Bush Address, Wanted:Councilman, and No Clubs

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I was so excited to have an afternoon without visitors or responsibilities that I’d planned on going out and hitting a few golf balls at the driving range in Urbandale on Wednesday afternoon. So I hopped in the car about 4pm, thinking I had an hour and a half before Sally got home…drove up to Longview Golf Center, opened the trunk, and realized I didn’t have my golf clubs (the picture to the right helps illustrate).

Sally and I played Sunday and I forgot to get my clubs out of her trunk…don’t you hate stuff like that?

To the News:
Bush Address

A full week of making the case that the troop surge is working in Congress and in the press…The President gives us a view of his plans for the next few months. Don’t expect much different than you heard from Gen Patraeus. The President is doing what he said he would and listening to the General. The address is at 8pm.

At the writing of the Blog we’ve been told West Des Moines Police picked up Councilman Brad Olson.
Ankeny Police issued an arrest warrant for Olson yesterday and after getting a tip he was at the Walnut Creek Inn, West Des Moines Police made the arrest today. The arrest in connection with the theft of a Ford truck three years ago.

If the councilman was in a position that was hard to explain before, he’s into it much deeper here.
If you’re keeping track at home, he now has theft charges for allegedly stealing prescription drugs at a Hy-Vee, He has been representing a district , in which, he hasn’t lived for weeks (at least), there’s evidence he charged personal items and tried to have them billed to the city, and Now this.
When he finally showed up for a Council Meeting Olson said the TV stations weren’t being fair with him so he didn’t want to do an interview with us.

I’ll give media critics their due. Sometimes we overstep and convict before a person has a chance at an explanation. This story had a chance of simply being some personal problems that the Councilman had to work out. Problems might have been explained away.
Now it appears an avalanche of evidence exists pointing to something larger than personal problems. No matter the circumstances of Olson’s life, if he indeed stole a truck, charged items to taxpayers that were for his personal use, and stole prescriptions, there are consequences of those choices.

We’ll update this story at Noon.
Other than that we expect our first Brooke sighting tomorrow morning. She’s going to come in tomorrow and get reacquainted with the show. It’ll just be behind the scenes but I might convince her to blog. We’ll see.
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    I think Olson can convinct himself in the public eye without any help from the media. Actions speak for themselves.Have you heard from Trisha lately?

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    There was a commercial on this morning with Dan & Elizabeth – they were both wearing football helmits and talking about the weekend show and how they were going to have a “friendly” Iowa/Iowa State rivalry – then she knocked him off his chair – FUNNY!!At the end of the commercial you just hear both of them kind of laughing – I don’t know who thought up the idea for that little promo, but it sooooo caught me off guard – GOOD ONE to whoever had the idea! I’m still getting a chuckle out of it now, just thinking about it!!

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    Friday marks my last day as a Today In Iowa viewer. I am moving to KCCI in protest for Liz not being given the weekday position. In closing let me say I hate you all!

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    And you, my friend, are a douchebag. Please, watch Channel 8. I don’t want to be associated with snively-nosed whine bags such as yourself. For you to lodge a one-man protest about Liz not getting the morning show position is indicative of how truly pathetic your life is.Grab some tissue paper and tune in to Liz on the weekends.Sh!t, get a life and a girlfriend.

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