Ohhh, the haircut

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John Edwards usually seems to bring up that infamous $400 haircut during the Iowa stops I’ve covered these last few months. But tonight in Ft. Dodge is the first time I remember someone in the crowd bringing it up…and it wasn’t all that pretty.

A woman first asked him if he would consider living on the “food stamp diet’ a few members of Congress are trying. He told her he hadn’t heard about it, but if he could make it work on the Presidential campaign trail, he would think about it. Then she brought up the haircut. She told him her family lives for weeks on what he paid for that one haircut. The comment brought a collective “ohhhh” from the crowd and silence for a bit from Edwards.


  • Anonymous

    That was the CHEAP haircut. CBS reports that he has paid more than $1200 to have the stylist flown in and cut his hair. It’s one thing to do this as a private citizen. If you want to be POTUS, I think the public expects some fiscal responsibilty with their tax dollars. I know I do.

  • Carter

    I don’t care what he pays for his haircut as long as he doesn’t get us into the fiscal mess the President and his Republican rubber stampers has gotten us into. What happened to that surplus we had??????

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