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Moday Rain, Mc Cain and finding a Manly Cocktail

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Good Morning,

I think I convinced Liz to blog today. She’s filling in for Trish for a few days. We’ll see.

We’ll start with the weather as it may have taken some of you by surprise this morning.

If there are people complaining about the fact that there are storms watering the lawn…please don’t count me as one of them. I know any kind of weather is inconvenient for someone, but people…please. It really couldn’t come at a better time overnight) and we really need it.

McCain back in Iowa

Sen John Mc Cain dismissed any questions about his campaign and the problems it’s been having by saying he’s been talking about it for more than a week. But Senator, you haven’t talked to Iowans about it. Frankly I can’t remember him talking a lot about it. I’m sure he has, and I’m sure he is sick of it. I just feel like on your first trip back it might be wise to reiterate your answer to that question, then move on rather than simply dismissing the question before it comes. McCain says he can still win Iowa. We’ll see what happens. It so early, literally anything can happen.

Polk County Administrator

The new Polk county administrator is going to be chosen this week. I bring this up because I’d like to talk to some of the people who were big against Project Destiny. Here’s your first chance…go out and make a difference! I expect you’ve all blocked of time to make your voices heard and be sure you are at the meeting to hear the public input on this important decision. If the sarcasm in my writing isn’t coming through…it should be. I imagine this will be like every public meeting I’ve been to in the last eight years…empty save the few people that show up every time.

This is where the rubber meets the road so to speak. This will be the guy who helps decide the collective future of the county. So all of the people who feel government is not using the money it has very well. Get over there and ask some questions of the people you DID elect.

The meeting starts at one.


It might be a rainy ride at times for all of the people riding RAGBRAI this year…we’ll watch for more fun from the route this morning.

Harry Potter

Friday night was a lot of fun out at Merle Hay Mall. Thanks to the people who showed up and listened to my very poor reading of the sixth book before #7 came out. Sally now has a copy of the book and will give be the Cliff’s Notes as she reads. It sounds like, if you wanted to have the ending be a surprise…you should have locked yourself away with a copy of the book this weekend and finished it in 9 hours(as some of the people who are posting online did).

Golf and Prime Rib in the QC

We met my parents in the Quad Cities for a quick overnight Saturday into Sunday to celebrate my birthday. Firs…if you ever get the chance and want a great place to eat, I can’t say enough about the Bass Street Chop House. It’s like 801 Steak and Chop House here.

Great meal, great service…bring your wallet…or your parent as I did(thanks Mom and Dad).

I’m happy to say I may have found my call drink for the summer. For those of you who don’t know, I tend to like drinks that…well most of them require an umbrella and a skirt.

Anyway, I’ve been on a quest for something i can order without getting a little embarrassed and I think I found it. Anyone heard of a Jon Daly? It’s an Arnold Palmer(half tea, half lemonade) but add vodka. I don’t have occasion to order a dink all that often, but when a cocktail is appropriate…I wanted to have one I could go to. I’ve found my summer cocktail…now all I need is one to order in the winter. Any other suggestions?

Speaking of golf…we played TPC Deere Run while we were over in the QC. What a beautiful golf course. because I know most of you don’t read this for the golf review, I won’t go on about it, but if you are a golfer…have the time, and are over in the QC….you really should play this golf course.

I hope you have a good Monday.

Tales of a Morning Reporter
(Yes, Liz is blogging now. Be excited.)

So I was having big-time flash-backs this morning…to Ragbrai last year. It was a hot July night, and mother nature decided to let loose on all the bicyclists. As the morning reporter, I got up at 3AM anyway…but this particular morning I got a ‘get up even earlier call’ because the Rabrai riders were getting wet. Needless to say, I raced to my Chevy Beretta to race to Waukee to get the scoop.
But a few miles down I-35 from Ankeny, my ‘racing’ caught up with me….as did the rain. Suddenly ‘Bari’ the Beretta began to get a mind of his own (yes, I name my cars…more on that another time.) The next thing I knew I was facing north-bound in the south-bound lanes. ‘Bari’ was largely unrecognizable having just hit the median barricade at about 60mph.
At this point, I climbed out of my window and tried to flag someone down because, of course, I couldn’t find my cell phone in the mess of the crash. Keep in mind, its 3:30 in the morning, and its pouring. A Channel 13 car drives by, but doesn’t stop because its raining so hard. (I’ve forgiven Roger now.)
Finally the paramedics arrived. They asked me what in the world I was doing out at that hour in the middle of the storm. When I told them I was trying to get to Ragbrai, they started asking me if I was ‘under the influence of something.’
I said no, I’m just a morning reporter.

Anyway, I’m sure many of you have similar car-malfunctioning experiences. Feel free to share them (so I know I’m not alone in the bad-luck department!)
Tomorrow I’ll bring a picture of the way I’ve invented to roll up my driver’s side window.

Hope you have a wonderful day, and I’ll see you bright and early tomorrow.


  • Anonymous

    Disorono Stone sour- not sure if it’s a seaonal drink, but we got turned on to it when we asked for a recomendation from a bartender in Vegas. In a highball:2 parts Disorono, or your favorite amoretto2 parts sour mixsplash of orange juice. I’ve used pinapple juice in a pinch at home and it’s just as good.I had a Beretta in college. I loved that car.

  • IAgal

    Glad to have you filling in, Liz! And even more excited that you contributed to the blog! Sorry to hear about your car troubles. No specific stories come to mind at the time, but I know I’ve had my share of car trouble.

  • Heather R.

    Welcome Liz!! Glad to have you along for the ride. Hah, I was 14 and had my learners permit and my dad took my sister & I out for ice cream before we hit the lake for the day jetskiing. We left DQ in Altoona and headed out Hwy 6 to Mitchellville to drive around and give me some driving experience. He decided we should get on the interstate and teach Heather how to drive the interstates. I asked my dad if I could get over on the entrance ramp and he said yes go ahead, that semi is getting over so yes merge. I went to merge and the semi had a change of plans and decided to come back into my lane and we sideswiped each other and my car started to go under the semi and my dad grabbed the wheel and veered us the other way and thank god, because I woulda just kept going under the semi, it was the scariest moment of my life!!! I still get really scared and have flashbacks everytime I see a semi getting on an interstate ramp. Eeks!! Thats my loving story. So everyyear on labor day I remember going under the semi and my sister choking on her ice cream cone in the back seat. She was 10 at the time and needless to say, she will not eat anything and ride with me at the same time. She said its against her policy. Its a joking story now with the fam, but 10 years ago it wasn’t!!! AHH!!!Have a good day!

  • Anonymous

    Yea for Elizabeth – someone else who gives her car names!! All of my cars have had names, and most people look at you like you are crazy!!

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