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Adventures in babysitting

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Weeks ago I told my brother-in-law, Matt and his wife Beth that I would be more than happy to babysit Baby Olivia. I’ve done my fair share of watching little kids over the years, and Olivia is a good baby, so how hard could it be?
Harder than I anticipated, as it turns out.
Matt and Beth had tickets to the Homeshow Expo in Johnston and decided to use them Saturday afternoon. When I arrived at their house, Olivia was in a post-bottle coma. She woke up before mom and dad left, and was pretty content to just hang out on her jungle-themed blanket with giraffes and palm trees and zebras. That soon changed. At first it wasn’t too bad, just a little fussing that stopped as soon as I picked her up and walked around the house. Matt and Beth had told me that Olivia likes to be on the move, from the jungle play blanket, to the bouncy seat, to the baby swing and back again. So, I tried that. No go. She just kept getting progressively ticked off. I knew she hadn’t napped very long, so I tried the crib. Oh, boy. I had no idea an infant could be so loud. Did I mention that Michael was with me? When Olivia was really screaming her head off and turning eight shades of red, his eyes got HUGE and he said to me, “Whaddaya think?” This may’ve been about the time he went outside. Olivia eventually passed out on my shoulder and I was able to put her in her crib. Then I flopped on the couch and watched “The Godfather” and thought “I don’t know if this baby thing will ever be for me.” But when Olivia woke up and was all sweetness and smiles I thought, “This is wonderful.” Matt and Beth brought me a bottle of wine when they came home and gave me the “It’s different when it’s your own baby” speech. I definitely needed the wine, I’m not sure what I think of the speech.
Speaking of babies, and not having any yet . . . check out this column in Newsweek.
I read it and chuckled, but then quickly stopped laughing as I read the comments online. Take a look and let me know what you think about the hostility expressed between mothers and women who aren’t mothers.
There are other things rolling around in my brain that will have to wait for a later post.
Have a great week!


  • Heather R.

    Erin, I totally symphatize with you on the no kids issue. I grew up babysitting thinking kids were the bomb and I wanted alot of them. We’ll the past few years, all of my friends have started having kids. I always pop up and say oh ill watch them, no big deal, but my lord, at the end of the night i’m ready for a nice cocktail and my bed. Especially if there just tiny babys. My mom always tells me, Heather its different when its your own, bluh bluh bluh… While that may be true, Heather is still holding out for the whole kids thing for at least 10 more years!! Than maybe by then I’ll be ready! Have a good week!

  • Lisa

    Erin, it is totally true about it being different when its your own kids – I realize that even when I’m watching someone else’s kids with my own – its weird but true!! And there shouldn’t be any hostility between moms and non-moms…we’re all the same!! And again, don’t let people push you on the baby thing, you’ll know when and if its right for you guys…Great birthday pictures, looks like you guys had a great time (sorry, I’ve been on vacation, I had to get caught up on reading. :-) And thanks for the reminder about the Wine and Cigar Shoppe, I keep forgetting to stop in there. Thanks for blogging, its fun to read!!!!!

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