Pollard Trial Beginning, Buying Iowa Food, Family Photos

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Good Morning – It’s Trisha this morning. Pat may log in to embellish later –

Is it just me, or does it feel like today should be Thursday, not Wednesday? I don’t know what’s wrong with my brain, but it is skipping ahead this week.

Big news of the day:

Justin Pollard’s trial begins. He’s the man accused of hitting and killing Annamarie Rittman in the Lowe’s parking lot in Altoona in 2005. The biggest mystery to the public is – WHY would he have intentionally killed her? The charge is first degree murder, indicating intent to kill and premeditation. We in the media are hoping this trial will answer at least some of the puzzling questions about this disturbing case.

Bad Tanker Explosion

People in Sioux Center were allowed back into their homes last night – after a big ethanol tanker truck explosion forced evacautions yesterday.

Chopper 13 video showed a terrible mess at the scene. The only thing we know about the truck’s driver so far is that he was taken to a burn unit in Nebraska.

East Mixer Crash
As I write I’m getting ready to go back on the air with more info on a motorcycle crash at the East Mixer that has traffic backed up on I-80. I am definitely not Captain Traffic, but the duties fall up on me every morning during the Today show, so I’ve gotten pretty good at navigating the DOT traffic-cams. It is interesting to be able to look at the roads from all those views, and choose the ones that show the most important problems for all of you as you’re getting ready to commute in…

Soldier Homecoming

What a morning of anticiaption this must be for the families of the 1034th combat sustainment support battalion. They’re coming home to Camp Dodge in Johnston at 1 this afternoon after spending about a year in Iraq. Watch for the story on tonight’s news, and get ready to wipe your eyes -I know I cannot watch these stories without choking up.

ITunes hits 3 bil!!!
How many of you have bought songs off ITunes in the past year? If you did, you contributed to a huge trend. They hit the 3-billion song mark. Still, Wal-mart and Best Buy outsell ITunes in music. Maybe not for long. 1 billion of the sales for ITunes came in the past 6 months.
I think I would use my I-Pod much more often if Ian would teach me how to use it. I’m still kind of clueless. I’m not even sure how to charge it up. I guess I need an IPod 101 lesson, because in theory, it’s great technology – and I’m a firm believer in using music therapy to get myself out of a foul mood!

Child Care Issues

I’m glad to see the legislature looking into this issue!! A study committee met yesterday looking into home based child care. The DHS says they need more people to inspect and license the in-home centers.
This will catch your ear if you’re a stay-at-home parent or have thought about doing it – the committee also talked about ways to make it more affordable for Iowa parents to stay home – maybe a tax credit? I’ll be looking for more feedback on this idea – and hopefully some inside scoop from State Rep. Janet Peterson on today’s Gen X Moms blog! Come on over there – and write in with your thoughts!

Daddy’s Home
On the homefront – the kids welcomed Ian back home last night by gang-tackling him on the bed! They get so giddy when he comes back from a trip. “Daddy, play rough with me!!!!” Calvin always begs. I can do a lot of things as a mom, but rough-housing is Ian’s turf.

He was away at a bachelor party for our good friend Brandon who’s getting married in Champaign this weekend. (He’s in the back center of this old photo from their former band, Temple of Low Men – he and Ian go WAY back)
It sounds like the guys had a little too much fun – they apparently took over the stage at a great live music club in C-U, where the Brandon has a regular singing/guitar gig.
It was also Ian’s birthday, which is dangerous when you’re around old friends who remember the way you USED to be abele to party 15 years ago.
Ian thinks the night ended at a greasy spoon diner… but the details are kind of fuzzy, as was his head the next morning. I gave him absolutely no sympathy – except to say that I’m glad to have him back home in one piece! We are really looking forward to seeing old friends at the wedding this weekend, and seeing a lovely couple get hitched!


I usually don’t like posing for family photos, but it’s occurred to me lately that we don’t have ANY shots that include all of us. Tons and tons of the kids, but very few of Ian and I with them. Someday I think we’ll like to look back at the photo album and remember this time – so I asked our friend Mandy to come out to the park tonight and try to get some very natural non-posey family photos.

She takes pictures for the Nadas, as well as for friends and family. These photos are of one of the Nadas guys (Jason) and his fam. As you can see, Mandy’s work is so incredible that I thought I’d be riduculously DUMB to pass up the chance to have her try to capture our family on film too.

I fully expect Calvin to give himself a black eye or a gash on the head somehow today, or for Clara to throw a rip-roaring tantrum and cry the whole time.

That way if all goes beautifully, I’ll just be pleasantly surprised!!

