Advice for the Holidays, Foggy Start…and Christmas Comes a Little Early

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Good Morning,

A good vibe in the studio this morning. Not sure why but it was a good show. It helps to have something going on and the fog provided.

The weather transition was something Jeriann really tried hard to communicate this morning. It’s the southeast quadrant of the state that has to look at some accumulating snow. No one is going to be buried in snow but this is the first one of the year and it comes on a busy holiday weekend. So here’s that question again…are we over-hyping or are we giving you information you need? I think you’ll have split opinion. Here’s where I fall on stuff like this. If you got the message to be careful and we get through the weekend without a significant number of accidents or (we hope) fatalities; we talked about it enough.


Holiday Travel
We had fog this morning but no big delays so far at the airport. That’s not the case for a lot of other airports this morning. If we see backups continue.

Holiday Toys
The Consumer Product Safety Commission is releasing it’s recommendations for finding safe toys today. Some of this stuff is common sense but I thought they made a good point on one thing. If a toy is recommended for a kid over the age of three, it means that toy is not safe for kids under three. Some people might assume that means kids under three just might not be interested.

Cooking Tips
I gave Megan a hard time this morning because she said she’s not cooking a turkey. She gave us some good tips on making sure you don’t give your entire family salmonella on Thanksgiving. One of them I hadn’t heard…cook the turkey from it’s frozen state. Does anyone do this? I’d be interested to know if you think it turns out a great. We’ve got a 26lb bird to cook Thursday. There’s only five of us but we love the leftovers and, in fact, have a specific recipe that we like to use it in. I’ll share Friday.

Winter WX on our Minds
This blog is coming a little late this morning because we were all a little busy shooting our new winter weather promotions. We’ve actually got some new told to use this winter that I think some of you parents are going to like. That new news ticker on the bottom of the screen will actually interrupt itself when we get a new school closing or delay in and highlight that delay or closing. In other words you find out about new closings as soon as they’re in the system. Another feature, you Metro schools won’t have to wait through the entire list on big snow days. We’ll have a line on the ticker just for Metro schools. We all agreed we’re looking forward to snow days. It makes the show fun and a little more free-wheeling.

Christmas Comes Early
Sally and I decided to go out and get our Christmas Tree. We were a little late getting out and actually had to bypass some of the stores we went to first. We found some help finally and a great tree. Frazier Fur. Cadillac of Christmas Trees.

The Noon News is almost done so I’ve got to go. We’re hosting my family starting tomorrow which means I’ve got a lot of work to do this afternoon.



  • Anonymous

    A 26lbs bird for 5 people? How bout a 13lber for you and 13lber for the Des Moines Food Bank. Ever heard the expression ‘Pigs get slaughtered?’

  • Anonymous

    Are you kidding me? You people need to just get a life! Patrick, thank you for delivering the news. You do a great job. Thank you for posting information about your personal life so people can get a “different view” of you besides what we see on TV. Brooke, thank you for doing such a great job in the morning. I think you are a great addition to the morning team.Jeriann, I think you are as cute as they come! You do a wonderful job with the weather and I love how you make the morning show fun. Brad, you are great at what you do. You are always so professional in delivering the different traffic problems around town, and you always look great too.I know that many other people see that same thing in all of you…obviously because your newscast does so well in the ratings. To the people who can’t say anything positive, stay away or go to that supposed “other blog”M

  • Lisa

    PLEASE!!! Let’s not start the rude comments today – it’s the holiday season!! If you can’t post anything nice, keep it to yourself.

  • Anonymous

    My family always buys a big turkey and then uses the left overs the whole next week. The turkey on the dinner rolls makes great lunches for the kids and also for everyone else as well!I don’t think it’s unusual to buy a big turkey and eat leftovers at all, I think most families do that.

  • Anonymous

    Yes, most families do buy large turkeys and eat the leftovers. I can’t wait to hear what it is you do with your’s because I’m always up for trying new things.Thanks, and keep up the good work!

  • Anonymous

    It’s funny. I always feel guilty after packing away all the leftover food into the fridge after a big holiday meal. Just about every household is left with full tuperware containers after these meals and sadly so much of it ends up getting pitched a week later. It’s next to impossible to nail exactly how much food to prepare.

  • Anonymous

    I like reading this blog, but the negative people have got to go. I wonder if there’s a way Patrick or someone else from 13 could just block the IP addresses of rude people from making comments on the blog?That would be awesome. It would be great to see 13 put these jerks in their place. (and the blog would be more enjoyable for everyone else)Happy Thanksgiving!

  • Brandy

    I don’t like the negativity either that always tends to rear its ugly head on here. Like the old saying…”If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.”Have a Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

  • Brad Hook

    Tomorrow’s probably gonna be nasty, so I thought I’d submit a few new tunes to hopefully help everyone through our first slap of winter reality!!! I have my annual “cow” sale this weekend and we start trucking them to the sale location tomorrow, so we’ll see what Mother Nature has in store, maybe she’ll go easy on us after all.Once again the songs I’ve submitted this week are more “country-ish”, but actually if you like Southern Rock or Springsteen-y songs, you better at least give them a listen.1) Break My Heart Tonight (Studio Version) – Reckless Kelly(Great Song no matter what Genre)2) Snowfall – Reckless Kelly(Dedicated to the WHO Weather Dept. and anyone who goes west to the Mountains)Hopefully it won’t be an appropriate song for Wednesday! Awesome Song!3) Down In Flames – Stoney LaRue(Recorded LIVE, which I’ve never been real crazy about, BUT, this one gets me FIRED UP!) MUST PLAY LOUD!4) Lay It All On You – Wade Bowen(Cool Voice – 5 Star Artist)5)Falling Into Love by Dana Glover(This one really changes gears from the above songs, and I put it on here for my ole’ buddy Patrick to surprise his wife with over a romantic candlelight, left-over Turkey dinner ;) Slow and Romantic – very sultry voice.Hope everyone has a HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

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