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Did these shrink?

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Hello everyone!
Can you believe we’re heading into August this week? I feel like the summer has flown by, and I don’t have much to show for it.
Except a bigger waistline.
At first, I was in denial. “I’m just bloated.” “Michael must’ve put these jeans in the dryer.” I think many of you know the drill. Well, it’s official. A lot of my pants and skirts are ridiculously tight right now and it doesn’t have anything to do with retaining water or my husband doing the laundry!
This situation is frustrating to me on a number of levels. For starters, I’m a certified fitness instructor. I know what to do and how to do it . . . I’m just not. Second, I’ve never really struggled with my weight. I haven’t owned a scale since college. I eat whatever I want whenever I want without giving it a second thought. Finally, I just really don’t care that I don’t fit into some of my pants right now. Is that terrible? A few weeks ago while sitting on the set I asked my colleagues, “Have you ever started getting fat and just not cared about it?” Bachman looked at me like I was speaking Swahili, Ed was nodding his head and Murph shot back with, “No. But once I started getting fat and just didn’t notice!” Classic.
Anyway, I read an interesting article about weight gain among friends. It’s pretty interesting. If you feel like checking it out, here’s the link:
Finally some random thoughts . . .
1) You guys are really shy! So many of you drop me emails about the blog, but you never post anything here. Why? Feel free to share your thoughts. And by the way – thanks to Jeremy for the great tip about the barbeque website a few weeks ago!
2) My husband told me once that he’d heard that if you drive through downtown Des Moines at 25 mph you can hit every green light. I tried it. It worked!
3) We ran a story during the five o’clock news about pet owners feeding their cats raw rabbit meat because of all the problems with commercial pet foods. I love my cat, but I’m not going rabbit hunting anytime soon.
4) Do you read the paper? I mean, the physical paper that gets thrown on your doorstep? It’s part of my morning ritual but I’m starting to realize that fewer and fewer people do this. When I was kid my dad read every page of the Omaha World Herald, starting with the sports section and I always loved the smell of the paper, the feel of the paper, the “snap” of him turning the pages . . . so maybe it’s just a nostalgic thing for me.
Right now I am out of time – thanks for reading, watching and emailing!


  • Melinda

    Hi Erin!Okay, since nobody is posting on your blog, I thought I’d jump in! Haven’t seen you guys in a while. You’ll have to stop over some night. You can test your 25mph theory and drive ALL THE WAY out to the suburbs and see us! Maybe we’ll have you baby-sit??? I don’t think the kids will cry for you guys, so Michael can stay inside with you! Ha!Take care and I’m sure you’re really not getting fat!

  • Vicky

    Keep up the great work! Don’t worry…you’re not fat. Just a funk…it will all be okay. I feel your pain…but don’t forget how busy of a person you are-could be stress related!??

  • Heather R.

    Erin,You are by far not getting fat! I have been dieting and now have lost 19 lbs and I feel terrific. Still not my overall goal but 19 lbs is a big difference in an overweight person. Glad your enjoying your summer though. I’m going to try the downtown theory the next time I am down there. That sounds like a fun adventure. Hope you have a great week!

  • Rob

    Erin Hey there girl how are you? well i must say you are not fat ! You and Sonya have to be the 2 most beautiful news anchors i have ever saw, your husbands are very lucky men. No iam not one of those sick-o’s who is stalking you. Iam a happily married man with two kids, and my wife knows that i think you and sonya are beautiful woman. When i got back from my recent deployment of 22 months i have to say i have put on a few pounds also (wife good cooking)and i don’t care what anyone thinks because iam happy and my wife loves me just the way i am and thats how you should think also, if you and your husband are happy with the way you look thats all that should matter. Hope to hear from you soon. Take care and tell sonya i said hi alsoRob

  • Trisha Shepherd

    Hey Erin! I just checked out that article you mentioned in the last blog post about non-parents/parents animosity – I am disgusted and blown away! It’s totally ridiculous for people to get so critical, defensive, and self-righteous about something so personal!! As much as I love being a mother, I have no intention of trying to “recruit” others – it’s none of my business. I also love to bring my kids out and about, but ONLY if I’m sure they’re welcome. And, I do hope to be a role model for my kids, showing them that -while parenting is consuming and requires a lot of energy – a great mom can also hold onto her own passions, friendships, and if desired, career. That very idea is a big part of why I started the Gen-X Moms reports here at channel 13. Let’s all just get along, right?Thanks for letting me vent!And Erin – I have no doubt you’ll be great at parenting – IF and WHEN you and Michael choose to – don’t let anyone bother you with their insensitive remarks!Trish

  • ErinEKiernan

    Hey gang . . . thanks for the posts!A few quick updates:1) I’ve worked out everyday this week (still not doing so hot on the food end, but that’s typical)!2) Barrett – you’ll find this hard to believe, but I’ve pretty much given up caffeine.3) Rob, you are too kind and you are right on about love and being happy. Thanks for watching!4) Trish – aren’t the “mommy wars” nuts? Now it’s seeping into working moms, versus stay at home moms versus women who aren’t mothers at all … geesh!Thanks for posting everyone,EEK

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