More Rain, a Levy Breech and Roger’s There to Cover it All

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It’s hard for all of you to understand how lucky most of us feel to work with the talented Photojournalists at Channel 13. The entire staff is continually recognized as one of, if not THE best in the country. We benefit every day from the efforts of our morning photojournalist Roger Riley. And by the way, if you’re wondering why we call them photojournalists and not photographers, it’s because they do a lot more than just take the best pictures. They’re reporters who can also get a story as well as the on-air folks you see every day.

We were the beneficiaries of this experience and dedication this morning. Roger Riley spent his overnight hours running around northern Iowa…from Webster City to Humboldt and Ft Dodge. Roger called around 11:30 last night as told our Producer he couldn’t sleep. He said he remembered the floods of 93 and the amount of news that happened overnight. He told her he was going to go out and look for some of the stories that are bound to pop up when you get flooding like this. He was right.

Liz here…I’m going to try out this sweet blue color today. Big props to Roger this morning. Late-night tours are definitely his specialty! He also serves as a good bodyguard on late-night/ early-morning shoots. My favorite was when he ‘took care’ of a drunk guy trying to get into the car with me when we were covering the tornadoes in Iowa City a year ago.

Storms and Flooding

Overnight those storms rolled through Northern Iowa where they don’t need anymore rain. Jeriann was telling us each of these storms is dropping 2-4 inches of rain depending where you are. over the last three days a lot of places in Iowa would have likely measured out more than a foot or rain.

The flooding is the obvious first problem. As we showed you the storm sewers are just not built to handle that amount of water. They’re now talking a lot more seriously about an upgrade to some of these systems that are about 100 years old.

In his travels Roger also caught a power line fire caused by some of the high winds. There are scattered reports of power outages.

And finally, Roger happened upon a nursing home evacuating in Humboldt. The water was coming up fast in the building and so the owners moved residents before they had an electrical problem in the building. While he was at the home, the Sheriff told him An Emergency Management Director had an accident trying to get out and see some storm damage. He’s OK.

Roger capped his overnight with a trip up to Fort Dodge in Chopper 13 where he and Fred Redman caught pictures of a levy break near the hydroelectric plant. The opened the flood gates and that seems to be helping but officials in Ft Dodge are still requesting that people who live by the river evacuate.


Jackpot somewhere in the neighborhood of $250 million dollars. Anyone else interested? We talked about what we would do with all that money this morning and I told Jeriann she could have a million. I mean come on, at some point how much is too much money?

Jeriann says she’d keep working and I would too, I just think I might do something a little different. With the money left over after my Jeriann donation, and a few others to family and friends….Sally and I have talked about taking the rest of the money and giving grants and donations to worthy causes. Basically we’d become our own foundation. Being on the receiving end of some very timely generosity, I can attest to how much of a difference an unexpected gift or contribution or gift can make. I’d love to be able to wake up in the morning and say…I’m going to write a $100,000 check this morning, or to see a story on the news and contribute to a good program or a worthy cause.

I might also buy a golf course.

I’ve thought about this a bit as well…not buying a golf course, of course (unless it was miniature golf…my specialty :) but what I would do with that much money. I’d have to take some time off work for some serious world traveling. But I’m not talking about super luxurious…my best vacations are always where I get to experience an entirely different culture. For example, on our recent trip to Kauai. The best meal we had was at a place where we were the only non-Hawaiian ‘natives’ in the place, and I had no idea what I was ordering. The most interesting person we met was a 21 year old guy who had never been off the island…not even to go to other Hawaiian islands! He said there wasn’t any place he really wanted to go…except maybe some place with bigger waves to surf on….

Anyway, with my winnings, my first stop would definitely be Italy. After that (in this order)Spain, Africa, Australia, China, and Japan. Oh, I would also probably have to buy my husband (who is from Newton by the way) a Jaguar to drive.

School Starts

Jon Cahill looked at the start of Drake University’s year and at the new dorm rooms on campus. Sounds pretty cushy with the wireless Internet and the like…I think Jon and I sounded like our grandfathers talking about how “we didn’t have it that good!”

You have to remember the Internet was just becoming in University classrooms when I was in school. Anyway, if it helps the kids have a better experience in school…for what they’re paying…I think I’d want my kid to be comfortable for those kinds of fees.

Finally one word about the blog yesterday. The question came up why I deleted a comment. The simple answer is that the comments about Brad continually degrade into a conversation that has no place on this blog. If you all want to start a Brad blog…have at it, but I can tell you that he’s expressed to us that he’s uncomfortable with people speculating about his personal life on this forum. If you want to comment about traffic, go ahead.

Have a good one,

Today is my ‘Friday‘…no big plans other than sending my little sister back to college. We are having a pizza/Napoleon Dynamite party in her honor tonight. Anyway I’ll see you all (or imagine you all watching at least:) on Saturday morning 8a-10.



  • Anonymous

    Good going Pat. I love to read this blog. But in the last few days it was getting bad.Be nice or don’t blog. Jan

  • Vicky

    Great job again this morning. I could also have fun winning the lottery and do what Pat would do. Not sure I would work, but I wouldn’t live outside of my means. I remember a long time ago Oprah did a show about people who won the lottery, then ended up filling for bancrupcy. OUCH! Greedy!Have a great “weekend” Liz!

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for reminding me. I *do* have a traffic question. Traffic reporters in DM often talk about the interstate, freeway, and beltway. What is the beltway?

  • Anonymous

    Fun to dream about winning the lottery. Someone has to win after all! I enjoy the banter every morning with you but also the professional way you deliver the overnight news, the weather and the traffic. I rely on you every morning to start my day right. Thanks for a job well done!

  • Anonymous

    Anon here from yesterday.Sorry If I came off caddy, and I understand your frusterations about the blog. I would never say or ask rude things on this forum.I just know so much about all of you through this blog. I wake up every morning and feel I have a personal connection with all of you. I could recognize Trisha’s kids (solo)in public… due to all the pictures. I know all about your(pat’s) vacation. I get a bit about Jerianne here, but I wish she would add more. But, to be honest, we, (Myself and the rest of the blog readers)don’t know anything about Brad. I’d like to know about him.Anyway, I won’t post anything more about him personally, FYI this is only my second post, and I’ll just leave this conversation.Keep up the good work.

  • Anonymous

    BROOKE would be a better addition to the team! Nothing against Elizabeth, she’s fine where she is… Brooke is just better. We’ve missed her! :)

  • Anonymous

    I’m not the one who’s post got deleted, nor did I read it. But I would think that if someone dosn’t want to be talked about then they shouldn’t be in a public position.I’ll say I’ve never met Brad and I’ve read this blog since day one. While I think some of he posts about him are borderline stalkerish, his response to them were not very professional and kinda made him out to be a jerk.Once again his reponse of “don’t talk about me” is pretty childish and being that he’s a “celebrity” of sorts kinda show what kind of person he truly is.

  • Anonymous

    WOW…right on anon! I agree. Either be in the public eye or don’t. Not really an in between when it comes to that.Trisha had no problems talking about her personal life. I miss her.

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