going to post quickly then leave it to Elizabeth Klinge to fill in the rest of her thoughts….Trish is off this morning.

The news that Scooter Libby’s sentence was commuted was a surprise to me. I have to say I expected it in the last days of the administration, but not now. The president is writing a playbook on how to make an unpopular presidency…even more so. Before you start railing to your friends about Media bias…I’m only commenting on the latest polls that put the president’s job approval in the basement. Who knows what history will remember about these eight years. Truman is looked at as one of the most popular presidents ever. People didn’t like him all that much when he was in office.

The two make a formidable team. You have to admit, this guy is great in front of a crowd. The question is…and it’s a hard one…what’s the balance between making Sen Clinton the focus of the campaign, and bringing in this larger than life ex-president who really fills up the stage when he comes to town. It’s the problem the Clinton camp will deal with for the next seven months.

Basically turn around and face downtown. That’s the change for Yankee Doodle Pops tonight. It’ll be a chance for all of you to try out the new park west of the golden dome. Enjoy. I’ll be in bed.

Liz will take over from here with her thoughts. Have a great day!


  • IAgal

    Congrats on your wedding and welcome back Liz! We miss Trisha, but it’s nice to have you as her fill-in this morning. Pat–thanks for sharing the pictures yesterday of your nephew’s birthday. As always, I enjoy seeing the personal side. Everyone have a nice day and a happy and safe 4th!

  • Heather R.

    Yeah, congrats Liz on your marriage!! Its a wonderful experience I am sure. I cannot believe Bush pardoned Scooter Libby. I was a Bush supporter for the longest time, but now that he’s self destructing his administration, I am beginning to think I should have voted otherwise. Hopefully the presidental candidates will learn from his mistakes. Have a good day everyone!!!

  • Angi

    I agree with you completely Heather. I also voted for Bush and now wish that he would have stuck with the principals that I voted for rather than what we’ve been seeing. Congratulations Liz, it’s nice having you back.

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