Amber Alert Canceled, Another Toy Recall and A Dying Art

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Good Morning!

If you’ve been living in an air conditioned closet with Internet access…you may not be aware that there is a heat advisory out there right now. It’s Iowa State Fair Weather. Please be careful…a few glasses or bottles of water before you go out for any activity is the key…by the time you’re thirsty…your body is already getting dehydrated.

Amber Alert

We learned something new about the state’s Amber Alert System this morning after a statewide Amber Alert was canceled. Police say two kids were taken from Oakland Iowa yesterday and issued a statewide amber alert for them. They thought mom was taking them back to her home in Maine. The interesting part was that the Amber Alert was canceled just before we went on the air. We learned from the State Patrol that if, after five hours, authorities have no new information about an amber alert subject…they cancel the alert.

Problems continue for Chinese manufacturers. Mattel is expected to announce another recall of toys with high levels of lead paint. They’re not saying which toys yet…maybe we can update this before the Noon News.

Clinton Commercials
Sen Hillary Clinton starts her campaign commercials across the state today. The former Gov Tom Vilsack helped introduce the commercials yesterday…this means one thing to me. We’re getting nearer the point where our commercial breaks on Today in Iowa are filled with nothing but political ads.

Cast Your Kernel
We counted our 12-thousandth kernel cast at the fair this year. If you’re still planning to head out the the fair make sure you pass by the WHO booth and participate. Dave Price was telling me people are lining up to participate in this. He also said the reporters in town for the Iowa Straw Poll were including the Kernel count in their stories. I saw articles in papers in Toronto Canada and Jerusalem today!

The Lost Art
The subject came up because we did a little story on ladies that spin their own yarn out at the Fair…What are the world’s lost arts?

This is already a running list in our house and with our friends Jeff and Mara White.
It includes: Thank You notes…Shining your own shoes, Conversation (according to my wife),….

The list goes on. What do you think are the world’s lost arts?

More Pics

I finally got the digital camera on the computer late last night so here are a couple more pictures from vacation. I was trying to explain what an “infinity pool” is to Jeriann and Trish. I think this pic explains it…look at the edge of the pool….it looks like the water just keeps going out into the Caribbean.

Sally rolled her eyes when I told her I was going to take pictures of our food, but it really was amazing. On all the breakfast buffets and at dinner, the presentation of the food was really creative. This was a risotto with little bits of sausage in it…..

Oh!….and the baby turtles! What a great experience releasing them after they hatched!

I have to say, getting back to work…I actually feel better after taking a break for a week. It makes a huge difference.

We had a visit from Brad Hook today. He’s up at the Fair helping his kids show some cattle this week. It reminded me of another project Brad and I are working on…
Cattle Rancher for a Day?

Can you hack it? If you think you can or if you think you want to then you have to come down the The Science Center of Iowa’s Annual Auction Friday August 24th. Brad Hook was nice enough to donate a Cattle Rancher for A Day Experience. If you win, you get to take the family down to Brad’s farm and get the full tour like Trisha and I did.

No word on whether Brad’s Dad will get you a ride on the tractor.
I helped out on the committee putting the event together this year and I’ll be your Emcee for the live auction as I have been in the past.
It’s always a good time and the event seems to get better every year.

I’m going to go get a few winks before the noon show.




  • Anonymous

    First Trisha is leaving… that sux. Next, what are you going to do with Brad after the I-235 project is finished! Will he report on other things?Have a great day and good to have you back Pat!Sherri

  • Anonymous

    Thank you notes are definitely on my list of “lost arts”… in addition to some others:– toasting (i.e. making a good toast)– Formal invitations (for anything)– Ettiquette – standing when a lady leaves the table, passing the salt and pepper shakers together, men walking on the street-side (in between the lady and the street)– Basic manners.(wow, I sound like a real prude, don’t I?) :)Emily

  • Anonymous

    Hay pat: Love your pool pics from vacation. I have not been reading your Blogs so I don’t know where you went on vacation. Wife and I love Mx. and those pics remind me of Mx. Where were those pics from? Thanks Pat. Alan B.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Maybe Brad is taking Trisha’s spot? What else would he have to do now that 235 is nearly complete? Just a thought…

  • Anonymous

    Yeah… that would be great! Two guys on the morning show. Jerianne would have to pull out a bull whip to keep them in line :)Seriously though, have you thought about what to do with Brad after the freeway is done. I’ve always thought that Brad could do so much more than traffic. NO OFFENSE BRAD, I LIKE YOU IN THE MORNING! He just seems so much more talented than doing a traffic report. It would be fun to see him doing something else. IM”very”HO.Have a great day friends.P.S. are you counting down the days Trisha? Is it bittersweet?

  • Trisha Shepherd

    Bittersweet is a good way to put it. Surreal too. I’m not looking forward to saying goodbye to everyone! I’m just hoping to get through my last newscast here (Thursday morning) without getting teary-eyed!

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