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Cubs Post an L, S-Chip and Anyone Smell Burt Pizza?

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Good Morning!
It was a hard choice but there was no way I was going to stay up for the Cub game last night. We had family in town and had a great dinner over at my brother’s house before we turned in around 8.
My Aunt Joan, Uncle Tim and My Aunt Kay are all in town on their Great Midwest Tour of the Grand Niece and Nephew. They live out on the left coast and so they don’t often get to see Elliot and Henry and the other grand-nieces and nephews my cousins have. It was a good chance for all of us to get together again.
Elliot came up to me when I walked in, “Uca Pat go play golf”(he’s got a plastic set of clubs already)…this kid and I are going to get along!
After some golf …we wore him out running back and forth watering the rocks in the backyard(???). Not sure what that was all about. It kept him entertained for the afternoon, and he went to sleep pretty quickly. I guess that hasn’t been the case for the past couple of weeks.
The out of town contingent is planning a visit to the station for the Noon news today and dinner out tonight.
To the news:
Pizza Anyone?
I really don’t like burnt food…so I’m glad I don’t live south of 35/80 this morning around 86th street. A semi full of frozen pizzas caught fire and burned for about an hour and a half this morning. The fire was supposed to be out of the way by five thirty. Instead it was still in the way at 8 this morning. We tried to warn people just to stay away.

Iowa Troops in Iraq
Not the kind of news families want to hear

Soldiers from the 833rd Engineering Battalion of the Iowa National Guard just received word that they will be in Iraq for 6 months longer than they thought. They left in June and were told they would be gone for a year. This is the group’s second tour of duty. They were in Iraq back in 2004 and 2005.

On a personal note, I just learned late this morning that my brother-in-law is part of that group staying longer. I talked to my sister and she said she hadn’t even heard the news yet because she hasn’t talked to her husband in a few days. It was a shock to her and I felt bad that I had to be the bearer of bad news. I think these tours of duty are hard for the soldiers and equally challenging on the families left behind.



Brooke and I were talking about this this morning. Just a couple of thoughts…The President is being painted as the guy taking away kids’ insurance. While the veto would certainly cut off a lot of the people in the program…the statement isn’t quite right.
As I understand it, The Presidential veto expanding the federal funding called S-Chip does put the future of a state insurance program for kids up in the air. The thing that I think gets lost here is that the insurance Iowa kids are getting comes from a STATE program called Hawk-I. The federal government provides funds to supplement the program but this is not a core function of the federal government. If the people of Iowa think it’s a priority to provide health insurance for kids who’s families can’t afford it…shouldn’t we be the ones to fund it. As this bill stands, it would be a multi-billion dollar expansion of a program that has the people of Alabama and Alaska (just as an example) paying for health insurance for kids in Iowa.
A lot of people are asking…why can we fund a war and not this program? That would seem to be a fair point and who among us wouldn’t choose to see kids getting the health care they need over funding the war?
In part it’s because raising and maintaining an Army IS a national responsibility enumerated in the Constitution. It’s a Federal function. Providing health insurance isn’t. If you think it should be, that’s a different topic…
And while we talking about this, I’m not sure if people are aware that this would expand the list of people eligible for free health insurance to those making three times the poverty level. I know that’s not a lot of money when you’re talking about trying to raise two or three kids…I’m sure it’s a struggle, but the woman we interviewed said she’s worried her husband will make TOO MUCH MONEY so they won’t be able to get the free health care.
This sounds a lot like the situation we got into with welfare more than a decade ago. There was no incentive to get off the government subsidy! Couldn’t there be a graduated benefit for people who can’t fully afford insurance? It seems to me that would be a way for people to make more and provide for themselves.
I’m sure none of these people WANTS to use the Hawk-I program…they feel they have to.
You can agree or disagree as always. I am happy to hear your opinion.
Don’t panic yet Cub fans. We only scored one run last night. That’s not going to win you a lot of games in the playoffs. I emailed back and forth with a woman who’s going to Saturday’s game in Chicago with her boyfriend. She’s agreed to send us a few pics for Monday morning. Hopefully the Cubs can wrap up the series by then or at least still be alive.

We have a guest blogger!

Jeriann wanted to respond to some of the comments made here and some that you all were nice enough to email her.

