"The China Effect"

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Could you do it?
Could you live for one week without buying or using any products made in China?

When I first suggested this story idea, I thought I’d be part of the experiment. Then I started looking around my house. It’s pretty disturbing and definitely impossible for me to pull off a “China-free life” without going on a huge shopping trip.
What would you find at your house? Do you think you could ban Chinese products from your life? Do you care where things are made and who makes them, or do you chalk this up to living in a global economy?
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  • Jen

    After watching this story I too looked around my home and talked to my husband and we both agreed we couldn’t do it…well over half of our belongings are made in china or other overseas locations…He said even alot of our car parts for our chevy and dogde vehicals is made overseas….i would have to walk everywhere barefoot! It is sad that most of our (meaning the whole US) things are not made in our country.

  • Shane

    Don’t give up. If you look you can find some products made here. Last I knew New Balance still had a few shoes that were made in the U.S. Check web site or e-mail the company.Also I believe Diamond Cut Jeans are made in the U.S.We just need to drive past Walmart once in awhile.

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