Wish us luck, and we’ll see you again tomorrow!



  • Anonymous

    Those in the know seem to think Rittman’s husband is in on this. He regularly beat her and she was in the process of filing for a divorce. He’s also been seen at her grave site, not as a greif stricken husband but as someone there for apperances. Combine that with the fake tears on TV and it just looks fishy.

  • Amy

    Those pictures are great. I love the non-staged black and whites. Do you know who will take your place on the morning show yet? Maybe you can’t say…

  • Trisha Shepherd

    anonymous – I know there’s a lot of gossip and speculation in the Rittman case – most of it is not the kind of stuff we can report though. Hopefully the trial will give us a clearer picture. No one else has been charged in the case. Amy- I don’t have official word on who’s replacing me yet on the AM anchor desk – again, you can speculate and guess all you want, but there has been no decision announced here at the station. We will let you know as soon as we can!Thanks for your interest in the newscast!Trisha

  • Anonymous

    I graudated with Justin Pollard and Rittman’s kid was a year behind us. Her kids were such goofy good hearted kids. I feel sorry for them. As far as her husband, no one will ever know for sure what went down because the victim is dead, but I think Pollard is guilty and needs to pay for his crime. The kid was a bully in high school and definatley needs to pay!!!

  • Anonymous

    Thanks everybody for the Scoop on the Good Stuff. I have a feeling once i try that i’ll never go back. I want to comment Trisha on your Gen x blogs that you’ve done…I think they’re great and very informative although i don’t have children myself i still follow what all the Gen x moms are doing even though I’m not a mother myself. I’m still a proud auntie though. I admire all the mom’s and dad’s out there that are working and raising children. I do things irresponsible on a daily basis, loose keys, lock myself out of the house, misplace wallet, check book. so it’ s probably a good thing that we don’t have children right now. I want to shift it maybe mix it up a bit. What about people like us who don’t have children but want them. I don’t know how many times just in casual conversation when we talk children and then someone raises there eyebrows because you….(I’ve )been married twelve years and should have kids by now. they demand and explanation. they look at you all wide eyed like you’re a baby hater. What’s wrong with having a healthy marriage with no kids. What if it’s impossible to have them. where did this timeline come from anyway that when your 24,28 or By God at least by the time your 30 you should have these little ones at your feet. I wonder how other people feel and handle this and if they are as concerned about as I am. Sometimes its hard to ignore such ignorant comments. -Brenda E

  • Sara

    Trisha – I might see you at Nitefall on the River tomorrow night! My husband is in California so me and a few friends might go out and watch the bands. My husband and I know Jerry from Town Crier and love to listen to the Nadas, so I know it will be a good time! Will you be working on Friday morning? It will be a late night! We will be coming from Newton and I have to get up at 4:30 for work Friday morning so I know I wont get much sleep Thursday night. :-)Have a good rest of the day! PS…It does seem like Thursday! Must be wishful thinking!Sara

  • Anonymous

    in my blog today i was meaning it from my standpoint and not as a rant towards you when I posed these questions. I should have been clear. and I was only meaning it in general and the stand point for those of us that don’t have children. I look back on this and it comes across as attacking. It certainly wasn’t my intent.I just wanted to clarify things.:) There I go again… I’ve got to be more specific when I write. I’m striving to be more like Ronald Reagan “The Great Communicator!!!” sometimes my words get twisted!!! I hope you see this!!!! -Brenda E.

  • Anonymous

    Hey, If you think Simon Estes and the Nadas is awesome….just wait until the Iowa State Fair gets rockin’!Welcome to the Nadas Family!

  • Trisha Shepherd

    Sara, and anyone else who goes out to Nitefall – come say hi! I’ll be out with my kids and a bunch of women from my Hip Mamas group! It will be a late nite, but worth it! Anonymous…. I’m trying to figure out who this is… but I am definitely pumped about the state fair shows next week! I’m trying to get a sitter for the Saturday night show so I can really listen instead of refereeing kids all night – maybe I’ll even get to party in the tour bus! Brenda -nothing you said came across as negative – it must be very frustrating to hear those kind of comments. I have many friends who’ve had long struggles trying to have children, and you’re right – there are other great gifts you can give to the world besides being a parent! I would hope that MOST people would be sensitive to the fact that this is such a personal topic – if you want to share info on WHY you don’t have children, you will. If not, it’s your business, not anyone else’s! Thanks for writing, everyone.T

  • Anonymous

    I watch every morning, but have not heard anything about anybody leaving the morning show . . . This is the first time I have logged into the “blog” and i see a comment about who is replacing someone on the show. Who is leaving and where are they going?

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