Morning FIre, Al-Qauda Threat, and Got Haggis?

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Good morning… it’s been great hearing from so many of you! Keep it up!
Pat will explain this photo below but first – news!

Lots of little things to get to this morning.

Early this morning fire destroyed a house on NW 1st street in Delaware Township. It sounds like the guy has a cat. The cat knocked over a lamp and the lamp set the couch on fire. No one hurt. Firefighters say they treated the homeowner for smoke inhalation but he’s OK.

Al-Qaeda Threat
This story actually starts earlier in the week when the Homeland security chief told the editorial board of the Chicago Tribune that he had a hunch a terrorist attack might come. He downplayed those comments later, but then we get this report… National Security officials are reportedly going to discuss the renewed strength of Al-Qaeda today at a White house National Security Meeting. Intelligence reports indicate the organization is back to its pre-9/11 strength and organization.

Prices are back up. It’s gone up a quarter a gallon or more in the last 48 hours. Analysts say prices will be at their highest over the next ten days. Hope you don’t have any road trips planned.

School Buses and Seat Belts
Are any of the parents out there concerned that their kids don’t wear seat belts on buses. The safety experts go back and forth on this one. Apparently the ride to and from school is safest statistically on the bus, but some high profile accidents have opened up the debate again.

I’ve done some reporting on this in the past. I’m still not sure what to think. The knee-jerk reaction from parents is, OF COURSE seat belts sound safer. But bus drivers I’ve interviews have some pretty legit concerns about kids being trapped on a bus and unable to free themselves. One driver swore to me she’d quit if they ever mandated seat belts, because her worst fear was having kids stuck on a burning bus, and having to choose which ones to unbuckle first. I’m not saying that argument is foolproof – just one driver’s perspective.
I’ve also heard drivers worry about unruly kids swinging the metal-buckles around and hurting each other. Something else I’d never have thought of. Many also argue, school buses are specially designed with the tall, cushioney seats to protect kids in a crash. I’m not sure there’s a perfect solution that would satisfy everyone, but certainly some interesting arguments to consider. TS
A Marathon Swim
Literally, Iowan John Heineman swam the English Channel in a little more than 12 hours. Jeriann was drooling over the picture of this guy…what did you think he was going to look like…he just swam the freaking English Channel people! Incidentally, the first Iowan to climb Everest is a guy named Charlie Whittmack. He lives here in Des Moines now and Charlie apparently decided he needed another goal in his life…he decided he’s going to swim the channel next summer. You can take it to the bank…Charlie will make it.
Most of us just think these things, Jeriann actually blurted out “ooh, he’s hot!” while Pat was reading the story. I offered to buy her a poster of the guy. TS
The Revenge of Haggis
At Ankeny’s Summerfest this weekend the High School’s Drama Club is raising money for it’s trip to Scotland this year. They’re going to raise money by deciding who’s going to have to eat Haggis Sunday. There are three or four people in the running. I imagine the winner is the one who raises the least? Not sure about that but you can head over to their booth this weekend at Summerfest.
Incidentally Haggis is the heart live and lungs of the sheep ground up and boiled in the stomach of the sheep for about an hour.
It’s not as bad as it sounds. If you can get it out of your head that you’re eating sheep’s lung. I tried some when we were over there in 2002.
Not in a million years. My life is complete without being able to say, “I’ve tried haggis.”

i-Pod and Lightening
OK This is my stupid story of the morning. The article will appear in the New England Journal of Medicine which takes my opinion of that publication down a notch. Apparently the Journal is ready to report some guy was struck by lightening in Canada while out for a jog.
I believe the J is silent.
Anyway, do we need the leading medical journal in the US, maybe the world, to tell us not to go running in the rain with wires around our heads? I mean really. The article goes on to say that there’s no evidence that would suggest an i-Pod actually attracts the lightning. Thank goodness…though it makes the selection of AC/DC’s Thunderstruck much more appealing on my next playlist.

Too Pretty to Drink
And finally I brought this strange looking jar into the newsroom this morning…apparently this is how the Nords drink bottled water. I thought it was a thing of hair gel the first time I saw it. It’s not. It’s VOSS water. Pure artesian water from Norway. There’s a security seal on the thing and it’s pretty heavy. Just thought it was weird and wanted to share that…cause when I think weird…I think of our blogging friends!

Have a good one.

Ian was off last night so we all wandered down to Snookie’s for ice cream. Our dog, Charlie Parker, took a few licks and then turned up his nose. WHAT IS WRONG WITH HIM?
First of all, no reasonable human should turn down free ice cream. Second – he’s a DOG. They’re supposed to eat any and all people-scraps they’re lucky enough to come across!
Clara volunteered to finish Charlie’s cone – after he’d licked it and let it fall on the dirty ground. We politely declined her offer.
So she begged Calvin for the rest of his cone instead.

Stop by today’s Gen X Moms blog if you get a chance – our own Today in Iowa producer Heather is newly pregnant, and blogged in her response about stress during pregnancy!
Tomorrow’s Friday, everyone – smile -and hang in there.


  • WHO#1Fan

    Pat ~ I agree with you on the strange looking Voss Water bottles. They had them in a hotel recently where I stayed for business in California. Very strange and at first I thought the hotel had set out a shampoo bottle for me. They were also going to charge me $4 if I opened one up…what a rip off…hopefully you didn’t have to pay that much for yours! Have a great day!

  • Angi

    Trisa – I’m glad you pointed out the drivers perspective on the seat belt issue because as predicted my initial reaction was YES they should be mandated. Now, I have to second-guess my opinion. I live in a rural community, so my kids ride the bus every day to school and have even gone into the ditch while turning around. No problems were encountered so I guess buses are probably a lot safer than I would have initially guessed.Leave it to Jeriann to say exactly what she is thinking. That’s why everyone loves her so much!Keep up the great job! Now I’ll have to look out for the water. Interesting.

  • Anonymous

    eeww Haggis!?! Are you kidding me.Nasty!…That’s right up there with “Mountain Oysters!” (Pig testicles)or escargo (SnaiL) or Tripe I forgot what that was exactly…hahaha intestines of something I think i don’t even know. Call me crazy but I wouldn’t Choke any of that down for any amount of money. I wouldn’t pay to eat it and wouldn’t want paid to eat it. Not One Penny! Not even if I were on a deserted island what with the birds circling above me. Nope! I wouldn’t.-Brenda E

  • Anonymous

    Now the Voss Water…, Well now see that sounds refreshing!! hahaha Approachable…would go down smoother, easier…-Brenda E

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