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Bush-Brown Friendship? More Jobs in DM, Full Moon Monday

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Good morning, everyone!
It’s Trisha getting things going. I’m listening to some Nadas music as I write this morning. I’m becoming a very loyal band wife – I’m suddenly very addicted to their songs! More on my new band crush a little later…

Things were just WEIRD on the news desk today.
Pat threw crumpled up paper at Jeriann at least twice today.
Ms. Ritter doctored up a terrible photo of Brad to make him look like Wolfman.
A hot air balloonist apparently showed up in our parking lot and asked if he could launch from there.

(I’m not sure if he looked up to see the enormous broadcast tower looming…hmmm)
I’m pretty sure I wasn’t hallucinating when Jeriann encouraged everyone to take their clothes off to deal with the heat.

Then she confirmed – there was a full moon overnight.
On to a few news items:


The new PM of Great Britain is making his first trip to the US since taking office. Gordon Brown and President Bush are supposed to have a news conference today after meeting at Camp David. The word is that the two will probably form a good working relationship, but no one expects Brown to get quite as cozy with him as his predecessor, Tony Blair, did.

A terrible crash in Norwalk last night killed two young people. State Patrol says a car ran a red light and was hit by a pick-up truck. A witness described the crash, saying he could tell there was no way anyone made it out of the car alive. We learned the victims’ names by this morning, today the questions will be who were these young people, and what exactly happened at that intersection?


I liked Jon Cahill’s report this morning about all the companies going through major expansions in the city. People he interviewed say this will mean companies have to become even more attractive to employees, allowing them more perks and flexibility.

Have any of you seen your companies make a move to be more family-friendly, or throw in more extras for the sake of recruitment/retention? I’m sure it’s nice to feel wanted!

This is Tyler. He’s a very cool dude who manages the Nadas.
(photos courtesy of the Nadas blog)
He also USED to read this blog daily, but I found out he’s been slacking.
So I promised to write about him every day until he posts a response.

Ian, the kids and I hung out at Tyler’s house for a barbecue Saturday night. It was a gorgeous night, full of great food and conversation, and free entertainment from Cal and Clara (who made all the grown-ups play ball with them and then take turns chasing it down the hill into the street about a half a million times.)
Cal was having so much fun, he asked if he could stay all night at Tyler’s house.
Tyler came up with something brilliant – wouldn’t it be fun if Cal came over some night, and they could watch the Will Ferrell movie “Elf” and eat popcorn and ice cream?

I should have warned Tyler that Calvin takes things very literally... and has a great memory.

The next morning, the first words out of Cal’s mouth were, “Can I go to Tyler’s house now to watch “Elf” and eat popcorn and ice cream?

Tyler – I hope you’re a man of your word!
There’s something about the way music gets under your skin that reminds me of the way a crush turns into a head-over-heels “falling for you” feeling.

I started very casually checking out the Nadas music when my husband Ian started playing drums for them this summer.

First impression – cool stuff! Very fresh, gets in your head, approachable without being too squeaky-clean. Is it country or rock??? Not sure but it sounds good.

Now, the more I listen, the more I hear the different layers.

Hmmmmm…this keeps getting better.
Now my band crush is getting pretty serious….
Confession: I actually bought a song off I-Tunes the other night, because I can’t seem to get Ian to remember to pick me up their latest CD.
(I swear I’m not like this about every band. I actually think I’m pretty hard to impress.)

I’m now counting the days until Thursday when they play at the amphitheatre on the river.
I will be wearing my Nadas shirt and singing along.

I think I’m in trouble.

I’m hoping maybe Mike and Jason will give me their autographs instead of asking for mine this time (wink).

Does this make me a groupie?

Can you guess how old he is today? (take a close look at the gray hairs and wrinkles -it’s so much fun to be married to an “older” man!)
We took him out to dinner last night and Clara attempted to sing “Happy Biwwff-day” in the restaurant.

I’m afraid I can’t top that.
But I can say, Happy Birthday, hon, and happy Monday, everyone else!

I second that sentiment…Happy Birthday old man!

After a thorough and complete blog from Trish I don’t feel I need to add a lot more.

I did want to say we tried out a new restaurant downtown this weekend.

Anyone been to Azalea yet?
I thought the service was great…atmosphere great…the food was top notch.
I was a little shocked at the bill, but I guess that’s what you pay for great food, atmosphere and service. Our little town is growing up.
We had a great time with our friends the Whites.

