Happy Birthday dear Jon . . .

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. . . Happy Birthday to you!
It’s a big deal, turning 30.

That’s what Jon Cahill did this weekend and we helped him celebrate!
The gang got together at Valley Junction Wine & Cigar Shoppe. We love this place. It feels like you’re hanging out in someone’s living room. Plus, Lloyd (the owner) had booked really great live music on Saturday night! If you’ve never been there, stop by sometime.

Jon & his girlfriend, Erin

Jeriann & her fiance’, Rob

Photojournalist Brad Argo and his girlfriend, Rachel The Kiernans

The girls
A quick note about this picture. The itty, bitty blond gal on the end is our friend Elisha. She used to work with us at Channel 13, and now works in Detroit. It was great seeing her, but I am very worried about her safety after hearing some stories about living in “Motor City” . . . we hope Elisha moves back home soon!!!
Typically, Mr. Kiernan and I reserve Sundays as a day that’s just the two of us . . . mostly because we don’t get much “quality time” together. However, Saturday night Michael decided that he would smoke some ribs and we’d host a birthday dinner for Cahill. Cool! I LOVE ribs!

I nabbed this picture of Mike putting ribs on the smoker. He hates having his picture taken, so this was a Mission Accomplished moment for me. After this, there wasn’t much to take pictures of. I mean, you put the meat on the grill, you feed the fire and watch the temperature constantly, and you wait. I could NEVER do this type of cooking. I just don’t possess the patience required. You know the phrase, “A watched pot never boils…” That’s me. I am a “pot watcher”.

The feast . . . get out of the way!

Cahill with Burnside when she stopped over after SoundOFF

Elisha & her boyfriend, Bryce

Our neighbors, Heidi and Phil

Shannon & Dan

(By the way, Shannon makes a fantastic pasta salad!)

I’m out of time, it’s nearly 5 o’clock!

Let us know about your memorable birthdays . . . we hope this is one Jon will always remember fondly!

Have a great week,



  • Bob Nielsen

    Hey, Erin,On a non-related note, please let Jeriann know that I support her father, and all our troops serving in Iraq, Afghanistan, and all around the world!Bob

  • Jeremy

    Erin,I am glad to see that your husband is using a charcoal smoker as apposed to a gas smoker. If I am not mistaken he has a CharGriller which is a great smoker, I have a similar smoker, a CharBroil Silver Smoker and while they have similarities, the CharGriller is easier to use due to the ash pan and the way the lid opens, but anyway, last Thanksgiving I smoked a 17 lb Turkey for my wife’s family, it went over famously. You should have him check out Steven Reichlin’s web page and bulliten board, it is a great source of information, ideas, and recipes. http://www.bbqu.net I am off to collect some cherry wood, my grandmother who lives in Peterson (I actually knew Mr. Terrell when we were kids)had her beloved cherry tree fall in a storm and I am going to make sure the cherry wood gets put to good use.regards,jeremy

  • Phil

    jeremy – don’t worry – we’ve already begun talks about a turkey around thanksgiving time – it will happen! and the cherry wood sounds like it would flavor the turkey nicely (plus it would be hard to find cranberry wood :P)signedMichael’s smoking buddy Phil (i’m the one in the orange hat – GO VOLS!!)

  • Jeremy

    At Thanksgiving, I plan on doing as much as possible on the smoker and grills. I do the Turkey on the smoker and then I have 2 weber kettles and I will do twice baked taters, green beans caserole, corn on the grills. Plus hotdogs for the kids. It is an addiction.

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