Bridge Collapse, School Registration, Big Night ahead

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Good morning!

I knew I was in for a busy day today.

Pat is off, I had live interviews scheduled with DM school superintendent Dr. Nancy Sebring, and NASA astronaut and Iowa native Peggy Whitson (who’s about to command a mission to the space station).

Then the bridge collapsed on I-35W in Minneapolis last evening.

An already-busy news day cranked up a couple of notches.

It was impressive to watch our news team come up with plans to cover this major disaster so close to our area, but not in our immediate region. We teamed up with our sister station WQAD to get live reports from the scene all morning long, and had a live phone interview with an Iowan who was near the scene when the bridge collapsed.

And our Jon Cahill was gathering the newest info from the newsroom all morning, including some surveillance video that came out DURING our newscast – thanks to him and our videoediting team, we were able to show the bridge collapsing before our show got done.

If any of you have personal ties to people involved in the collapse, please feel free to share the stories here!

Here’s one from AM photojournalist Roger Riley:We were eating dinner last night when my daughter-in-law called from St. Paul saying “the largest bridge in MN had collapsed..” and she added one of her co-workers was in her car right behind that school bus. She called Aimee from the bridge to tell her what happened. She was ok- but this week she had an even bigger personal tragedy her mother died in her sleep- she was only in her 40’s.

My whole family was fixed to the live coverage on Minnesota TV station WCCO which we saw online. The diffuclty for people working in that area, shooting dramatic video, and then getting it back to the station or a live truck to air.
I watched also with interest the Chopper coverage, as I fly and shoot often in Chopper 13. When storms moved in the choppers had to land…but what a perspective they added!!


Thanks for adding that, Roger.

Somehow our newscast came off without a hitch.

The NASA interview had to get put on hold.

We still managed to fit in the interview with Dr. Sebring (I was glad because I’m the one who invited her!). Today registration begins for elementary students in DM – she’s expecting the most growth to be on the south side.

This busy news day just starts a very busy day for me at work AND at home – I have a Gen X Moms special report shoot, a dr. appointment for Clara (shots – ugh), a showing for our house that we’re trying to sell (keep your fingers crossed!) and a concert to take the kids to tonight! (the Nadas are playing at Nitefall on the River at the Simon Estes Amphitheatre.) I can’t wait! My Hip Mamas group is meeting up there tonight – the Nadas guys are supposed to get a pic taken with all the “Hot Moms!”

With any luck I’ll survive the day and night, and be here bright and early to do this all again tomorrow.

Have a good Thursday –



  • Heather R.

    Good luck with your busy day. That was a horrible thing that happend in MN. My heart goes out to all the people effected. I hate being on bridges and now I know why. Have a good day.

  • WHO#1Fan

    Hang in there Trisha! You (as well as your team) were doing a fabulous job when I watched you this morning before heading off to work. I can definitely say I don’t envy your job on days like today. Have fun tonight at your concert!

  • Anonymous

    I watch every morning, but have not heard anything about anybody leaving the morning show . . . This is the first time I have logged into the “blog” and i see a comment about who is replacing someone on the show. Who is leaving and where are they going?

  • Anonymous

    wow. i got to reading the blog late. i am so disappointed, yet very happy, for you, trisha!you are absolutely amazing at what you do. a loss for who-tv is a huge gain in wishes to you and your entire family.p.s. what advice would you give to future, aspiring journalists?

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