Lately, I’ve been asked how I feel about the blog comments… today I decided to respond.
I’m well aware we live in a big world where there are people who like you and some who don’t. That’s what makes life interesting.
I appreciate all the people who take the time to write kind words as well as the mean ones on the blog. This form of communicating allows people to be overly honest. I think this is a good thing. I think we need more of that in today’s society. By you all sharing your views I get a chance to hear what people are really thinking. We all need to improve in someway. I’m lucky to hear straight from you what you like and what you don’t.
I don’t appreciate when people make stuff up and spread rumors. That’s not cool.
Thanks again for sharing your thoughtful and helpful messages.
Enjoy the warm weather,
I couldn’t agree more..especially the part about making stuff up. It has a tendency to become fact for some reason. If you’re going to ask about personal stuff…please be sure you’re right about your comments.
And on a personal note, Happy Birthday to my beautiful wife! Sally and I have know each other most of our lives (20 years) and I’m sure mine is a lot better for having her in it. She’s a gift to me every day…so we’ve cooked up some great birthday gifts for her. We’re also going out with the family for dinner tonight. Nice to have a lot of people to celebrate with…
Have a good one!


  • Tiffany

    As far as health insurance goes….I’m a stay at home Mom. My husband just put in his two weeks at a job he LOVES to move on to a better paying job with better benefits because 3/4 [I’m not exaggerating] goes to Insurance and medical bills that our insurance doesn’t cover. When you have kids, with little or no coverage, in those first couple of years costs add up! We only have to pay for half of our girls vaccinations with our current plan [thankfully that’s changing] and it still puts a dent in our income. I can’t imagine having to pay full price. With as many immunizations and tests as these kids get, it’s ridiculous to pay so much for something required for school. OH, and now that we’re pregnant with #2, I attempted to add on the pregnancy rider but couldn’t because it was considered a pre-existing condition. Because you know, my baby is a condition. Thankfully as of Nov 1st, we’ll be covered under his new job. I don’t know what the solution is, because inevitably someone somewhere is going to be unhappy about it. But at least cover kids. If you don’t have them you don’t understand how fast that stuff adds up. All we want is healthy, happy kids and we don’t want to have to choose between warm clothes for the winter, and paying for the vaccines.

  • rosorio

    Semi FireI saw the news this morning and I didn’t catch if the driver was fine or if there were other vehicles involved. I can imagine the horrible burnt pizza smell and the mess to clean up. JeriannI met Patrick, Sally (Happy B-Day), and Jeriann in person a while ago and I must say that they are very professional, courteous, cool and down to earth. I get to work with the public every once in a while. I interact with professional people and also with those who try to diminish you. Dealing with those who don’t like you is no fun at all. It is part of my job but it’s still no fun. It would be a nice exercise for those who like to post comments intended to diminish and insult others to have a blog about the things you like, your life’s interests and your “excellent” work. Put that out there and let’s see how you like it!

  • Sara

    I can’t even imagine the scrutiny tv people must go through. I know you don’t actually live inside my tv (although I still like to pretend that’s true) and I think it’s easy to forget that y’all are real, actual people. You must have tough shells. I like the spunk that Jeriann brings to the weather. I don’t get up early enough to watch the actual morning show stuff… at least not faithfully but I read the blog and catch updates sometimes during the Today Show. When Jeriann is part of the evening newscast I’m more apt to pay attention to the weather. I wonder who would win in a nice-off between her and Keith. In lieu of a nice-off, I’d be game for a thumbwrestling match or something.

  • Anonymous

    I think it’s really telling about her character and really classy that Jeriann responded in today’s blog. For her to say that she considers herself “lucky” to be able to hear from the horse’s mouth what people are thinking (despite some of the rotten things folks on this blog have said) proves that she’s able to rise above some of the bickering and pettiness in these comments. I hope those making the snide remarks will learn something from her maturity.On another note, Brooke I’m sorry to hear about your brother-in-law. I am sure I won’t be the only one praying for his (and other soldiers’) safety and quick return. Not to be left out, I think it’s great Patrick can verbalize such nice sentiments about his wife. As far as I’m concerned, this morning team is an example of a lot of what’s right with the world and with Central Iowa. Please keep it up.Dan

  • lorrie

    How cool is this? I’ve been wanting to get my haircut and couldn’t decide how I’d like it, and my beautician says to me “I think you would look really cute with hair like Jeriann on the morning news show”. So, I now have a “Jeriann” cut and I like it very much.

