The Cubs, The Caucuses and TGIF

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Good morning everyone. We had a fun show today with Pat live at the State Historical Museum. Pat knows politics better than just about anyone else I know so this was the perfect assignment for him. All morning he took us through some of the highlights of a new exhibit that takes us through the history of Iowa’s first in the nation caucuses. Honestly, even if you are not into politics, I think you will find this exhibit both interesting and interactive. I’ll let Pat share more since he was the one down there. By the way it opens this morning and runs through January 2009. It’s also free!
Thanks to Roger Riley, Chad the Intern and Photojournalist Dave Olson for their hard work getting the live broadcast from the Historical Museum ready. Preparation paid off.
I have to say I’m really impressed with the exhibit, Caucus Iowa. It captures a nice mix of the politics and the slice of life that make the Caucuses so unique. Thanks also to Eric Branstad and Gordon Fischer. Both got up to talk to us very early and both gave good insights on te process and the exhibit. Both served on the committee that put the exhibit together. Finally thanks to the entire staff of the State department of Cultural Affairs. Mark Holub and the others who worked so hard on this project have a lot to be proud of.

In the news…

Cubs Lose… Again.

It’s not often we lead our newscasts with a sports story, but there are so many fans here who are hoping this is the year! Unfortunately it was not a good night for Cubbie fans. Cubs lost for the second time last night against the Diamondbacks. The next game is in Chicago. Here’s a fact that some of you fans will NOT appreciate. Since Wild Card Play started in 1995, no National League Team has ever come back after losing the first two games.
Again, bad way to wake up this morning

The World Food Festival
There is so much going on this weekend including the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure and the Farmer’s Market. But the event that my stomach is most excited about is the World Food Festival. I was looking over the list of vendors at the festival and it looks like we are in for a culinary treat this weekend. You can sample food from places like Cafe Fuzion and Midtown Art Cafe which both have AWESOME food. Also, there is international beer tasting which means you can find some pretty stout beers that will make Bud Light look light water no doubt.

Warm Winter?
Ok… I know you probably don’t want to talk about snow in October, but this peaked my interest only because I don’t like winter. The National Oceanic Climate Prediction Center says a warmer than average winter with little snow is headed our way. Apparently it has something to do with La Nina. I couldn’t be happier although I am not holding my breath.

Hope you have a great weekend. WHO political reporter Dave Price is getting married this weekend to the beautiful and talented Emily Givens who is a reporter and anchor at our competition, KCCI. I have a feeling it is going to be the wedding of the year around here and Pat and I are both going, although not together. Don’t want to start that rumor!
Other than that, I am planning to get some rest and take in the Food Festival.
See folks…now she’s getting the hang of this blogging thing. I actually saw Dave and Emily and both of their families out at dinner last night. What a couple! They looked really happy and not stressed. If they are…they’re hiding it well.
We were at Azalea for dinner with two of my mom’s sisters Kay and Joan and Joan’s husband Tim, My brother Matt and His wife Amy.
Great Steak! I ordered the NY strip and they cooked it perfectly…medium rare plus!
We showed them around town yesterday including a trip to the Science Center. Matt’s son Elliot had a great time. It’s a great time just watching him explore and that’s what we did.
Anyway…I’m beat. I promise to do more with the blog next week. Have a great weekend!

See you Monday!


  • Anonymous

    I really like the morning show promo with all of you in it.You should do lots more like that.ESPECIALLY SINCE THE SHOW IS SOOOOOO MUCH MORE FUN NOW. The chemistry was good before, but now the four of you laugh. play, and deliver the news so much better!Do something goofy with your next promo… because you guys laugh so much more now!Wanda

  • Vern

    I was actually really glad that Grammar Police noticed the mistake. I never realized it was “piqued”. I would have made the same mistake but now I know. I don’t think the commenter meant it in a negative way. Why do people on this blog (including the moderators) read the worst into every little comment?

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