Olson Hearing, UAW agreement, and Out of my League

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Good Morning!

Pat is headed home this morning to try to get a little rest before he comes back to do the noon show. If you watched the show at all this morning you probably noticed that he is a little under the weather. He’s got a cold and I don’t think golfing in the rain yesterday helped him get better. Heaven forbid Pat pass on an invitation to play golf. I guess I wouldn’t either if I had the opportunity to play with Lynn Horak, the Chief Executive of Wells Fargo Bank Iowa. Patrick thought he was “out of his league.” I will let him tell you more about that.
Hey, Back at it now at about 10:30am. I just needed to throw more drugs at this thing before I drown in my own head. I really thought I was over it as of yesterday. I felt good. Not so much now.
As for the golf invite, no, I really wasn’t going to pass up a chance to golf with Lynn. He is a Today in Iowa Viewer and a really good guy who’s been asking for months if I can find some time to get out and play some golf.
As far as being out of my league….I’m not a bad golfer…but this guy is a “stick”! In fact I was the high score of the foursome. Again, I didn’t play that badly. These guys were just really good. Note to self: Improve golf game before next Horak invitation. He’s as good a host as he is a golfer. I think I even found a story I can do. I won’t say what because I don’t want to broadcast it all over, but I think I might ask Lynn to work on a story this November with us. I told him, after that, he can be a special business correspondent to Today in Iowa.

By the way, my garage door is fixed. That means Pat no longer has to play chauffeur. To those of you who wondered why I didn’t just pull it up manually… I tried but it didn’t work.

Ok.. on to the news.

Olson Hearing

A special hearing is expected to be the first step toward removing West Des Moines City Councilman Brad Olson from office. This has to do with him living in the District he represents. It has nothing to do with the criminal charges pending against him. He gets to those Friday morning.

UAW Agreement
After another long night of talks the United Auto Workers and GM came to some sort of tentative agreement about a new contract. It still has to be approved by the rank and file but they’d be crazy not to. All of the information coming about about how much the union workers make is damaging to their cause. I am a dormant member of a union(I think) and I have seen the kind of benefit it can have for workers… particularly ones without leverage.
This is getting a little out of hand though. There are some standard lines that Union rank and file are using for their argument they should be paid more. They’re old and really irrelevant. The one they can really stand on is that the company said it would take care of these retirees and their families. That’s gong to end up being a promise broken. Union Members must realize by now…the contracts that provided thousands of people with health care they didn’t pay a dime for is part of the larger reason the health care and insurance system is where it is.
I think Unions were once an essential part of the American workforce. They used to fight for workers rights, make sure that people didn’t get hurt and that people who generally work the hardest physical labor got a fair deal. As far as I can tell, the last four years, the priority of some of the larger unions is getting a president elected. How much of the money that could have been used as strike pay has gone to Union leaders salaries? How much to Democrats running for office? To republicans for that matter? A dime is too much. That money belongs to workers and if the Unions get control of the healthcare and pensions for their retirees. I think they’re going to wish they had most of it back. That’s just my opinion.

I will add more later. I have to get out the door.
BB and PWD

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    Brooke-I know what you mean about the garage door – our power went off one day just as my husband was on his way out – both cars in the garage!! His friend was going to “walk him through” taking the door off the track to get out of the garage. Uhhhh – NO!!! He had to wait out the outage – about three hours!

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