  • Anonymous

    I have to agree. I have a whole new respect for Jeriann for responding to all of the blogs. She is such a cool person on TV, and now I realize that it goes way beyond that.Eileen

  • Anonymous

    I have a comment, and in no way is this a bash to Brad, I’m just curious.I used to live in Mitchellville and was always very informed when I would tune into 13 in the morning as to what my commute into work would be. I work downtown and would take I80 to get there. Brad always made mention of the people “Coming in from the East” and so I felt well informed about how long it would take me to get into work and also if there were any delays I could expect.Recently I have moved to Runnells and take a different route into work. I drive west on University Avenue until it hooks up with 235. There has been some major road work that has caused some major backups and delays into work on University both East and West bound. I haven’t heard anything about this at all on 13 or on WHO radio, instead it’s usually about the West side of town. I’ve noticed that more and more the entire area east of downtown is left out of the report completely but there are still quite a few slowdowns going on.I do understand that quite a few people come into downtown from the west, probably a lot more than are coming in from Runnells, but I was just wondering why we don’t hear much about the traffic coming in from my direction any more.I assure you that this is not a bash on Brad at all. I am a fan of his and think he does an exceptional job. It’s more of just a friendly reminder that there are a lot of people coming in from the other side of town that are stuck in some slow traffic.Thanks for all that you do.Tammy

  • Anonymous

    That’s funny that you say that Tammy. My husband and I always used to think that Brad lived in Altoona because he would make reference to it quite a bit. A few weeks ago my husband said that he thought maybe Brad moved to Johnston because we never hear much about Altoona anymore but he always mentions Johnston.Maybe we have too much time on our hands to notice something like that. Ha haHappy Thursday everyone!Joyce

  • Anonymous

    This is the very first time I have ever responded to the blog. I just recently started to read the blog and enjoy it. I would like to say that I enjoy the morning news and weather with all of you. And welcome back Brooke. I was shocked at the remark from the ex-viewer on the weather staff. I think all of you do a terrific job and I enjoy the atmosphere you present to the viewers. Makes you feel like you are right there with us. Keep up the good work. And brush off the crude comments from some of the public.Viewer from Ames

  • Anonymous

    It’s been awile since I’ve last blogged busy busy busy, so good to hear that your dad is back Jeriann God Bless You and Yours. Welcome Back Miss Brooke!!! Don’t want to leave you out Patrick glad you’re feeling better…Have a Great Day Everybody!!!! Keep on Keepin’ on!!!!!!!!-Brenda E

  • Anonymous

    Heather R, are you the same Heather R that is competing in the Move It challenge? I feel like I know you after reading the blog, so I would love to vote for you if it is.Jessica

  • Anonymous

    Tammy you are wasteing your breath. Brad doesn’t ever reply to theese blogs. I have been reading them for a long time now and only see him reply every once-in-awhile. I think its really good that the rest of you give your imput and it sometimes would be nice to hear from Brad. Specially when it had to do with his traffic.

  • Anonymous

    Before you publicly dis Brad, maybe try checking your spelling and grammar so you don’t look so stupid.M

  • Jessica

    I would like to say that I think Jeriann is great. I look forward to the morning show crew every morning and enjoy Jeriann’s upbeat personality. (For that matter, the whole crew’s ability to deliver the news we need in a manner that can be fun when it’s appropriate but serious when it has to be, is wonderful) I think everyone needs to simmer down a little bit and enjoy these people. Life’s too short to be mean. Love the show – keep up the good work!

  • Anonymous

    Is anything cool going on this weekend? I am doing the Race For The Cure, which will be my first time participating in it, but wasn’t sure if there was any other things going on. I am always up for suggestions for fun things going on around here.Any word on that Food Festival in the East Village? I thought that sounded kinda cool.

  • Anonymous

    Jeriann and ALL the 13 folks rock!(Welcome back Brooke!)A Single 43 yr old no kids male take on the insurance thing.(Big breath…here goes…)With no solution to give…you chose to have children. Why am I and all others asked to provide insurance for you? yes, it is probably cheaper for all of us in the long run, but government subsidies of all kinds become self perpetual and never dying and bigger and costlier.One more note on S-chip; as I understand it…raising the cigarette Federal tax is the method to pay for the increase.Man, if all us sinning smokers kick the habit, we’s ALL in trouble,LOL.Dave

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