No Smoking, Butterfingers and Denuclearization?

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Good morning and welcome back to your work week. The good news is you only have a four day week. The bad news is, Summer is over.
We’ll get more to Labor Day weekend randomness in a minute but first, the news.

No Smoking
My Father-in-law is doing back flips over this one. The City of Des Moines decided to ban smoking at a lot of outdoor venues and if you follow the non-smoking logic, it makes some sense. I personally don’t care if you smoke, but when I’m forced to stand next to someone, especially outdoors and smell smoke…I can see where some people don’t like that idea.
So the ban covers places like the soccer park and baseball fields…good move…we don’t really need to be teaching these young athletes to light up do we?
I really am all for personal freedoms but these are places where, as a non-smoker, I have no expectation of being put next to a smoker. If a smoker lights up in that environment, I’m impacted.

Same Sex Marriage
Sorry to those of you disappointed in my choice to keep my opinion to myself on this one. I do appreciate your comments and your respectful debate on the topic. I thought that went as well as it could Friday.
This morning Sonya Heitshusen will fill in for Jan Michaelson on WHO radio 9-11. One of the topics will be the same sex marriage issue.
One of the things that disturbed me about the discourse I heard on the radio Friday afternoon. The opinion that the public should, “go after” the judges involved in the ruling and the quick marriage of two men Friday is absurd. Are we really going to go after someone in public service because they don’t share the same religious beliefs?
If you actually feel that Judge Hansen displayed an ignorance of constitutional law, then feel free to vote him out. If you disagree with his decision on a moral level…morality is not what he was asked to evaluate in this case. I think there is less of a legitimate case for arguing he’s not doing the job he was asked to do if the argument includes the moral.
What happens when the people who are in the majority, find themselves in the minority in 50 years? Christian beliefs may be the widely held standard right now, but they may not always be. I’d like to make sure my rights are protected when I find myself not holding the moral beliefs of the majority.
I like the quote from the movie The American President: “You want free speech? Let’s see you acknowledge a man whose words make your blood boil, who’s standing center stage and advocating at the top of his lungs that which you would spend a lifetime opposing at the top of yours.” To my mind, the same applies in this case. This may be the antithesis of all you believe. In this country, haven’t we had a tradition of co-existing with people who’s beliefs are different than ours, assimilating and blending those differences into our culture?
And one more point: This never would have been brought to the courts if the Iowa Legislature hadn’t felt the need to pass a definition of marriage. If there had been no law, there would have been no law to challenge and therefore no definitive ruling in this case. I don’t think it’s working out the way the lawmakers intended it to.

Labor Day Weekend
I hope yours was as relaxing as mine. We didn’t do much…some College football(it’s going to be a long year for us Notre Dame fans), Some Cubs baseball(every year is a long year for Cub fans…these guys are going to give me a heart attack), and some golf(no year is a long enough year to fit in all the golf I’d like to play).
I fixed our phones…and when I say “fixed” I meant I plugged them back in. We have a fax machine and I thought I was unplugging that so it wouldn’t pick-up incoming phone calls. I unplugged the entire system then spent 40 minutes on the phone waiting for Mediacom to help me fix it. Thankfully I found the problem that I’d created just before the person answered.
The FedEx Cup is holding my interest as a golf fan. More of the same next weekend please.

I forgot the butterfingers thing…and cleared that up with a comment. I can’t believe I also forgot Christopher Hill’s comment this morning from N Korea. He used the word, Denuclearization. It didn’t sound right to me. Our Associate Producer Lisa looked it up and said she found it. I still don’t believe it’s a word I’d use. How about disarm?

12:57: one more update from the Noon News…anyone willing to donate to Iowa Parents of Murdered Children can Call the head of the organization here in Iowa Paul Walker at: (515) 681-9644
Hope you had a good one,


  • Patrick Dix

    Sorry Heather, I forgot to tell yuo what happened before the final weather update this morning. Jeriann turned from the weather center to come over to the set and the weather clicker (that thing that looks like a garage door opener) slipped out of her hand, hit the floor and shattered. No word on the health fo the clicker. Then, about three seconds later, Brad came over to the set and dropped his phone (he’s got one of those really fancy all-in-one PDA phones etc). It broke into three or four peices! I think we’re all still trying to get into the groove again.

  • Heather R.

    Wowzers. Sounds like a bad morning by the crew. That is sad about the clicker and Brad’s phone. Hopefully there is insurance on both articles of technology….

  • Sara

    I miss all of the photos that used to be posted. I think I can speak for everyone, we enjoy seeing pictures of you and your family’s or your weekend outing snapshots.

  • Patrick Dix

    Sara,Thanks for the comment. Just a little crunched for time this morning so I didn’t post pics. Jeriann gets on me pretty good about that too. As for personal pictures I think you’ll find I’m a little more private than Trish. I just can’t believe anyone cares to see a picture of me on the couch eating chips or at the movies with my wife. We’ll post pictures from time to time when it’s a public event (beaverdale fall festival is coming up) or if it’s something I think might have a broader interest. To steal a line from Anchorman…I’m just not that big of a deal.

  • Anonymous

    That’s funny about butterfingers! Is Brad clumsy or something because I remember a story last year about him doing some dance (not exactly sure of the story) where he fell down. It’s not a knock on him, just a funny thing I was noticing.

  • Anonymous

    Yup Brad fell right on his a$$ doing that Habitat function. That high kick routiene was priceless.Isn’t he a dancer though???Anyway… Pat drop a fun pic or two every once in a while. You too Jerianne.Hopefully Brooke can fill us in visually with whats been going on in her life during the last couple of years.cheerio!

  • Maggie M

    I thought he was a singer, not a dancer. Oh well…Patrick, I loved the “American President” reference.Have a good day folks.

  • Anonymous

    I’m a bit teary eyed as I write but please bare with me….I was stuck in traffic for 30 minutes because of a four car accident this morning on 235. I pray that no one was seriously injured. My heart goes out to the lady crying and looking up to the sky. I wanted to get out of my car and hug her and just let her know things will be alright.I can certainly relate… I survived a horrific car accident a few years ago. I feel Luky that I have a second chance to have another Anniversary, another Birthday which is tomorrow, and another day God Created to share it with the ones I Love. God Bless You All and Please Please Please Slow Down!!!!!!! On the Road and in Life-Brenda E

  • Anonymous

    I remember seeing the footage of Brad doing that kick dance with all of those girls and absolutely cracking up! What a good sport he was for allowing them to put that on the air. I was actually kind of surprised that he fell after seeing him in ballroom dance lessons. My husband and I used to take lessons at the same place that Brad and his girlfriend (wife?) took from. They were absolutely stunning to watch, both so tall and slender and so smooth on their feet. When I saw the video of him wiping out, I was very surprised it was the same guy that was so into ballroom dancing.It did provide me with a good laugh though.Thanks for being such a great newscast! I thoroughly enjoy waking up to you all every morning. Keep up the good work!Maggie

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