Fair Campaigning, Amber Alert Kids Found and One More Reason Pat Doesn’t Like Elvis

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I’m not an Elvis fan. (Horrors!)I don’t have anything against him…I just don’t prefer his music to say….Sinatra. I’ve developed a deeper resentment of the King this morning.
Trish brought a “Velvet Elvis” painting on to the set when we were talking about the 30th anniversary of his (alleged) death. So I reach over to put my hand on the painting and bam…there’s a splinter the size of a Sequoya in my hand! Knights of Columbus that hurt!
Thank goodness Trish had a tweezers to get the thing out. I will recover though it’s touch and go. If this blog was started to give you an idea what we’re doing off camera for two hours every morning…taking that splinter out took up some of my time this morning…

To the News

The State Fair
It’s the only place to be this week if you’re a presidential candidate. The cool part about the fair this time around is out Cast Your Kernel Campaign. People are coming by…lining up at times to vote for their favorite candidate. Now, we know this stuff is unscientific. People can vote a lot if they are sneaky about it, but the funny part is how often these things actually turn out the way the polls and even the actual elections turn out. In the last governor’s race our percentages were pretty close as I remember for either the primary or the actual general election.

Happy Ending
It’s always scary when an Amber Alert is issued for a child. The two kids believed kidnapped yesterday from western Iowa were found unharmed last night in Maine. Their mother took them, just as authorities suspected. Dad has sole custody of the kids so they’ll be coming back here. It’s about the best outcome you could hope for in this situation but it doesn’t stop me from being really sad for everyone involved, including the mother who felt like she had to resort to kidnapping her own kids. I don’t know the history behind the family’s story but I’d bet it’s not a happy one.

Hurricane Season Starts Up
After a slow start in the Atlantic there are two storms brewing…one in the gulf and one in the Atlantic. I think they’re more worried about the one that’s over the open waters of the Atlantic right now. By the weekend it could hit the Caribbean and by next week the target could be the US mainland. Just something to keep an eye on.

I’m going to let Trisha add what she’d like except to say we’ll be saying our fond farewells tomorrow. I’ll have more thoughts on Trisha’s departure then…

I’m totally unprepared for final goodbyes, so I’m not even going to think about it yet. I’ll be Scarlett O’Hara about it and “think about that tomorrow.”

I just don’t get how one can NOT be into Elvis. Seems un-American.
If I were born male, I’d definitely be an Elvis impersonator.

That’s why I was so tickled to hear that, on this occasion of the 30th anniversary of the King’s (faked) death, Graceland WILL allow an Elvis tribute-artist (impersonator) contest.
Thank goodness they’re lightening up on this one! I agree that some wanna-be Elvi who mock the King’s bloated later-years aren’t doing his memory any favors.
But don’t you think Elvis would kind of get a kick out of the truly talented men out there doing their best to imitate his inimitable style?
People clip me articles all the time about a very successful Elvis-tribute performer from Boone, Jamie Aaron Kelley – I am sorry that I will leave Iowa before having a chance to meet him and see him in action!
Anyhow, I can’t see any harm in letting people try to keep the King’s music and magic alive for new generations – there will never be another, but it sure must be fun to pretend!

Maybe some of you caught part of this story in the early parts of our newscast today – I showed up with a shiner today. Took about 10 layers of makeup to cover it up!
It started because my son Calvin has been obsessed with the movie “Elf” lately, ever since our friend Tyler invited him over for popcorn, ice cream and movie night. Last night, Cal wanted to act out a snowball fight scene – using wooden blocks.
Now that I look back on it, it seems foolish, but I okayed it, as long as he aimed at the couch, not at any people.
I forgot that 4-year-olds don’t always have great aim.
As I paced back and forth near said couch during a phone conversation, the sharp-edged wooden missile hit me right in the outer corner of the eye..that kid has power, if not aim!
Our poor friend Scott on the other end of the line got a deafening “OWWWW!” in his ear, then a quick “Gotta go – I’ll call you later!” (He’s a dad – I know he gets it!)
It was definitely not the ending I needed to a day filled with stressful pre-moving business.

I’ve been looking longingly at Pat’s beach vaca-pics and sighing – no such luck for the Shepherds this year! We’ve got a lot of busy, busy days, weeks, and months ahead.

Check the Gen X Moms blog today – about Cal’s goodbye with his “girlfriend.”

I’m looking forward to a great final show tomorrow morning – happy Wednesday, everyone!


  • Sara

    As I was walking by the TV this morning around 5:30 I heard you guys talking about how your eye matched your suit coat today…I wasn’t sure what was going on…I thought maybe you had some tears or something. Have fun on your last day tomorrow, Trisha! Keep your chin up!

  • Anonymous

    You may be looking forward to a “great final show tomorrow morning” But I’m not I’m sad to see you go.-Brenda E

  • Larry

    Trish,We wish you all the best in your new endeavers and want to thank you for your interest in Jamie Aaron Kelley. He’s a great entertainer on his own besides doing his ‘Elvis’ Thing. Check out his YouTube videos so that you can at least ‘see’ him before you depart. He is in Memphis doing performances at this time or he would have loved meeting you!Just search youtube for Jamie Aaron Kelley. All our best to you,King-of-the-Hill Productions Management for Jamie Aaron Kelley

  • Anonymous

    Trish, I hate to see you go,I will be watching in the moring and I will be crying. I know you are going to be close to family,but we are losing family with you going. It is going to be a sad day at WHO T.V.Please don’t ever forget we love you . Bye & Good luck. Jan

  • Sara

    Goodbye Trisha! You will be missed by me each morning. I wish you many many good lucks to you and your family has you move and get situated in your new city.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t think it is a dis… I love Jerianne as well. I love the idea of her having her way with Brad with a whip ;0

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