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California Fires, Hospital Hoopla, and Fun Forecast Hits the Road

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Good Morning…

For the record I drive a Honda Pilot, the Learjet is down for maintenance right now….
See yesterday’s posts for one of the most confusing, amusing and irrelevant assessment’s of our personal lives ever written on this blog…and that’s saying something!
To the News

California Fires
You know it’s bad when they’re putting Iowa DNR firefighters on notice that they could be called out to help in California. Bad it is. More than a million people are out of their homes, thousands of homes burned down or damaged by fire and smoke and that number is expected to go up. I don’t know why this doesn’t feel like the kind of disaster we had during Hurricanes Rita and Katrina but the scale is approaching that kind of incident. Firefighters say they have no control over most of the fires and that many of them will burn all the way to the ocean. Here’s an interactive map on MSNBC that explains where some of the fires are. I also saw some good video shot by MSNBC viewers. As always Iowa Red Cross will step in to help as well. Red Cross personnel are already headed out to California to help.
Hospital Hoopla
Do you live out west? Do you feel like you need a hospital in your backyard and if so, why don’t you like the locations of the hospitals we have right now? These are the questions I have as we get ready to build two new facilities out in The western suburbs. The State Board that hands out “Certificates of Need” to the hospitals will take up plans for a new Iowa Health Systems Hospital. I’m sure there are people smarter than me who are planning ahead for the growth of this community. I hope they’re right.
Unhappy Trails
Two of my neighbors stopped by last night to tell me the city had changed it’s plans for the extension of what they’re calling the Waveland Trail. Since I’m in the neighborhood near where the trail extension is planned they wanted me to know about a change in the city’s routing. It’s closer to a lot of my neighbor’s homes and that’s why they’re concerned. No one is saying they want the trail to go somewhere else, they’re just concerned there won’t be any privacy. The trail was supposed to be routed on the other side of a creek that runs along all of these properties but I guess another home down the street complained a little too loudly about that plan. Anyway, the point of all of this is that I’m feeling like a bad citizen this morning. I feel like I should have gone to that meeting and expressed my opinion. I told me neighbors they could speak for me but there’s power in numbers and if I’d gone I would have first hand knowledge of the plans. Right now I’m just dealing with the neighborhood rumor mill/information network.
I often think of this when people get mad at a city or a school board or a county about some plan that effects their lives. Usually, no one speaks up until the end…not because there’s a lack of opportunity…it’s usually because chances like the one I had last night are blown off or deemed a low priority.
If you want to know what’s going on in your neighborhood, take the initiative and make it your business to know. If you don’t, I’m not sure how solid your argument will be when you don’t like the results.
Fun Forecast Hits the Road
Jeriann will be hitting the road during the month of November. Each Friday she’s going to find an interesting community to go out and have breakfast with on a Friday morning. She wants your suggestions. Go to the weather page and find Jeriann’s Fun Forecast for more details.
Have a good day.


  • Brad Hook

    Patrick and Brooke,I’m ashamed to admit it…BUT…I’ve actually been working fairly hard lately and haven’t been keeping up my daily ritual of blog reading…hence, I missed your “shout out” for help last week during the AE “Cow” incident. So, I guess this answer comes better late than never!The question, I believe, was can the word “cow” be used when refering to either sex of beef?……the answer is NO. The word “cow” is exclusive to the female gender. The words “cattle” and “calf” can refer to both sexes….BUT….the terms “cow”, “bull”, “heifer” and “steer”(ouch), are all gender specific. And now you know “the rest of the story”!Yesterday’s blog was HILARIOUS!(the part about you guys and your vehicles) Tell Brad if he’s going to be driving that car around, he better go with just the straight mustache(i.e.: Magnum PI;), and sorry to hear about your jet, Patrick…better SAFE than sorry though!On a different note, our family farm house(the only home I grew up in) burned down in the winter of 1990, and until you’ve gone through it, you have NO IDEA what those poor people in California are facing. My heart and prayers go out to all of them.Also, the piece that Jannay done on the “Oden Sister’s”(McCoy and Tubaugh) breast cancer was really nice. Jody was my wife’s best friend growing up(neighbors) and we know both families well. They’ve handled their situations remarkably…but what abrupt changes life can give you in an instant!Lastly, BROOKE, if Patrick and Jeriann are giving you trouble….send’em down to the farm and I’ll see what I can do. It’s great to have you back.

  • Elizabeth

    As a resident of Waukee, I would love to see a hospital in WDM. And some people are forced to use whatever health system their insurance uses, so having both Mercy and Iowa Health available in WDM would be great.

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