The other highlight of the weekend was new golf shoes for me! I now own two pair of golf shoes. Why you ask? Cause sometimes I wear brown pants and sometimes I wear black. Besides, I’m not sure any of the women on the blog want to get into a shoe discussion with me. I win. I have fewer pairs of shoes.

I found myself a little nostalgic about my old spikes though. I’ve had them for at least seven years. These are the only pair I’ve used and so they’ve taken me over miles of golf and hours of some of the best time I’ve had over the years. They are also the shoes I was wearing when I walked the hallowed ground of The Old Course in St Andrews Scotland with my Dad and Uncle Jimmy. Would it be over the top to put them is some sort of glass display case?

Speaking of Jimmy, I am reminded it was his birthday Saturday. Happy Birthday a little late Jimmy. I was on the phone with my Mom and asked if it was his 50th. I guess he’s going to be pleased with that assessment.
Have a good day!

Trish and Pat
PS Here’s a picture of brad that Jeriann messed with:


  • Lacy

    Could you post the picture of brad here? I only saw it for a second this morning and thought it was really FUNNY!Happy birthday Ian… I wish you many more healthy and happy ones ahead. Have a fine daay.

  • Vicky

    Nothing like a little Monday morning fun! Missed the pic of Brad! Have a great Monday to all and hopefully we don’t see too much nakedness running around town! ;o)Happy Birthday to Ian.

  • Anonymous

    awww Trisha you have the same kind of marriage my husband and i have…minus the kids. ( which I do want some day.) I’m 34 though times tickin’! My husband is an artist some good things are just around the bend for him, a company came to him wanting him for a 3 year contract. My husband has taught me to look at things with an open mind. I’ve always felt like his cheerleader anytime we’ve seen his artwork pop up. Our Husbands should always be Our #1 fans.Happy Birthday Ian!!!!!!!!Brenda E

  • Anonymous

    Missed Patrick on the Blog Today….Poor Pat must be buried in his work. Have a Great Monday Everyone!!!Brenda E ;-)

  • Heather R.

    Jeriann if I crash my car because some naked guy runs out in front of me downtown, I am going to CRY!!! And I will be down at the news station tomorrow to show you what happend!!! Anyways!!! Yeah please post the picture of Brad on here. I missed it this morning. Pat about the shoe issue. Its funny you mentioned that this morning, I actually went through my closet this morning to find a pair of shoes and I was thinking I need more shoes!! I’m running out of choices and I decided to count them… 67 pairs of shoes!!! And I can’t find one that I like or that would look good with the outfit I’m wearing today! I was so bummed and when I told my mom she told me that if I bring another pair of shoes into that house she’ll strangle me!!! Little does she know I stopped at Target and bought a pair of flip flops to match my outfit :) Whops! Happy Birthay Trisha Shepherd’s husband!!! :) That would have been priceless to see Clara and Cal singing happy birthday. Don’t you just wish you had a camera with you every second of your life?! I do! Enjoy your Monday everyone!

  • Dr. Uetz

    Oh, Trisha; I will always be a loyal follower of your blogs. But i apprecite your holding me to task and calling me out for my absence of late. I also will take to heart the title of “cool dude.”And you tell Cal we will get something worked out – I was quite serious about the invite. See you at the next barbecue.

  • Anonymous

    One last comment for the day, another artist I’ve been cheering for lately is a Kid I graduated with and sang with in highschool music contests. Chad Elliott his song How’s the Weather has came up for a nomination. I love love love James Taylor and Chad sounds alot like him. In the way he plays and sings his music. He’s shared the stage with the Nada’s and that’s how I too became a “New” Nada’s Fan. When I heard Chad do a guest appearence on Capital 106.3 I cried…and then remember smiling through my tears saying “You did it!”I’m Truely Blessed to know such Artistic people!!!! bye for now-Brenda E

  • Trisha Shepherd

    Here’s to the “artistic people of the world” – I second that, Brenda.How about that -Tyler (Mr.Uetz) IS indeed checking the Buzz again! We’ll send Cal over soon – but just be prepared – with enough funny movies, ice cream and popcorn he’ll ask if he can stay forever! IS’s wife

  • Melinda

    Just wanted to say thanks for having such a great blog. I don’t get up early enough in the mornings to see you guys, but I still feel like I know what happened on the show by reading it here. Thanks for all the great work Trisha and Pat!

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